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  1. After the last 4 Glastonburys, I've had the thought that it was my last, yet when T day comes around I'm surrounded by devices, furiously refreshing my way to a golden ticket. This was my eighth and I've noticed that each one is getting physically harder, this one especially after 2 and a bit years of a very sedentary lifestyle so it was hardly surprising that I was hitting the physical wall earlier than usual. I'm still going to try for tickets this year, the difference is whether I will be as determined to find a way in if I don't manage to get a ticket as unless there's a decent amount of my crew going, I'm not sure if I'll try in the resale or volunteer again. But knowing me, I'll make my peace with not going until I see the first line up poster, decide that getting to Glastonbury is the only thing that matters in my life and be an absolute nightmare until I find a way in. Either way, I've accepted that I am getting older, that I can't get through the festival on my moxie and youthful exuberance anymore so if I do go again, I will need to get in much better physical shape to get the most out of the festival.
  2. The way I see it at the moment is that most people over 35 have memories of John Peel's radio show that massively helped broaden people's musical horizons and helped people discover so much new music that they would have never heard. People 25 and under won't have those memories and knowledge of him. Really the only thing they'll know is that he had a tent named after him and when they look at his wiki, they'll find a load of historic noncery. It may well have been consensual but I can understand the confusion and outrage even that in the current climate someone who has committed statutory rape is being celebrated in such a way. John Peel's contribution to the festival and music as a whole has been honoured by Glastonbury for 18 years. While to an extent it would be a shame for his name to no longer remain attached to the festival, I can understand the view of the new generation of Glastonbury goers. As to how GFL should / could move forward, they certainly need to acknowledge this. It isn't going to go away and maybe they need to move with the times and quietly change the name to honour the people who have championed new music / artists / Glastonbury the way John Peel did in the past. After all, we don't move forward if all we do is look back.
  3. While this is hearsay, a lot of my staff have been saying that they know of a lot of people who have blagged / jumped / climbed / smuggled themselves into Glastonbury. I do work in Fazakerley though and my staff do love a tall tale at times. Regarding the amount of scousers I noticed. Yeah there's a lot but didn't seem any more than usual. It did feel generally busier this year, though I never got caught in a 'crush' as has happened at Rolling Stones or getting into the SEC at times in the past, the baseline level felt a lot higher than usual. Whether it's down to changes (and lack of experienced) stewards / volunteers, 3 year gap, 7k more tickets being sold and poor crowd control, it's hard to say with any certainty as we will never know for certain how many extra people managed to find a way in compared to previous years. Weirdly, the one place that didn't feel as crowded was Pennard Hill. We managed to get to Pennard with our tents at 10am ish and was surprised to find that we could find space for 5 tents pretty much close together and there was still space in the field on friday, when in previous years there was never more than a square meter free by noon on the wednesday.
  4. We did the coach from Bath this year and quite liked it. Getting on site for 7am on the wednesday and through the gates relatively quickly made up for all the faff of getting to Bath in time for the coach. Fortunately some friends had a stall in the green crafts field (The Ringpull art people who had the amazing technicolour school bus) so they were able to pack all my booze which saved a hell of a lot of weight and made up for having to pack a lot lighter.
  5. The only regrets I can really think of is leaving the temple on saturday night. It was truly mind blowing but unfortunately one of my friends was a bit overwhelmed so went to Joy Orbison on the ICONN which was a massive downgrade for me. I didn't regret choosing Roisin Murphy over Macca at the time, though ever so slightly when I started getting messages that Dave Grohl made an appearance. I have a feeling I may regret this a lot more as the years go on. I definitely regret not covering the back of my legs in sun cream on the wednesday morning. I thought I'd put enough on but the burns on the back of my calves said otherwise.
  6. I've been literally turning the office upside down looking for a red or purple pen. No dice so far
  7. Looking back, my diet was variations on chicken and chips but there were some stand outs Only Jerkin - West Holts. Great flavours - while not 'proper' jerk chicken, it hit the spot and was almost a transcendental experience. Brazilian Street food - West Holts. I had the belly pork, chips and cheese balls and they were heavenly. Jerk hut? - Just by the Other Stage - I had my misgivings at first because it looked like a chain stall and didn't have an kind old woman serving me, however it was probably one of the more enjoyable jerk chicken experiences. Proper barbequed chicken which was taken off the bone for a no mess meal. The dumplings and plantain were *chefs kiss*
  8. Tested negative today so pretty sure I'm in the clear. Bit annoying really, could have really done with another week off work to readjust to being in the real world again. I don't see the problem with testing yourself. It's not like people were picky about what they shoved up their nose over the festival so can't see why putting a swab up there causes so many issues
  9. TLC - Maybe it was how uncomfortably packed it was, maybe it was because it was only the hype man that was actually live but either way, no scrubs aside it was a pretty disappointing set. Apart from that, everything was pretty damn good though an honourable mention goes to Rufus Wainwright's interpretation of Annie which was so terrible it had my friend curled up in the foetal position, cradling his head wishing it was all over.
  10. Do you want to anger the weather gods? Honestly unless you've already got a pair of walking boots, it's better to bring a pair of wellies and not need them, than not bring them and be screwed without them. The weather fri-sun is on a bit of, ahem, a knife edge at the moment so it really would be a high risk gamble at this point.
  11. I'm choosing to look at the positives today. Though it is likely we will get some rain between friday and sunday, it looks closer to scattered showers than a deluge. The ground is as dry as it could be so can take a fair bit of rain before it gets soaked. The temps on friday are high enough to make any showers inconsequential. and most importantly, we will be in Glastonbury. Done, @tjfish
  12. 12 hours until I start our journey. 6 hours of work, 6 hours of packing and panicking. Most importantly, 24 hours until I'm on my favourite field with my festival family! Thank you all for an amazing pre festival. You're all stars in my eyes
  13. Thank you for your endless optimism and levity in this years weather thread. We couldn't have done it without you. Looks like we're going to get some weather this weekend. Lets hope the pilton force field is charged and ready to go!
  14. Don't worry. Max of 17 on saturday so that'll be more to your liking
  15. Tuesday is the last official working day but I've swung it so I'm "WFH" that day. Mentally I checked out ages ago, just glad that I've been able to fill my days with little jobs to keep the illusion of productivity maintained. Just monday to get through!
  16. Runs like the last couple are double edged swords. Absolutely fantastic to see but when it's still a week away, there's a reasonable chance it'll get ripped away from you. It'll all be grand though.
  17. That is exactly what happened. Started queuing at 7-8, didn't get in until the afternoon. Just what we needed after travelling for 12 hours! This year we have learned from our mistakes and will be getting the coach to avoid such queue shenanigans!
  18. Yeah I don't see it happening. She gave birth to her first child a month ago so I would imagine she'd be wanting to spend those vital first few months with, y'know her kid?
  19. No. The majority of people would have arrived at that time I'm afraid
  20. It's just there. waiting
  21. just when you think it's all over
  22. depends on how strictly you define balls and boobs. if it's testicles and female boobs then the balls will take it. If boobs also include manboobs, then the breast may best them.
  23. It's not that bad. Showers friday morning and then nothing till saturday where there's light showers throughout the day but not a wash out. And equally, the forecast can get (a lot) better. Literally all it will take is some high pressure pushing from the west/south or the low pressure weakening in the next run and we'll be back to a dry festival. Still all to play for.
  24. According to google, high pressure is caused by downward moving air so surely if everyone points their vacuums up at the sky, that will pull down the air and create a nice bit of high pressure that'll keep us dry over the fesitval. It's basic science.
  25. Just remember, a few days ago over 20mm of rain looked nailed on for saturday and that's all but disappeared. All that's needed is a little bit of high pressure to push the worst of the lows (and the accompanying rain and cold) away and we're back to dry weather with reasonable temps. Still all to play for etc
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