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  1. Uncontrollably laughing at my desk right now, fuckin hell 🤣
  2. LSTx

    1 month on...

    Hopefully if the next 11 months go as fast as this one has we'll be there again in no time 🤩
  3. LSTx

    1 month on...

    Crazy to think that its been a month already since the gates opened and Glastonbury 2019 commenced....
  4. Or speaking it into existence? 🤔
  5. I thought Silver Hayes was decent this year, Sonic had massive improvements, WoW stage expanded and speakers seemed a lot louder and thought they had quite a diverse line up which represented the current UK music scene quite well at the moment. Although saying that Gully Blues sound system didn't seem as good this year.
  6. Not quite sure what I mean by this but now that its over and its the interlude period till the dreaded T day, I feel like I've got a massive Glastonbury shaped hole in my life 🤕 Anybody else feel the same? like theres no weather speculation / or speculation at all atm, just kind of like a dead zone o.O As well, since trying for Glastonbury tickets like 5 years ago I've always got them relatively easily, but I've now got the fear this year of not potentially returning to the farm next year (post glasto depression probably not helping with this, mind) 😨
  7. Paid £26.40 for like a pack of 24 at the co op which in reflection now actually feels likea bargain in hindsight
  8. Yes, all worth it. It dawned on me on sat on the hill at like 6:30 on the Monday Morning that you never really know when your last time here will be as nothing is ever promised (luckily, i've been succesful the last 5 times) but I've got a bad feeling about next year! I feel like this year's Glasto has got so much good coverage this year that a lot of people are going to be wanting their hands on tickets come this October!
  9. LSTx


    Kens Barbi near the other stage, soooo good!
  10. LSTx

    Emotional moments

    When The Chemical Brothers played Swoon.... Pure euphoria and overwhelming feeling at that moment, probably my favourite set of the weekend
  11. LSTx


    Visually taken and sonically taken back by the stage when I first laid eyes on it.. was genuinely overwhelmed by how engulfing it felt when head on with it in the center stage, however, I never really caught the vibe there as the music was very minimalist / progressive. I prefer more up beat music you can groove to, this felt like more of a place to just subtlety head bop. Potential is there though.
  12. LSTx

    Out of office

    58 minutes till its on for 8 days...this is torture now
  13. LSTx

    The Weather Thread 2019

    The Weather Thread 2019 Finale > GOT S8 Finale Bring on the sunnnn 😎
  14. LSTx

    drugs - stay safe

    Okay thats officially given me the fear, change of plan 🤨
  15. LSTx

    drugs - stay safe

    Hahahah now that you've mentioned it...you've got me thinking the same😂
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