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  1. I know this is weird but I went for a poo in the compost loo on the Saturday and the shade was so cooling I sat there for a good 20 mins! They don't smell at all
  2. I'm on the coach!! Come on!! Have a good one all those heading down today
  3. I have to tell myself, at least we are there stepping foot on the promise land
  4. I'm a little nervous about where the remaining camping spots will be! I like to think a day off boozing today will help but I can see me making up for it tomorrow ? I'll be the one dancing like Bez at baggy Mondays
  5. The excitement of seeing the Wednesday lot arrive is too much! Normally a early doors Wednesday guy but have a Thursday coach this year! Who's got another 24hours of waiting?
  6. I'm going to be proper sad when this thread fades away
  7. I keep stuff in a thinly sealed bum bag that's tucked in my shorts! They'd have to have a right fiddle around to get my stuff
  8. Thank you so much @briddj for your efforts! Have an awesome festival dude
  9. 30 miles away! Hoping we are taking the hit instead of pilton
  10. 2019 will be the new 2010! It will be talked about for years
  11. This thread has been amazing! I can't wait to get down the farm and party with you all in the evening sun! Just watching 2010 videos has got me so hyped
  12. For the better to be fair. The runs of a day or two ago were insanely warm
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