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  1. I think the bridge might be open but only for VIPs, to reduce congestion?
  2. Predicted arcade fire timeline: - announce tour (done, 06/05) - tickets on sale (13/05) to let fans buy them - oh and weirdly the following week, the Primavera timetable is out with arcade fire being added so fans who already have bought tickets see them twice in the same year
  3. Where has the prime minister been these last two months?!? He made a statement on Afghanistan and that’s it? i know that parliament is in recess, but he can still lead the country can’t he? Am I alone in thinking it feels like a rudderless ship with again nobody telling us what the plan is over the coming months?
  4. Semantics. It’s guidance they issued and want people to follow. It really is classic one rule for them, as long as they’re ok they don’t care
  5. “Faux outrage” = I don’t want my team to be criticised for not following their own rules.
  6. THEY’RE IN THE GOVERNMENT WHO SET THE RULES!! They should be living by the rules and being role models and not trying to get round it, that’s what they are supposed to have signed up to. Its part of the social contract. Stop trying to be contrary for the sake of it and viewing this as a competition where you need to get behind “your team”, we’d all be appalled if it was a Tory, Labour, Lib Dem government
  7. Thank you. I’ll wash myself for asking someone to link to The S*n!
  8. Would you mind linking to that article please, I can’t find it?
  9. Do some of you understand the term “margin of error”?
  10. I think there is an element of British exceptionalism that does make it even more a British problem compared to many other countries, yes
  11. People want restrictions unless it applies to them. As we have seen on numerous occasions, British people are selfish and entitled
  12. Tories’ beloved market forces will determine whether people will go back to work in offices. If the employees and employers want them to, they will, if it’s not right for the company or employer, they won’t. The Tories can’t have their cake and eat it. If it’s not good for companies to work at home, they won’t let their employees do so. Unlike the people on here who think people working at home are skiving, companies are very keen to get as much as possible from staff to survive and so if they don’t think they are by them being at home, they’ll call them back in from the 19th
  13. Do you ever post to engage in the discussion or just to belittle others’ contribution to the thread?
  14. What do you do for a living?
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