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  1. CRW5252


    I think Tony could cause him problems. He's much more well rounded than Poirier and Conor. I don't think anyone would be favourite over Khabib at the moment though. Not even GSP if they fought
  2. CRW5252


    Yeah, I don't mind it being ppv in the uk when the time is reasonable. Shame the card seems to be lacking the amount of hype it deserves
  3. What a game that was, proper derby. Shame we (Arsenal) didn't manage to complete the comeback but draw probably deserved in the end
  4. I can't see it. They just don't have much of a mainstream following. I don't think their stock has gotten any bigger since they coheadlined Reading a few years ago. If their new album is hugely successful then they are in with a chance. If not, I think they would just sub at Glastonbury if they played. Stormzy is a bigger name than Foals. He is also the poster boy for grime music which made him a landmark booking for the festival.
  5. I think the derbies in the prem losing atmosphere is a symptom of the popularity of football. There can only be so many die hard fans in football and the less die hard are likely to gravitate towards the top teams. Despite this, I experienced a North London derby a few years back and the atmosphere was incredible. Was great to experience as normally the atmosphere is awful at the Emirates.
  6. I don't think Foals are big enough to headline Glastonbury at the moment. They were meant to play Boardmasters this year which is a considerably smaller festival. 1975 are a good shout though, think they are in with a good chance.
  7. I hate to break it to you but most artists don't grow their fan-base 'organically'. That's just not how the music industry works unfortunately (there are exceptions of course). Regardless, it's the quality of the music that actually matters. I quite like Joji, at least it is different to the majority of pop music. His style is never going to be to everyone's taste.
  8. I agree, there does need to be a rethink for what constitutes 'clear and obvious'
  9. It doesn't ruin it for me personally. It's all part of the emotion and can add to it (such as the Sterling offside goals vs Spurs last season). Regardless, it isn't that common that a goal is checked by VAR anyway. I do get that some people think differently but I think most will get used to it eventually and move on.
  10. Did it? The "fuck VAR" chant was as emotional as it gets
  11. School dinners from the middle classes?
  12. Personally I'd say striker is your main issue. I'm not sure Abraham is ready to be Chelsea's main man. His movement was poor at times and he wasn't very clinical (it could have just been an off day). Giroud also not good enough to start regularly, although he is a decent option. I was very impressed with Pulisic though. He was always playing with purpose. I was surprised when he came off to be honest but maybe Lampard was just conscious of his fitness.
  13. Proper game of football this. End to end for most the game
  14. Maybe it is just me but I can honestly say I don't feel any less excited when a goal goes in with VAR in play. On the flip side, VAR created an amazing moment in the Spurs vs Man City match last season in the champions league. That was up there with the best games I have ever watched and VAR helped make it that good. If Sterling's goal would have stood that would have left a sour taste and tainted the match.
  15. They don't have to do all that, it's just what they do at the moment. 'clear and obvious errors' could be overridden in a few seconds. Regarding the throw in question, I would say yes if it all happened in a few seconds (definitely not if it was 20-30 seconds before).
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