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  1. Looking likely Boardmasters will go ahead, assuming all goes to plan with the vaccine. Time for a prediction (more of a blind guess), I reckon the line up will have nearly all UK based acts for logistical reasons (potential travel issues with Covid). I'm going for: Main Friday Saturday Sunday Lewis Capaldi Dave
  2. The key with kids is consistency. If they know they can't go to the toilet when in lesson, they will make sure they go before. Teachers can't pop out to the toilet when they want, why should pupils be able to? Assuming they don't have a medical condition, they should have no issue holding it if needs be. It is best they learn that now as when they are older there will be times they have to hold it! The story is different with very young kids, I am talking about pupils in secondary school.
  3. Has consistency and defence ever not been extremely important to win the league?
  4. Completely reasonable to not let him go to the toilet. Most schools have the policy that pupils can only go to the toilet during break or lunch (unless they have a 'toilet pass' due to a medical condition). These policies need to be in place or the kids will just take the piss (excuse the pun) and keep asking to go to the toilet to miss lesson time.
  5. Making staff redundant has a lot of logistical hoops to get through. One of those is proving that the staff who are leaving can not be offered alternative employment. Unions will hold them to account if they don't do this. Getting rid of staff (on permanent contracts) is actually very difficult in the UK and you need a good reason.
  6. It is true though, it is the nature of business. I do feel empathy for people who lose there jobs, it is undoubtedly difficult to deal with. Despite this, I think too many people just complain every time a business makes some staff redundant. It is unfortunate but necessary (in most cases). The staff who are made redundant are clearly the staff deemed less important and therefore less of an asset to the company.
  7. Exactly, businesses (no matter how wealthy they are) do not have to keep on staff indefinitely just for a 'goodwill'. Many of the staff leaving would have been getting paid for the last few months for doing nothing/very little. It is unfortunate that they have lost their jobs and I do feel for them but that is just how business works. If they were invaluable to Arsenal, they would not have left. Which brings me onto my next point, Aubameyang is essential to Arsenal football club and is rightly being offered a contract that reflects his value (the amount of money he earns the club and pot
  8. Wycombe going up is a nice reminder that having money isn't the only way of winning (no doubt it helps massively).
  9. It also favours younger players who don't usually get a chance. I personally like it as a rule. Fresher players also tend to play better, more exciting football (as they are full of energy) which is what I want from a football game.
  10. Nice, I'll give it a listen!
  11. Can't say I've watched it but I'll check it out. What's it like?
  12. I'm very excited for the prem being back personally. Got a bit of a start of world cup feel. I'm an Arsenal so not much to get pumped about regarding our prospects but I have got a very close fantasy league with £40 on the line 😂
  13. CRW5252


    Fair enough, if that isn't your taste. I don't think everything has to be serious in wrestling though.
  14. CRW5252


    The MITB match was intentionally silly and not to be taking in a similar vain to Star Wars or Game of Thrones. It wasn't designed to be some sort of story telling masterclass,.You critiquing it in the manner that you are is the equivalent of watching South Park and complaining about its lack of continuation. For the record, I think the WWE creative team are awful most the time. I just think credit should be given when it is due. They do get it right sometimes or we wouldn't all keep watching.
  15. CRW5252


    Wrestling isn't realistic in the slightest so I think it is silly to act like it is. You could pick out several points in every match questioning why fighters did things. All that really matters is they tell a good story inside the ridiculous world that is wrestling. Wrestling would lose its audience if it tried to be realistic. There's already organisations for that and it is actually real. Wrestling is at its best when it is over the top and epic. Think Mick Foley versus Undertaker in hell in a cell, did any of it make sense if you were comparing it to a real fight scenario? No. Was it
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