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  1. Capacity is max 1000. Crowd was very friendly last year. Most people are between 20-30yo but there is all ages. Here's the new day-splits:
  2. Pigeon Detectives, Larkin's and The Clause are all great additions. Amazing line up, especially considering the price and intimacy. Can't wait.
  3. That kind of chant, in an unironic way, is certainly out of place. The 'we all hate Tottenham' chant is more jovial. I can see your point though, not really the time or place.
  4. Surely most people wouldn't take that serious enough to feel alienated... Most football chants are in jest, I'm sure that was the case here as well.
  5. These are my top 5 songs by them (off the top of my head): Bloodbuzz Ohio, Slow Show, Green Gloves, I Should Live in Salt, Gospel. Boxer is my favourite album by them, hence the large number of songs from that album. Light Years is a beautiful song from their most recent album. They are an acquired taste and I have to be in a certain frame of mind to listen them. I really connect with so many of the songs, that's what I love about them.
  6. More names being announced on Friday, I assume it'll fill the last few gaps.
  7. CRW5252

    BBC Coverage 2022

    He was a secret set
  8. CRW5252

    BBC Coverage 2022

    She's not hitting every note but she's still doing well. Stacked setlist. Been saying it a lot this weekend but I'd pay a lot of money to be in that crowd. Nothing but positive vibes.
  9. CRW5252

    BBC Coverage 2022

    First half of the Macca set was dull but second half was banging. Loads of classics in there. Dam good fun hearing some of the best songs ever written. Would of loved to be there, even if I had to sit through some of the less exciting moments.
  10. CRW5252

    BBC Coverage 2022

    Lets be real, Macca has been a snorefest so far. Couple of good songs in there but he needs to play a few more hits.
  11. CRW5252

    BBC Coverage 2022

    Iconic, would be a dream to be there
  12. CRW5252

    BBC Coverage 2022

    So, did Macca start late or is it just delayed for BBC watchers? I'm assuming the later.
  13. CRW5252

    BBC Coverage 2022

    Also happy to chat mate. Know how it feels. Music has an amazing way of bringing out those emotions.
  14. CRW5252

    BBC Coverage 2022

    A touching moment of human expression. Brought a tear to my eye.
  15. Perhaps, but I think it is more to do with the fact London has such a large population (rather than being from London gives you an advantage in the music scene). I would argue that Manchester and Liverpool have a larger influence on the UK music scene than London does, relative to the size of the city. I don't that is a negative thing. In fact, it is a credit to the cities and one of the things that makes them great places. Love Liverpool as a place (in particular).
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