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  1. Ah right, not fussed about Fender or Brown, but Reverend and the Makers into Fontaines D.C. looks decent to me.
  2. At least they're headlining second stage, will they clash with Ian Brown, or with Sam Fender? If it's with Sam fender that's seriously going to cut into their crowd size.
  3. Loving this years line up, how easy was it to get back to Manchester from here after the festival?
  4. I'm predicting, Vaccines, Catfish, no idea who the third will be, always a wild card with an older act.
  5. Loved tramlines this year, not really any complaints from me. Having been to Leeds Festival the last 5 years, this festival seemed like a blessing in terms of the types of people who went. Amazing night in Leadmill on the Saturday as well, not too bad getting back into town after the stages finish. Not sure who will care, but here's who I saw/what I thought of them, would love to hear other guys and what they thought! Sea Girls - My first act of the festival, really enjoyed them, but I always love a good singalong indie band. Crowd seemed into it and managed to be pitting towards the front. Great start. Circa Waves - A band I quite like, mainly for their second and third albums, but they brought plenty of excitement and energy to the afternoon crowd, good few singalongs and flares for them. Pretty good. Clean Cut Kid - One of my favorites I saw this time round, really love their sound and their whole vibe. managed to get to the front barrier and the mixture of their old and new tracks really got me in the mood for more. Also helped that as these started there was a torrential downpour of rain, so being inside felt heavenly. Two Door Cinema Club -These were my most anticipated, but my biggest disappointment. The crowd was awful (I was stood pretty close, to the right of the stage), no one was moving or singing along, most just talking amongst themselves as the band played. The sound was also pretty dire, couldn't hear much of them at all, which was a shame, they seemed like they were putting on a show at least. Anteros - Always great. So much energy, they smashed it. She has a great voice and is a really amazing front woman. Miles Kane - Okay. Good maybe. But the sound again seemed off, I was to the left of stage at the front this time and felt like the sound was escaping to the rest of the park. He has energy and some good singalongs, but there's not much else to Miles Kane, that's how I feel. Hey Charlie - These girls are great. Having a small crowd, but they owned it like they were headlining. Some great songs and certainly a band I will check out again. Sports Team - High energy, some great tracks, and a fierce crowd. These were a great afternoon band to see on a small stage, though unsure what vibe they are trying to go for, a band that is surely too large for what they actually need (see the keyboard/tamberine player). Courteeners - As much as I hate to say it, I do love this band, 5th time seeing them and once again put on a great show. The crowd were into pretty much every song and it made up for the previous nights headliner. While Liam Fray's voice is one step away from going completely, the crowd and the atmosphere made up for it. Bloxx - Seen these twice before, once supporting Womabts on their tour 2017 and really didn't think much to them back then, but then I saw them a few weeks ago at the Wombats Castlefield bowl gig and liked them, this time they were even better, much more personality and liveliness to them now. The Reytons - My act of the festival, didn't expect much, got to the front barrier and it was pure chaos from the get-go. Absolutely love some of their tunes and the crowd were into it like no other I saw at the festival this weekend. Whenyoung - Another act, like Bloxx, who I have seen before and not enjoyed but honestly, this time they smashed it out of the park. A small crowd but very enthusiastic and the lead singers voice sounded much better on some of the new tracks, than I have heard her before. Good Cop Bad Cop - Great band, great chilled tunes, just a shame the crowd were all their to see as one bloke said behind me 'the bloke from Revs and Milburn. Play one we know!'. Managed to thankfully push forwards and enjoy the experience with a few others who actually knew the band. Yonaka - Never disappoint, amazing. Such a great live band, smashed the tunes they played and really earnt the crowd gathering they got. Only saw a little bit of Niles Roger and Chic, but it did seem better than I would have expected.
  6. TheDHolford

    First Timers!

    Hoping next year will be my first time at the festival, me and the girlfriend are very interested. Been to Leeds Festival 6 times and YNOT once (the diabolical year), so finally want to try Glasto. Both 24, but my girlfriend has been asking about glamping? What are people's thoughts on this? Is it close to the action, or like some other festivals where you'd have to walk for miles to get too and from the stages. Also, I've heard about being able to take your own booze into the stages, is this a thing? Is it different to leeds festival where you get checked to go into the arena each day? Also, any other tips for first timers, regarding ticket buying, or about the actual festival itself, I'd love to hear!
  7. What's the capacity this year?
  8. Hoping those times are slightly accurate, looking like a good list of acts for me anyway, Friday - Sea Girls, Circa Waves, Clean Cut Kid and Two Door Cinema club Saturday - Oddity Road, Anteros, She Drew the Gun, Miles Kane, Reverend and the Makers, Sports Team, Johnny Marr or Japanese House and Courteeners Sunday - Marsicans, Sleeper, Bloxx, Lewis Capaldi, The Reytons, Blackwaters, Whenyoung, Good Cop Bad Cop, Yonaka. Not bad at all for 70 quid.
  9. Anyone want to do a clashfinder? I'm too tired and lazy. Or when do they normally announce the actual times?
  10. Got my tickets, do we know day and stage splits yet? Wondering who will be clashing and at what times/stages.
  11. I was there 2016 and the tent was absolutely rammed, busiest I've probably ever seen it. I don't remember anything like this happening either.
  12. Decent set of headliners. Thought post malone was a bit shit this year, but he did draw the largest crowd out of everyone I saw. I expect there to be some good undercards to properly sell me on the festival, but I’m pretty happy so far! People don’t seem too amused on Twitter, guessing it means another shift in the type of crowd from this year.
  13. Not a huge band, but I expect them to be high on a small stage or very early on main stage
  14. Seeing Spring King and Pale Waves this weekend. Pale Waves more out of curiosity than anything, and Spring King are always great live. I reckon both of these bands will be more prominent though. Perhaps very early mainstage, or mid afternoon to late on the radio 1 tent. Maybe even Thursday night headliners at Leeds festival.
  15. Feels like I saw so much over one weekend at Leeds, Boy Azooga - A decent little indie band, reminded me somewhat of the times I've seen The Magic Gang, nothing overly special, but chilled. Anteros - Way better than I expected them to be, full of energy and the lead singer is really great. The Blinders - Saw them Thursday at festival republic and then again at BBC introducing stage. Great band with very catchy tunes, full of energy, great guitar sound and an awesome front man. Might be one of the top of my weekend. Lady Bird - What I expected, a bit of a cheap version of Slaves. Did a decent set and got the small crowd going to say they performed at 12pm. Tom Allen - Didn't expect to be able to get into the alternative stage at all but managed to have a sit down and food while watching Tom Allen, incredibly funny and had the crowd with him at all times, one of the best comedy sets I've seen at Leeds. Bexey - Accidentally saw this odd "rap act" before Frank Carter's secret set, never heard of him before. Was almost certain he wasn't singing/rapping live, but there was a big crowd for him in the pit and everyone seemed to be loving it, so maybe it just wasn't for me. Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes - From the first note of Juggernaut Frank owned that stage and the whole tent was on board from the start. Absolutely incredible, my favourite live band and front man. Loved the usual circle pit going around the tent. Krept X Konan - Okay, they were a lot better in the Radio 1 tent in 2016. Crowd didn't seem to be up for it really and everyone was fairly relaxed and chill, despite the energy they brought. Thought the seemed a little lost on the main stage. DMA's - Much better than when I saw them at YNOT last year, but maybe it's because I know more of their stuff now. The crowd was pretty big and clearly everyone was loving every second of their set. Overall a pretty standard little indie band with enough singalong tunes to make them worth a watch. Chris Ramsey - Was the headline comedian on Friday but did less time than Tom Allen had done before, although he was pretty good, a tight set that the crowd seemed to lap up, again though, a fairly small crowd for that tent and it had started raining. The Vaccines - What do you expect from the Vaccines? A good standard 45 minutes of singalongs and little else to remember. Still pretty good though, crowd didn't seem overly big and was chill. Don Broco - First time seeing them and managed to be right at the front of the stage. They smashed it, I loved every second of it and the tent seemed packed out with everyone signing along. Good energy and vibes, lead singer sounds better live than on record. Slaves - Favourite band and the act of the weekend for me. A few days before I'd met them and asked them to play Shutdown or Feed the Mantaray and they played both which was great. I was at the front again, and enjoyed my first proper mosh at a Leeds festival, incredible. Tom Grennan - Bit disappointing. Came out 15 minutes late and was cut off, so 30 minutes for the festival republic headliner seems far too little and he didn't have as much energy and excitement as I thought he would. Certainly won't be in a rush to see him again. Bring Me the Horizon - Didn't think I was a big fan of these, but knew every song they played and was pretty impressed. Really enjoyable and I can totally see them headlining next year if their new album does well. Post Malone - Big disappointment, everyone from the whole festival seemed to be there and didn't even seem up for it at all, everyone just waiting for Rockstar and then the crowds started to leave in their thousands. He did sound better than I thought and now I've seen him once, that's far more than enough. The Wombats - Like the vaccines I know what to expect from them and they just about exceeded my initial expectations with a good mixture of new hits and old hits, the crowd seemed to be loving every second of it, even with the odd elevator music song they played mid way through. I enjoyed it more than their tour to be honest. The Kooks - Seemed very dull after the Wombats, maybe should have been switched, the crowd didn't seem to grow in size at all either. Never been a big fan of them, but they did what they needed to do, a good afternoon singalong in the rain. Bad Sounds - A big surprise for me, I liked them on record, but live, they absolutely smashed. Good crowd size and were full of energy and moshpits. Great little band and will certainly go see them again. Fall Out Boy - Pretty decent. Crowd wasn't too big, plenty of space in the pit for when we arrived 2 minutes before they were to start. I enjoyed them once again, standard set, though it seemed less active and energetic than their slot two years co-headlining. Pete Wenz now looks likehe hates every aspect of Fall Out Boy and doesn't want to be there. Which, to be fair, it is now Patrick Stump's show completely. Skindred - Always great, always good fun and great sounding live. Brought out the lead singer to Papa Roach which was cool as well. Mike Shinoda - Okay, never heard any of his songs and only heard a few Linkin Park songs, but he was really good. One of my surprises of the weekend. Managed to get me all teary eyed with his little speech and song for Chester. Sum 41 - Helped me relive my Sheffield Corporation days with plenty of throwbacks and sounded good live. Great performance just not one of my favourite bands in general. Dua Lipa - Way better than I expected, great singer and very energetic, got the huge crowd going and dancing to not even just her most famous hits. Everyone was on board with what she was from the start. Slight downside, had some 16 year old girl crying beside me because this was her "favourite act of all time, she's the best, oh lord!". N.E.R.D - Had nothing else to see and my friends wanted to see them, they were okay. A much smaller crowd than I expected, thought a lot of Dua Lipa's crowd would stay back to watch, but hardly anyone stayed.Clearly it's Pharrell's show and they all sounded good live, but not really for me. Deaf Havana - Disappointment of the weekend, while not a huge fan I did expect something more than two semi-hits and then a load off their new album. This is a festival, play a few songs that everyone, including the casual fans can enjoy and know. His voice was too low for the guitar and drums, and didn't seem like he cared particulary. Spring King - Very good once again. Loved this band and they never disappoint. Crowd was big, with big mosh pits all around us at the front. Kendrick Lamar - The act I was looking forward to most, but didn't please me as much as I though. Crowd around me was dead during any song on DAMN. and he didn't seem to put much effort in at all. Standing around on stage, no big show like I expected. came out late and then went off quite early, take out the Humble acoustic and the weird interlude videos, he probably did around 55 minutes, which isn't great for a headliner. Overall, great weekend. Friday of Leeds was by far the strongest to me and the Sunday the weakest, but I had a bloody good time. the after parties were all great. Depending on how the line up alters next year (certainly will be more Post's and Dua Lipa's higher up, as well as more big Indie names), then we'll see if I do it again.
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