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  1. Buzzing for this now! It’s gonna be a hot one! excited for those three too! Seen Sea Girls and Reytons a few times, always great! I’m excited to finally see Manatees, Covasettes and Lottery Winners! Hoping there’s limited clashes like last year, currently around 8-10 bands a day I want to see!
  2. It's around a 1000, and never feels too busy despite the small size of the actual festival itself. As for the crowd, it was really good. Everyone is very relaxed and chilled out, and due to the limited capacity, you get to know people around you a lot more than a big festival. Plus there's always the acts standing in the crowds watching too, which just adds to that intimate feeling.
  3. Their set last year was great, especially that extended encore of basically playing what the crowd asked for. Certainly looking forward to them, just seems surprising as they've only had one single out since they last played and the new album isn't out till after the festival. Still I am sure they will smash it!
  4. I'll try and post some of the litte booklet of stage times from last years later on, when I'm home. I don't think the headliners of any stage clashed, pretty sure each finishes a good ten or so minutes before the next starts. I remember having only one clash last year from acts I wanted to see, and that was the middle of the day Saturday. It's organised between the four stages really well overall.
  5. Some good additions to the linup. Strange that Amazons are headlining for a second year running, but they were one of my top acts of last year, so can't complain! Happy to see bad Sounds, The Royston Club, The Covasettes, Hinds and Deco all added. Pretty decent lineup considering the price, and is always a fun, relaxed festival!
  6. Next announcement (I presume final too), is on Monday! Hoping for some more good names to be added, though it's already pretty strong!
  7. Anyone going to 110 Above this year? Went for the first time last year and loved it. A really intimate and chilled out festival, small capacity but big named acts. Line up isn't quite as strong for me this year, but still some great names and I am sure there's going to be some nice surprises in these final annoucements. Intrigued by the change of Elizabeth Stage becoming the main stage rather than Commune, but all four of the stages really worked for me last year. Any thoughts on who these final names might be?
  8. My first time to the festival this year too, and can't say me or my partner were that impressed. Maybe we've been spoiled by the joys of 110 Above. Didn't realise how much of a trek it is from Warrington, wouldn't be too bad if you didn't have to walk through half the park for the specific entrance. Went on the Saturday and managed to blag VIP tickets from friends. VIP area wasn't and felt overcrowded too, so glad we didn't pay more for that. Very limited food options in this area too, was going to get food from the other stalls outside of the VIP area but the queues for these (and the toilets) were beyond ridiculous. Plus the entrance is right next to the main stage meaning it's a real hassle to even be able to get in and out when acts are on the main stage. It created such an awful bottleneck of people trying to get to main stage and out towards the other two stages. It all felt really overcrowded, with no space around the main stage at all. The crowd's weren't great, a lot of dickheads, but that's apparently standard now at these bigger festivals. Saw Zuzu first, but the Big Top's sound had some real issues, and while her set was decent, the sound wasn't good. Same for The Magic Gang on the main stage. Their sound was far too quiet, and we weren't even far back either. The crowds around us too, had zero interest in any of their songs and just stood around chatting loudly or throwing drinks. Vistas were great, a great replacement for Snuts and were probably the best act of the day for me. The Big Moon were great as usual, reliable and fun! Didn't care for Sam Fender, find him boring anyway, left when he went off because of the crowd issues. Reverend and the Makers were pushed back, and honestly, despite being from Sheffield, I just can't get into this band, or their vibe at all. Watched till Heavyweight Champion of the World and then buggered off back to the train to Manchester. Don't think I'd go back, not unless there was someone I was dying to see on.
  9. Looking forward to this now! Just doing the Saturday. Wasn't meant to be going but one of my friends had a spare VIP ticket that he charged half price for, which I couldn't say no too. Looking at the lineup, it's going to be The K's, Zuzu, The Magic Gang, Snuts, The Big Moon (wanted Vaccines over Jake Bugg as special guest, but hey-ho), Noisy, Baby Queen, Sam Fender or Reverend. Not sure about James yet, but will probably be well up for it after a fair few pints over the afternoon!
  10. Had a brilliant weekend, was so good to be back to live music! Sports Team, Black Honey, The Snuts, Yonaka, FEET, and The Amazons were all highlights for me! But gotta say loved plenty of the smaller acts I saw too! Agreed that Sundara weren't particularly interesting live, I've seen them before and they always seems rather hit and miss, for me anyway. Mysterines too, I think struggled with the sound on the Gopsall Inn Stage. First time going to 110 but I will be back! Loved the intimate feel, and spoke to plenty of the artists over the weekend who were camping and staying for all the acts, just really added to that intimatcy! Food was a good (especially that pizza!), though never got chance to try the Fish and Chips, the van was always too slow at getting the orders out. All the stages are great, loved the small scale feeling, but with the bands still bringing the big energy. Second that they could do with another bar, especially between acts, but didn't actually queue for a drink longer than maybe 10 to 15 minutes, so that was perfect.
  11. Just got an email with the stage splits, hoping the different stage headliners don't clash as they're all ones I really want to see! Rest of the days are looking good though!
  12. Amazing! Thank you! Looks really great, the line up is pretty stacked for such a small festival. Should be a good chance of it going ahead with so few people. Plenty of bands I want to see, especially the three headliners. Heading down from Manchester so looking forward to it, if it goes ahead!
  13. Anyone been to this before? Got tickets for this year, due to a really great line up for my tastes in musics. It was reasonably priced, and the smaller scale size of the festival sounds like a great idea. Just wondered what people's thoughts were on this festival? What's it actually like on the site?
  14. Ah right, not fussed about Fender or Brown, but Reverend and the Makers into Fontaines D.C. looks decent to me.
  15. At least they're headlining second stage, will they clash with Ian Brown, or with Sam Fender? If it's with Sam fender that's seriously going to cut into their crowd size.
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