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  1. Amazing! Thank you! Looks really great, the line up is pretty stacked for such a small festival. Should be a good chance of it going ahead with so few people. Plenty of bands I want to see, especially the three headliners. Heading down from Manchester so looking forward to it, if it goes ahead!
  2. Anyone been to this before? Got tickets for this year, due to a really great line up for my tastes in musics. It was reasonably priced, and the smaller scale size of the festival sounds like a great idea. Just wondered what people's thoughts were on this festival? What's it actually like on the site?
  3. Ah right, not fussed about Fender or Brown, but Reverend and the Makers into Fontaines D.C. looks decent to me.
  4. At least they're headlining second stage, will they clash with Ian Brown, or with Sam Fender? If it's with Sam fender that's seriously going to cut into their crowd size.
  5. Loving this years line up, how easy was it to get back to Manchester from here after the festival?
  6. I'm predicting, Vaccines, Catfish, no idea who the third will be, always a wild card with an older act.
  7. Loved tramlines this year, not really any complaints from me. Having been to Leeds Festival the last 5 years, this festival seemed like a blessing in terms of the types of people who went. Amazing night in Leadmill on the Saturday as well, not too bad getting back into town after the stages finish. Not sure who will care, but here's who I saw/what I thought of them, would love to hear other guys and what they thought! Sea Girls - My first act of the festival, really enjoyed them, but I always love a good singalong indie band. Crowd seemed into it and managed to be pittin
  8. TheDHolford

    First Timers!

    Hoping next year will be my first time at the festival, me and the girlfriend are very interested. Been to Leeds Festival 6 times and YNOT once (the diabolical year), so finally want to try Glasto. Both 24, but my girlfriend has been asking about glamping? What are people's thoughts on this? Is it close to the action, or like some other festivals where you'd have to walk for miles to get too and from the stages. Also, I've heard about being able to take your own booze into the stages, is this a thing? Is it different to leeds festival where you get checked to go into the arena each day?
  9. What's the capacity this year?
  10. Hoping those times are slightly accurate, looking like a good list of acts for me anyway, Friday - Sea Girls, Circa Waves, Clean Cut Kid and Two Door Cinema club Saturday - Oddity Road, Anteros, She Drew the Gun, Miles Kane, Reverend and the Makers, Sports Team, Johnny Marr or Japanese House and Courteeners Sunday - Marsicans, Sleeper, Bloxx, Lewis Capaldi, The Reytons, Blackwaters, Whenyoung, Good Cop Bad Cop, Yonaka. Not bad at all for 70 quid.
  11. Anyone want to do a clashfinder? I'm too tired and lazy. Or when do they normally announce the actual times?
  12. Got my tickets, do we know day and stage splits yet? Wondering who will be clashing and at what times/stages.
  13. I was there 2016 and the tent was absolutely rammed, busiest I've probably ever seen it. I don't remember anything like this happening either.
  14. Decent set of headliners. Thought post malone was a bit shit this year, but he did draw the largest crowd out of everyone I saw. I expect there to be some good undercards to properly sell me on the festival, but I’m pretty happy so far! People don’t seem too amused on Twitter, guessing it means another shift in the type of crowd from this year.
  15. Not a huge band, but I expect them to be high on a small stage or very early on main stage
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