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  1. Go on then you've enticed me. Shame Sorry Black Midi Boy Azooga Working Men's Club Porridge Radio Richard Dawson Do Nothing Floating Points Baxter Dury
  2. Was thinking about potential Thursday headliners and remembered they had Ride a few years back, would Doves fit in here?
  3. Oh Sees in Birmingham in May, massively excited for this one!
  4. It does seem to suggest we could get some line up news next week. They replied to someone on Facebook asking about when tickets are back on sale and they said coming very soon...
  5. I'd go Sam Fender as one of them then then maybe Bombay and The Kooks
  6. Can I get a bit of a hand on this one?
  7. Baxter Dury album and tour next year, very very good news
  8. Callum_96

    Nick Cave

    Haven't found any prices as of yet but looks like on See it's a max of 2 tickets per person
  9. I'm sure I seen talk of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs having a new album out some time next year so could see them stopping off here. Someone was saying about Nine Inch Nails doing European festivals next year so could be another potential headliner
  10. Really enjoying FEET's debut record, really good fun. Nick Cave beautifully haunting as you'd expect
  11. Apparently the Liam show is an acoustic set rather then full band from what I've been told.
  12. If anyone gets a chance and can stick a photo of the site map from the program in here it would be greatly appreciated
  13. Sunday is also killing me! I've seen Idles twice this summer at Glastonbury and Y Not so I'm leaning slightly towards FJM but I think that's gonna be a choice I'll make after SVE has blown me away again
  14. Do we have to pay for the programs and lanyards when we get to the site or is it like Glastonbury where they hand them out when you get there?
  15. Callum_96

    Website Tracker

    Cheers mate I'll give that a go
  16. Callum_96

    Website Tracker

    I was wondering if anyone has a link or knows of some kind of program I can use that will track a website for when it changes, I.e Twickets for Green Man tickets! Got their alert thing set up but it's far too slow, pretty sure there was something on here for people trying to grab tickets in secret resales and just before the poster drops.
  17. Callum_96

    Musical Confessional

    The 4 song run of High, You're Beautiful, Wisemen and Goodbye My Lover on Back to Bedlam by James Blunt is just immense and definitely top 5 starts to an album in the 21st century. Also Dave Grohl, prick.
  18. Has anyone bought tickets off Fanticks before out of interest? Seems to be a ticketline fan to fan resale site
  19. I'm hoping in the next few weeks more people will be selling their tickets but if anyone's selling two adult tickets please hit me up! Thanks in advance
  20. Idles (Park) Fontaines (JP) Jungle Honourable mentions for Hot Chip, Foals, The Comet is Coming and Sports Team.
  21. Anyone got any info on a time/day for Black Midi in the Crows Nest? Decided to see Pip Blom Friday morning so want to make sure I make it up to the crows nest
  22. I reckon the Fontaines set on Saturday will be a highlight of the weekend for me, their latest KEXP session is on YouTube now and they sound very impressive could see it being a rammed tent.
  23. Friday - Interpol - probably the act I'm most excited to see over the whole weekend Saturday - Hot Chip - finally gonna get to see a Park healdiner and I'm expecting one hell of a party Sunday - The Cure
  24. Very excited with this years line up, planning on camping out most of the day Saturday before heading up to see Foals if their secret set on the Park comes to fruition! Bit miffed Black Midi and Pip Blom clash on the Friday but I'm sure they'll both play Crows Nest slots over the weekend so that eases the pain
  25. Chemical Brothers - 140 Hot Chip - 143 (+20) Kate Tempest - 60 The Cure - 85 Janelle Monae -  105
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