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  1. I heard Coventry is the most likely stop off for their stadium tour, supposed to be signed off this week
  2. Can anyone who's been/going potentially let me know what time they've been finishing at? Got a train back from Euston at about 11:24 but really don't want to miss anything. Tbf Yeah Yeah Yeah's and Mitski were done by half 10 but LCD's setlist is looking like a 2 hour banger fest
  3. Reckon we'll ever get some proper set times?
  4. Father John Misty tour March next year. Brixton, Gateshead, Glasgow and Manchester.
  5. Has anyone tried buying a Teen ticket and asking them to change it to an adult due to "Teen" turning 18 before the festival and paying the difference?
  6. Would Sigur Ros still be considered a headliner here? Could be a wildcard
  7. I think as Viagra Boys were down to headline Walled Garden last year before having to drop out I reckon they'll be back in that slot.
  8. Pulp - Lime Garden is a bloody tune, I've had it stuck in my head since it came out. Hoping we get Folly Group added as well
  9. This brings back memories of the, IIRC, 2015 conversations of Sande being a headliner. Good times
  10. I'm assuming Viagra Boys will headline the Walled Garden like they were supposed to do last year.
  11. Maybe Bicep are doing a Main Stage closing kind of set, I agree though they seem far too big to be playing the Far Out tent! Either way that line up is a beauty, need to find myself some tickets
  12. I'm sure I seen a rumour that with the multiverse coming into play the big crossover event was gearing up for a Secret Wars event. Could see a Kang centered Avengers like film in the middle of this little saga but a huge Secret Wars event across the multiverse at the end would out do Endgame
  13. New Yard Act tune and well yeah it's not great
  14. Another vote for Hare and Hounds in Birmingham, Do Nothing and Folly Group earlier in the week have become one of my many favourites I've had in that gaff!
  15. My first thought for the other Special Guests was Yard Act but The Magic Gang is a good shout as well.
  16. 1. Winter Solider 2. Ragnarok 3. Infinity War 4. GOTG Vol.1 5. Iron Man The What If finale was decent enough, some good action bits in it but overall it was pretty underwhelming but I am very excited for Eternals so that will make up for it.
  17. Thank you for this recommendation! Cracking band, will be sure to catch them
  18. Got 2 tickets for the Foals gig on Monday, 45 quid each if anyone's interested? Can email them over
  19. What part of Brockwell park do they tend to have festivals on? Just trying to judge when I'll need to leave to make sure I'll catch my train closer to the top nearer Brixton station would be ideal
  20. Now the T'challa as Star Lord episode was exactly the kind of episode I was hoping for from this What If..? series, thought it was brilliant. Some really fun aspects like the new team and moved away a lot more from the story than the first one did. If we get more episodes like that we'll be in for a treat
  21. We've got a mate meeting us there as he's driving up from Bath way, I'm assuming the Orange Car Park ain't too far away from the main entrance and it won't be an issue meeting him where we get off the coach? I've got his ticket so our coach is supposed to arrive at half 3 so want to make each others waiting time as little as possible.
  22. Was very pleased with Lynks being added to then realising that they're on second on Thursday so I will almost definitely miss them! Gutted as that would be a cracking way to start the weekend
  23. Little Dragon and Viagra Boys out
  24. Have been told it's Supergrass for the Friday
  25. Casually dropping Damon in there like nothing
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