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  1. Coorabell is even better imo
  2. Wonder where he's pulled a b2b with Skrillex from
  3. Wider WHP nights out 9am tomorrow. Four Tet has his own night
  4. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m0006n04 For some here to get their gums round
  5. I know what you mean. I've always loved Genosys, it's probably my favourite stage that I've seen electronic music on (just beats Dekmantel main stage) and I think this year was definitely the best edition of it
  6. Mezhyp1

    Bon Iver 2020

    New tunes are good
  7. It is her yeah, she was on insta about it earlier
  8. You see it on the left hand side when you get off trains at the upper part of Piccadilly, its absolutely enormous. Whp tried to move their a few years ago, and stuck at it until doing it this year, so they must think it's good
  9. Its definitely the best ran festival I've ever been to. Didn't wait in a queue for anything last year
  10. Think your chances on a Friday night are a lot better than Klubnacht nowadays. Also, Lord of the Isles is really good if you get in that night, go see
  11. Mezhyp1

    John Peel announcer

    Did he not used to post in these parts?
  12. Cloud cover instead of relentless sun Apart from that missing Ezra Collective not a good one
  13. Mezhyp1

    Lessons learned

    I couldn't recommended flying enough, even rough it isn't any bother as you're only on the bus and plane for an hour each. It was cheap to, like 25 quid to the airport and 30 quid for the flight I can't handle that 3/4 a day spent humphing myself back home feeling extraordinarily sorry for myself anymore
  14. Mezhyp1

    Mallets or Thatchers?

    Thatchers Haze is the real winner here Anything is better than that repulsive vinegar they churn out at the cider bus (ducks for cover)
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