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  1. Reg Joey B Lana Young Fathers Fred
  2. I think this is actually pretty damn good
  3. Mezhyp1

    Glastonbury 2017

    A lot of blurry memories of Radiohead, Justice and Steffi & Virginia churning this out of Genosys about 6am on Sunday morning One of my favourite ever moments on the farm
  4. I wish! The last co head has been mentioned now
  5. You're not miles away, but they've got other UK shows
  6. Believe that support slot is their whack
  7. Actually still not quite there yet in terms of guessing correctly
  8. If they're both playing I don't think they'd be playing on the same day 😉😉
  9. Hate to be the bearer of bad news
  10. Unfortunately not. That'd be epic
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