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  1. Mezhyp1

    2020 New Music

    A nice 5 stars for Caribou in The Guardian, I'm looking forward to getting into that
  2. The Mytaxi app is a lot quicker and cheaper than Uber, it's well worth using
  3. Not one for Block 9, but i see Axel Boman, Kornel Kovacs and Pedrodollar are doing a 10 years of Studio Barnhus tour, could see the beat hotel folks snapping that up
  4. Is Beatrice Dillon a touch too leftfield to be one of the rising star bookings?
  5. Could the 4 and those returning be connected Skee Mask b2b Stenny b2b Zenker Bros
  6. I really should be getting on with my methodology as time is of the essence, but here we are Thanks as always, that's a lot to go and get excited dreaming up what it might be
  7. The thing i like the most is your use of the word intel
  8. I sure agree with this sentiment I like the tense wait to see what the line up is when the posters drop of the website has the full line up, unless @Ddiamondd you want to announce Shanti in the 4-6 slot on IICON, then I'm totally fine with that
  9. Have you heard and whispers about what the Beat Hotel folks have got lined up? It's easy to get carried away with the dizzy heights of Block 9 which we all know and love, but having plucked out Avalon, Job Jobse etc in recent times, it's something I have a keen eye on as I feel the Beat Hotel could have been improved a lot
  10. Could see him flaunting his ways as Love Generator on the stage previously known as The Spider
  11. Well it's not who I thought would be closing out the Downlow but hey I'm up for anything
  12. You have my attention for the next 18 minutes
  13. I've never camped at it, hotels are so much better. It's easy enough and cheap enough to get to in an uber from the city centre, and there's shuttle buses at night that take you back to the business district in ams so it's fine to get about from there. I wouldn't do it any other way
  14. Good first post fellow Scotch man, welcome
  15. Those early April punters look a nice touch, I reckon Neil has been shrewd sneaking into the 3rd
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