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  1. Mezhyp1

    Dua Lipa

    That must have been very, very cool
  2. Ah fuck, that'd have been unmissable. I really hope they have them back for it next year
  3. Ah mate! Hope you're keeping well Had noted your absence over the course, hope you're back with us soon and obviously happy to help whenever they sell tickets for next year!
  4. They're putting at playlists on Spotify each day https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2iJFO3BLFGTgUqKqmR0LjI?si=a4NPYUTkTH6butGWFjy8zQ
  5. And Flo Po, Four Tet, HAAi, Honey Dijon, Young Marco, Jessie Ware on Sonic
  6. The acts playing the Friday at Wow is a real low blow Craig Richards, Eris Drew, Shanti Celeste, Omar S, Skee Mask, Joy O
  7. This is a brilliant watch of how this wonderland all came together I can't wait until the next time we're back in the glory lands
  8. Slam would have been a big one for the thunderous techno contingent
  9. I only found myself there because of @Ddiamondd heavy praise, but the new India Jordan record is so good
  10. Nicely done Thinking About You Fake Plastic Trees Exit Music (For A Film) How To Disappear Completely Pyramid Song Where I End And You Begin Weird Fishes/Arpeggi Bloom Daydreaming
  11. Mezhyp1

    Best DJ Set

    Ben UFO and Jobse in the glory days of the Temple Sunday closer, HAAi last year or Steffi and Virginia in 2017 at Genosys those that immediately spring to mind
  12. Was this a certain Doctor?
  13. Also file this in the a bit good category
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