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  1. Mezhyp1

    The Park 2022

    Don't think that's the best line up for That Park
  2. The Smile record is rocking my world. Stunning stuff
  3. Mezhyp1


    We'd be quicker listing places where there isn't drum n bass
  4. Caught him in Glasgow last weekend and it was brilliant. Such a good chanter
  5. 100%. A fruity burst will probably be better I absolutely love a tangerine when getting a bit freaky. Its life changing stuff
  6. Someone on the Shangri-La thread posted a poster that had Solomun on it (who wasn't on the final edition) They really must have been after the big hitters
  7. The replacement for The Beat Hotel would appear to be called San Remo, going by the new map
  8. They had that Max Cooper AV show and Bicep at The Gas Tower
  9. I did not expect to see Dixon in Shangri La, that's for sure
  10. Mezhyp1


    I'd guess the ones in June are less, but I'll find out over the weekend and confirm
  11. Mezhyp1


    25k cap the Edinburgh show. Same stage as the main stage they're using for Connect Festival. There's a number of solo shows there throughout the summer
  12. It's like entering another realm of evolution going into that darkness whilst it's broad daylight outside. Lights flying everywhere What a place
  13. Take it the rumours that The Glade is no more aren't true?
  14. Wouldn't rule him out playing JP, pretty huge these days
  15. Avalon, Logic1000 and Optimo would have been amongst my top pics for the week. Almost too much there
  16. Jeeeez Silver Hayes line up is packed
  17. Two Shell strike me as an IICON possibility
  18. Avalon is the worst area of the festival. It would be much better utilised as more SE Corner and Greenfields
  19. Mezhyp1

    SE Corner Tactics.

    It was a doddle in 2019, certainly for Block 9. Though being around West Holts always helps if you're really in a rush in there
  20. Have some mates that drunkenly found themselves at Sheeran over Justice. It's not talked about
  21. No regrets musically, but I did get the bus back to Glasgow the first 2 years I went before flying back. Life changing
  22. I got on a Glasgow bus in 2017 without a ticket. Just waited to the end to see if there was space and bunged the driver a score. He was more than happy to oblige
  23. https://www.instagram.com/p/Cb-oOJZrPG7/?utm_medium=copy_link
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