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  1. Mezhyp1

    Other Stage 2020

    One of my mates thought the collective laughing after the said they were busy was a kind of nod towards a secret set, especially after the singer said he'd be on site
  2. Mezhyp1


    Arcadia would be much improved if they booked better djs
  3. Mezhyp1

    Other Stage 2020

    Just can't have this Calvin Harris chat at all, seems ridiculous to even suggest they'd go for him
  4. I wonder when we'll get an inclination what's replacing the Beat Hotel
  5. Mezhyp1

    2020 New Music

    Certainly heard the Slowthai track the other day and it is absolutely shite
  6. They'd probs need to move it so it wasn't in Silver Hayes and so many people would pass by and put it on like 10-5 rather than 7-2
  7. Bombay Bicycle Club have an AMA on Reddit tomorrow, so someone will undoubtedly ask them about glasto
  8. Despacio returning would be brilliant Would like to Rufus Du Sol from Govt Ball, but no idea where they'd place here, probably lower than they'd want to accept
  9. Possibly if it was block 9 this time and the live show Was some acid set in the glade iirc
  10. My god the Sonar line up is good
  11. Keep seeing Squarepusher and 9x9 popping up at summer festivals. Block 9 possibilities?
  12. Fontaines DC could be in for a fairly hefty slot after seriously packing out the tent
  13. Floating Points Falaise Ensemble sounds like a park headliner to me
  14. Mezhyp1

    Self Confirmed 2020

    I've seen Orbital twice since they came back around and is really enjoyable. Would probably see them again if they played Glasto
  15. Junction 2 have done a decent job of booking every electronic artist thats ever existed
  16. They are yeah. Will definitely be a flight home for me again this year
  17. Ufo stage is seriously good, the best festival tent i've watched music in
  18. Few things in that line up i could see in Block 9. Stenny b2b Skee Mask, Matrixxman b2b Randomer and admittedly not in Block 9 but 808 State live could pop up in The Glade
  19. I've checked this every other week thinking it'll be clearer when they're going to announce the line up next time What an infuriating way to do things
  20. Mezhyp1

    Queue Times

    I've thought about arriving by means other than the coaches this year, but the prospect of queueing seriously puts me off
  21. Mezhyp1

    Other Stage 2020

    I'd be a touch surprised if Block 9 wanted to use their limited budget for that
  22. Mezhyp1

    Other Stage 2020

    Whilst i think they could as the field is plenty big enough, I think they'll be fairly keen to have them on the main stages
  23. Mezhyp1

    Brit Awards 2020

    Somewhat personally affronted that Watermelon Sugar by Harry Styles isn't up for best tune
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