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  1. anyone been to one of these gigs before and know how easy it is to make a train (23:30) at queen street after the gig? I know Bellahouston is a bit of a trek from the station
  2. Lol, good job the mrs an I had gone back to the tent by this point, i'd hate to have been branded a c**t for no reason
  3. The key word there is "reaction"... would there even have been one without the guy on stage? Nope I certainly didnt experience anything like that at Electric Fields
  4. I dont see any denial here, I see someone giving their account of what happened, isnt that what the reviewer did in the first place? Or is the reviewers opinion the only one allowed here?
  5. Yeah mate and i totally 100% agree, thats why ive referred to them as idiots, but while theyve stupidly reacted like the twats they are, he still didnt need to cause that reaction in the first place, and it could have been avoided if everyone involved had used a bit more common sense
  6. Causing, riding on, whatever... the point here is, we're at a festival to have a good time, not start a war between england an scotland so why even say it in the first place!
  7. Haha thats not what im saying mate, my point is shouting "fuck the english" or fuck any country at a festival is just shit chat, and will inevitabley spark a reaction from idiots, so why say it? Why be a twat in the first place and try cause a divide?
  8. Ah well the guitarist then, I read it wrong... still not cool, theres always gonna be drunken idiots in the crowd that will cheer to that, best just not to bring it up
  9. I was out the tent about half 6 on friday motning and there was actual frost on the side of the tent, mental... about 2 hours later it was shorts and tshirts material haha
  10. I doubt the majority of people were from dumfries though, there was plenty from central scotland including myself who are not anti english... poor patter from Tim Booth, no need for that shit at a festival, especially one so close to the border
  11. I saw that guy actually, he was just far enough away from us thankfully... a guitars a bit much like, thats just taking the piss haha
  12. I very much doubt you could hear our music outside of our teepee as we kept it to a personal level, and honestly, when walking about we could hear music coming from everywhere as well as the spill over from the bands that were loud and it only added to the atmosphere... its a festival, we go for music By the way im referring to during the day, we didnt have it on at night when folk were sleeping, thats just wide as fuck haha
  13. Strange, we didnt seem to have an issue with either playing music (on a bluetooth speaker) or the posh loos, actually found the posh loos well worth the money compared to the other toilets The 1am thing may be a budget/license issue, remember this festival is only in its 5th year and has expanded recently, give them time Personally I loved every aspect of this weekend from start to finish and from where we were standing Noel Gallagher sounded just fine... cant please them all I suppose
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