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  1. Compared to last year, im over the moon about this so far, I was expecting that fake Taylor Swift/Martin Garrix thing to turn out to be true, or at least something along those lines so far im seeing alot of guitar music, and not very much teen pop music...this is good
  2. I cant see Foals headlining, no chance... although i'd definitely be happy to see them on the bill
  3. Id more than happily enjoy something like this, but this may be a bit ambitious given last years line up Lewis Capaldi / Paolo Nutini Kings of Leon / Noel Gallagher Biffy Clyro / Foals
  4. Im sure I saw somewhere that Falkirk was their only Scottish show... to be honest though I fully expected them to announce a second date, the stadium is very small, and considering Falkirk has both Edinburgh & Glasgow only 25 miles either side of it, its pretty accessible for the whole of central Scotland, seems very weird they'd do only one show in a small stadium when they have multiple english shows in much larger venues
  5. So in other words its still pish but not as pish as last year... ah well, any improvements welcome lol
  6. valid point, as much as i'd like it to be the Strokes, Noel Gallagher & Foo Fighters, its more likely to be Little Mix, Taylor Swift and this years celebrity X Factor winner
  7. The Killers only Scottish date is Falkirk, but the Strokes could be a great shout
  8. haha, absolutely spot on, that would be the best line up they've produced yet
  9. Same here, always enjoy seeing NG live, his band are superb
  10. I see Noel Gallagher has just announced Bristol Sounds 2020 for the end of June, reckon he could be working his way up to a Glasgow date a couple of weeks later maybe?
  11. Its an independant ticket company, ive never heard of them, anyone else know who they are? Im guessing they've believed the fake poster and jumped the gun
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