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  1. Yes - just listening to it now. Been watching him progress with joy. Love what he has created. Go on lad 💪🏽
  2. Bump as about to drop off page 2. If you love the festival build-up on efests, donate or go Gold to contribute to the continued running of this community 😎
  3. I've loved that Prospa - Prayer - track since I first heard it. They seem like lovely young lads too. I've added a mix of theirs I heard on Pete Tong a few months back to the spreadsheet. It's only a half hour studio mix, so probably not that indicative, but there's not that much of their work out online yet. I love the way they've come through as the next generation, but with obviously a lot of love for the scene and the history. I feel like they might be the genuine article, unlike Krystal Klear. I hate knocking someone who puts their work out there, but I think Neutron Dance is a shit, New Order rip-off and I rant about it to whoever's nearby if that track comes on within my earshot.
  4. Same - Chems are the one I am not prepared to miss, whatever else I may get up to over the five days
  5. Same, I have added five songs so far and keep dancing or singing to them, rather than getting on with adding more, but I want to make sure it is just right 😂
  6. Nervous and excited to finally come to a meet and say hi at last - see you all there 😎
  7. Congratulations - that must have been a white knuckle ride!
  8. What colour are your gems and do you mean around the edges of the peak?
  9. Teared up a bit at the end of that article
  10. Signed up too - it's mostly what I, and no doubt all of us on this thread do anyway, bar the encouraging other people bit. I'm always picking up other people's discarded plastic at the festival and more than happy to take some recycling bags around our campsite.
  11. Your 14-year-old is an absolute gem. Have a great festival and good luck to you with best wishes 😎
  12. Was just doing a quick bit of research before I added DJ Zinc's Essential Mix from late 2016 to the spreadsheet, when I found this on Eats Everything's Facebook page - first 20 mins of Eats Everything, Zinc, Special Request and more doing their Jungle/Hardcore set at Boomtown last year. Will get you right in the mood on a Friday. Side note - the DJ Zinc mix I've added is two and a half years old, but I still listen to it a lot. Bass, breaks, MCs and vibes, if that's your tipple
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