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  1. ravermum

    First and last

    Yes, it was ace. I shed a tear or two, the first time I heard Sunshine on Leith after getting home
  2. Well, you see, you truncated quoted me. I was talking about the atmosphere of the pier, which my full post makes clear. Thanks for bringing the pier’s location to my attention though.
  3. I've raised my cuppa to Helen this morning, fittingly brewed from the box of Tiny Tea Tent tea that I bought at this year's festival. So sorry you have lost a good friend and wishing you well
  4. My kid paid £2 for a tiny stick of rock. I had to really hold myself back from saying, "You can get five sticks for a pound on Blackpool Pier." Which you can. I love a UK seaside - we always holidayed in classic Yorkshire seaside resorts when I was growing up and I still often visit the seaside. I felt like this pier was a pale imitation. Great view, but, other than that, I'd rather visit a real pier at the seaside, put way too many coins into House of The Dead 98, trying to kill zombies, and then get a bag of doughnuts. A lot of work gone into it and I feel bad saying this...
  5. ravermum

    Camp Fires

    Anyway, here’s my real (safe) campfire, really happening this evening. Happy Friday everyone 🔥
  6. ravermum

    Camp Fires

    I saw a couple of people with those Swedish candle things in my camping field, Wicket, and the campsite crew also had fires, but in fire pit type things. I'm off camping this weekend. Can't wait to get my fire pit going - first one of the year. Hopefully, it doesn't rain the entire time.
  7. Just checked their Twitter, they really are about to sell out for Homobloc...
  8. I'm getting two nights confused, I just realised. Anyway, I am going to both. Anyone thinking about booking Homobloc, I just checked and they are on Tier 2 already and currently there aren't any further tiers available, so I've just bought my ticket. They only went on sale at 9 this morning. I don't know if it means they are selling out to capacity or just selling out current availability.
  9. It's really quite impressive, the names all on one day, and tickets are only £35 if you buy today or tomorrow. The Homoelectric nights, which this mini festival has sprung from, have been running on and off for years in the city and have a very welcoming vibe. Let us know if you get a ticket - and we could maybe do a mini efesters meet-up. I just said similar to @FuzzyDunlop
  10. I think some of the Manchester International Festival stuff has been on there in past and some kind of Warehouse Project collaboration with the festival. I think there are some MIF shows on in there this year too, but not sure. Nice, maybe see you on the dance floor @FuzzyDunlop? We could at least exchange a fistbump, if we manage to co-ordinate ourselves.
  11. I haven't actually been to anything at Mayfield Depot yet - it's the old railway depot building as you look out from the far platforms of Piccadilly station. I think it's pretty much an old warehouse type thing, lots of pillars, but with some light and some outside space. It must be fairly big as Homobloc is billed as 10,000 capacity. One of the other Manchester lot may know it - if not, I can report back in late September, after the Aphex Twin night. I used to look at it from the station platform and imagine putting on a rave there, so very interested to see how that actually plays out in reality. They're after redeveloping it, here's a link to a current photo of the main space.
  12. Greetings my fellow best-thread-on-the-forum posters. Hope you are all well and recovering. I had to dive straight into work and life post-festival and have been slowly processing everything that occurred in my version of Glastonbury. What a wonderful one. Love it so much. I didn't get out to the late night stuff as much as I would have liked. My son and I both got heatstroke/exhaustion moving our stuff in and pitching on the Wednesday and then the heat and crowds were frying his brain and we were up early and in the shade of Green Kids most mornings. Saturday was my day of days, loads of great bands and chilled day time into Foals, Sharon (THE MIGHTY) Van Etten, Chemical Brothers (perfect spot in the field) which our whole crew came together for and then I walked my husband and son back to our tent (husband's first Glasto and he was pissed and has no sense of direction and my son was tired and wanted to get home). Then, I planned to possibly meet friends but I walked past the Beat Hotel (which is usually exactly what I do) but the music drew me nearer and nearer. I stood on the hill, then I moved down the hill, then I was itching to get in there and the crowd seemed really decent and then I looked at the line-up sign and realised, of course, it's Jopkins fecking DJ set. I'd missed him at West Holts the night before and I'm a huge fan. It was destiny. Had a brilliant time dancing there, then wandered off to maybe head to SE Corner but was drawn to Dave Seaman at Glade Lounge - excellent work and great crowd. I so wanted to get to Monika, but, as I'd been waking at 5am every morning and not getting back to sleep, my bed was calling. I LOVE the fact that I can go out raving on my own at Glastonbury. So many women walking alone across the site in the small hours. It's heaven to be able to do that. Now, onwards (while thinking about past and future Glastonbury on a daily basis, of course). Is anyone going to either of the Aphex nights in London or Manchester in September (I'm at the Manchester one)? There is also an incredible line-up for the Homobloc Festival - one for all you NYC Downlow fans, which is happening in Manchester in November - the 9th. And Sama' has created a quality essential mix, techno but a journey to the core of it, rather than a banging it out from the off. Links below: https://www.skiddle.com/whats-on/Manchester/Depot-(Mayfield)/WHP19---Aphex-Twin-Curates/13572590/ https://www.homobloc.co.uk/ https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m0006d63
  13. I loved it. I’d hyped it a lot and I’d saved myself for it. Our whole group came together for it. My son was pogoing for the first hour. We were in a great spot, middle back, no w*nkers. I had a few dark moments in the festival but this was the brightest time for me. Happy 😃
  14. Epic. She smashed it
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