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  1. Didn't realise my speakers were on 100% when I pressed play! I like it. It's one for the club for sure. Would love to hear it played out among a good crowd.
  2. Thank you so much for this - plenty to keep me busy there and much appreciated ?
  3. Are there any sets online that you can recommend for a listen?
  4. ravermum

    Girl Band

    Ah, this is so cool
  5. Same, so many moments in there - pure quality
  6. I know right. Feels epic. Staggering what they’ve pulled together. I’m brushing off my sequins for this one
  7. Who’s at Homobloc on Saturday by the way?
  8. Morning all. Stop what you’re doing and listen to this. The perfect counterbalance to a dark, rainy Tuesday. Let me preface by saying that I cannot bear Neutron Dance by Krystal Klear, which made me almost not give this a whirl but I was feeling open-minded, so... Many levels of disco, house, old school, some electronic pop on the lines of Pet Shop Boys, it’s not a dark, moody 2am number, it’s a thing of complete joy. I’m on my third listen in 24 hours ? https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m0009t7f
  9. I wasn't there but I'm wondering, could it be a reversion/sample of the Simon Harris track, or even the back in the day original? Here is the original to get you started: https://open.spotify.com/track/6uUevuVZVyD5QOUi3mQosb
  10. Wicket Ground is a great field for a teenager. There are lots of families and solo parents with older kids there. It's also very close to John Peel, Silver Hayes and the Pyramid, which are likely to offer music she will be into. You could also look into making an application for access camping. This doesn't mean you have to camp in the access field, but it does mean you can: park closer to the festival gate for Wicket, if you are driving; use the cut-throughs between stages, which aren't open to the general festival goer; and use the access toilet facilities, which can save tired legs at times, meaning you don't have to go looking for a loo in busy areas. I was with a friend this year who used some of these facilities and it helped her energy levels and festival experience massively. Frankly, if you're driving, it's worth it for the parking alone - my friend had a ten minute walk to her car - ours was a 90 minute roundtrip. Hope all goes well and you have an amazing time together.
  11. This got me through a shitty day today - listened twice, on the way to and from work. Always love a version of Transitions. A really top mix. With the linking thing, delete everything from the end up to and including the forward slash after “ruiz”, so ruiz is end of link. Or copy the share link direct from the app or web browser page. That should work next time ?
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