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  1. You can keep insulin cool with festival medical services who will be there on site. I’ve read that somewhere but can’t find it now. Failing that, they will find a way to help, I’m sure 🙂
  2. Shout out everyone - only 51 and a half weeks until the feast for ears, eyes and dancing shoes that is Block 9!
  3. I think is what they are streaming this weekend? Sorry if you already knew that. Hope all good with you
  4. I fangirled her on Twitter and she replied. I was well happy
  5. Love Anna - have you heard her remix of Singularity? (Why am I asking this, when I know you almost certainly have?)
  6. Feel ya - hope you’re good Ben. Working hard no doubt 😎
  7. I guarantee the Fac51 Haçienda live stream is going to put a smile on your face. Jon da Silva live rn. Production levels 🔥 https://unitedwestream.co.uk/
  8. This is on now - Victor Ruiz playing currently - I’m gonna make a margarita and get on it. Anyone else joining?
  9. Drumcode Indoors live stream tomorrow - Friday - night
  10. Thanks for sharing this. Big love to the people posting in this glorious thread. May we dance upon the fields of Worthy Farm, well and healthy, in 2021!
  11. ravermum


    I’m hyped for this one too
  12. Didn't realise my speakers were on 100% when I pressed play! I like it. It's one for the club for sure. Would love to hear it played out among a good crowd.
  13. Thank you so much for this - plenty to keep me busy there and much appreciated ?
  14. Are there any sets online that you can recommend for a listen?
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