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  1. ohmygod

    Volunteering 2022

    true enough yes
  2. ohmygod

    Volunteering 2022

    With Shelter after previously volunteering with Oxfam. Have to say that the Shelter offering is infinitely better (only in my opinion of course!) for the following reasons: Campsite is closer - no long trudge up Muddy lane last thing at night. Food - more vouchers and better maintained tea/coffee Showers - no limits to the number unlike Oxfam and 10 minute queues max. Shift patterns - no overnighter or early starts. Always finished by 3am and never started before 11am so didn't have to really rain in the night beforehand. Always busy - those long 8hours on a random road crossing with Oxfam compared to ours shifts which flew by. Better fun - we were on Stonebridge which was a massive party - crew bar dancing along with the punters, etc and Fat Boy Slim and Roger Sanchez playing in your tent - what could be better than being in the middle of a party! Disadvantages vrs Oxfam? Struggling really. You can drive onto site with Oxfam rather than have to catch the bus. This way you can take more stuff and leave when you want I suppose. Aside from that ....we'll be back with Shelter next year!
  3. Going to see Keane in a forest tonight. I know, I know but it'll be drinking cider in a field, listening to a band so an important step in the transition from normal life to Somerset
  4. ohmygod

    Volunteering 2022

    mental note - add gaffa tape to packing list.....
  5. ohmygod

    Volunteering 2022

    Who knows - this is my first time with Shelter. Wouldn't think you'd need a trolley though at the other end as the bus drops virtually outside the campsite.
  6. ohmygod

    Volunteering 2022

    We got told on our training session when we queried this that its 2 pieces of luggage and your tent. I'm therefore taking a backpack onto the coach with me, and throwing a rucksack and tent into the coaches hold. Stuffing my wellies into the tent bag.
  7. ohmygod

    Best Bars

    For the bars run by Avalon closing time is 3am except for Stonebridge with is 5am
  8. 20 seconds...perhaps put the sleeping bag in a bigger bag?
  9. They used to (£5 per pillow) but it seems that Glastonbury is ramping back on camping supplies sold at the festival this year. Presumably on the basis that if you didn't haul it in yourself, your unlikely to be able to take it away and will therefore leave stuff there with them.
  10. I cant copy the link for some reason - look for Spacesaver vacuum storage bags on Amazon - you'll need to 10 pack to get a range of sizes. Here's the effect that they have....
  11. you get a little hand pump thingy which you can use as an alternative to a hoover
  12. Agree on the pillow. Get those vacuum storage bags which are cheap, shrink the pillow to 20% of its original size which you can then put inside your rucksack and it keeps it dry in case of rain (not that there will be any rain of course ). Ive also used it for a single duvet - both in the ruck sack with minimum volume
  13. ohmygod

    Volunteering 2022

    Text sent to Shelter volunteers so everybody but I think places are limited. Have to be there by 10pm or the gates close! Bit game of thrones isn't it...
  14. ohmygod

    Volunteering 2022

    Avalon sent out texts today now offering car parking from Monday rather than mandating bus travel into site on the Tuesday. Their and a Glastonbury's response to the threatened train strike.
  15. ohmygod


    Hare Krishna back to it's old position out of Silver Hayes?
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