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  1. ohmygod


    Evening all...does anybody know if the webcam footage is recorded at all?
  2. Not wishing to be a negative Nancy and always willing to help but this questionnaire relates to volunteering a sports events not Festivals!!
  3. I can't see that anyone who got places initially today didn't then get a rejection email. Was there any positive results?
  4. I'll give it a go but paranoid of jamming the numbers for 10 minutes. Do you know this to be the case or are you just sumising?
  5. I'm a UK resident visiting Sydney for a couple of weeks and just seen the Glastonbury website note that "International buyers must use a credit card with a non-uk billing address" Therefore its seemingly impossible for me to buy tickets .... Any thoughts or experience from people in similar situations out there??
  6. I was working in the Villagers gate next to Worthy view and there was no need to have given anyones name months in advance. AS long as they had a separate pass and had names written on there along with the original ticket and ID, they got in no bother. It was only the original recipient that had a wristband.
  7. Hi - looking for advise from those that have done this before. Apparently there is a camping area for day ticket holders that can't easily get home at night. We're coming on the Saturday and wondered how quickly this fills up as it states its on a first come, first serve basis?
  8. ohmygod


    Is that tent behind the Leftfield tent the Hare Krishna tent back in its old position after last time tour across to Silver Hayes?
  9. ohmygod

    2019 Crew Map

    High definition A3 2019 map as follows https://cdn.fbsbx.com/v/t59.2708-21/61285518_337279853556442_1479462576722018304_n.pdf/A3map-Glasto19.pdf?_nc_cat=104&_nc_ht=cdn.fbsbx.com&oh=fe2ad4b1198fc01f624957b80c6f7a89&oe=5D0A64F8&dl=1
  10. The Common have tweeted details of the replacement to The Cave.....
  11. We were at the Pilton Party last year and watching Liam Gallagher. I was taking some random photos of the stage and you can see a bald fella to the left hand side with his collar up (1st photo). Crowd shuffled about and the same fella is now in front of us but we didn't think anything off it (2nd photo) And then, knock me down, after 5 minutes we realised in was the man himself. I managed to get a picture with him (3rd photo) and he didn't mind at all - he was happy to pose for pictures with anyone if it seemingly made them happy (and happy it did indeed make all of us!)
  12. Ha - exactly the same tent as I have and I was feeling slightly guilty about taking it for 1 person. However it's surely a more sustainable option to re-use an existing tent than to buy a new smaller one that may only be used once or twice.......that's how I'm justifying it to myself anyway......
  13. We've always left Sunday night after the headliners and its fine - maybe 30mins tops of delays to get out of the car parks
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