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  1. Do we know how many tickets you can apply on the booking page? 4 or 6?
  2. you could try tweeting Le Rac Shack - - they have replied to a tweet I sent them a week ago asking for work and wanted to know if i was enquiring abour Glastonbury. Im all sorted now so go for it @LeRacShack
  3. ha ha - would be a great job that one. No they walk in front of vehcles moving pedestrians out of the way - up and down the railway line I assume
  4. Yep 6 nights x 12hrs - obvously more for the peole that just want to go to earn money rather than also attend the festival!
  5. There were lots of different jobs / times / shift options @CatMitt They told me to look on their website and let them know by email which shifts I preferred. I did but still got allocated to 'campervan east nights' despite saying I wanted days or at least a mix of days and night shifts. Rang them and asked if their were any day shifts going and got allocated to a crossing gang - werewolf - which was amazing. However was then told the next day that they had made an error and that that position was now gone and only nights remained. Weirdly I think someone on this forum got the crossing position in the end instead of me! Couldn't have lost to a better person Was gutted as I had to deal with the low of not getting a ticket along with everybody else on here, then the high of getting accepted by DC Services, then the low of getting only a night shift, then the high of the change to days and then the low of telling me of their error and that I was back on nights !!! Emotional rollercoaster! Was going to sack it all in at this point and rang them one last time yesterday afternoon to go through the process of getting my deposit back but asked on the off chance if anything had changed only to be told that they now had a chaperone day shift opportunity - back in the game!! just goes to show people that blind perseverance and bloody mindedness does pay off sometimes so keep up the good fight all those that still haven't got tickets
  6. Me to!!! I finally today got my DC shifts changed from nights in the camper van fields to the chaperoning team as well. I'm in team Fairy - bit weird. May be seeing you there. Like @MJ88 says hope those that need to still manage to find a route in. 5 weeks on here finally got me in thanks to the posting of the DC tweet - can't thank everybody on here enough - your all amazing
  7. 5 daytime 12 hr shifts - may nor be much of the set list available at the end of the shift if it ends at 7pm or 8pm! I did speak to them on the phone but they told me to email in with my preferences - went for Chaperone Team and Crossing Teams as these are only 6/8hr shifts
  8. very suspicious of you @BigChief Actually I havent decided yet. Theoretically if if I did it would be after putting in 3 of the 5 shifts and DC Site Services would get the benefit of not having to pay my wages for those 3 shifts - a pain for them but not an unexpected one and they will be quids in....
  9. Also registered and been accepted thansk to @dougal1 - star ! Have you been allocated a job yet? I just got the acceptance with nothing particular mentioned and have now emailed them back with the jobs I'd like. Torn between the 5 day 12 hr 'Clicker Team' shifts leavng you free at nights or shorter shifts in the 'Chaperoning Team' & 'Crossing Teams' - only 6hrs - but alternating between nights and days meaning I'll see Radiohead but not the Foos' The other option - as theyre not a charity - is to turn up, do Wed to Friday shifts and then melt away come Friday ...........
  10. Done it - now waiting to hear what positions they have available !!!!
  11. many thaks for the shout
  12. Any advise on getting jobs? I'm working through every food caterer's twitter account asking for jobs but no luck as yet
  13. Great thoughts - searching already - will let you know weer your inspiration comes to fruition.
  14. Do you know what sites they were - I'd love to volunteer to work - much appreciated
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