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  1. Now he has...a uni mate he had forgotten about ??‍♀️
  2. Still haven’t heard if he’s had a confirmation email...
  3. Thank you! He’s just a knobhead who didn’t realise you need to actually remember who you’ve given your details to, and stay in constant contact with them. I’m sure he’ll help in April...or else ?
  4. When I told him he already had a ticket he said “Everyone I've asked has checked back in and said it wasn't them. Just lots of people calling me a c*nt...”
  5. What’s worse is this is the second time he’s done it...never again
  6. Hello everyone, I may as well introduce myself now after I lurked here all summer desperate for a way in. I had been four years in a row from 2014...it’s been far too long already what with the fallow year too! This year I bought a special ethernet attachment for my Macbook and everything. I got two booking screens at once, put all the details in, then the card details, click proceed and....it freezes and times out...so I press back and find a red note under one of the registration numbers saying a ticket had already been bought for them...delete his details and press proceed and...sold out ? Turns out one of my mates is a bastard who had ‘cast his net pretty wide’ and given loads of people his reg number, so that may be why my booking wouldn’t go through ??? So April it is...and also try to get my band a gig on literally any stage at any time.
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