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  1. 4519dennis

    Volunteering 2020

    Oxfam say applications open at 1.30 pm
  2. Hi vintagelaureate Have emailed you my details. Very happy to try for others either way.
  3. 4519dennis


    Permission was sought for the crane base structure at 20.4 metres in height so not just the below ground foundations. However, reading the officer's report it looks like the case presented for retaining the structure wasn't particularly compelling i.e. 1. Why does the structure need to stay i.e. why can it not be removed each year - does all 20.4 metres need to stay?; 2. Why does it need to be in this specific location? and 3. What benefit does in effect Pangea bring to the festival. Quote from report - "Whilst the crane base is proposed for use as part of the well-established Glastonbury Festival, which the Council accepts provides benefit to the local economy. The specific need for the proposed crane base has not been justified; nor has it been justified why it needs to be provided in this manner and in this sensitive location; nor how the negative impact of this development has been minimised. The crane base would serve no purpose throughout the year other than the operational period of Glastonbury Festival thus questioning its need to be fixed in the landscape as opposed to a mobile structure or one that can be dismantled and removed." I would have thought that if the above had been fully explained that there might have been a chance of getting permission rather than appealing.
  4. Thanks Terw - my only involvement with Wateraid is a direct debit to the charity which has been going sometime. Hoping that might count for something.
  5. I was thinking of volunteering this year and had registered for both Wateraid and Oxfam. I wondered whether anyone had done both and had strong views as to what the pros and cons were?
  6. I wondered where those roses came from the crowd immediately in front of the stage - it was a surprise appearance for Nick but.....
  7. Interested in answers to this as I have got tickets for last 8 times running (sometimes in resale) but moved to Virgin in July this year onto 350 mb download and didn't get a sniff despite huge improvement in broadband speed from Sky at around 25 Mb
  8. One of my favourite areas and there is always enough for me to venture up. My main gripe is noise leakage from Pyramid. It was embarrassing for Rickie Lee Jones and she commented a number of times about having to compete with the noise (Cure). It really is intrusive.
  9. Only thing I noticed was two shifty lads on Thursday morning scouting around Darble area as people put their tents up. They did a circular route and then headed off - so not heading to their tent but looked like a recce. Didn't hear of anything going missing and I used the Property Lock Ups as usual.
  10. 4519dennis

    Celeb spotting

    EE VIP area is south of main house on Park Farm enclosed by hedges - assume it is the garden to the house. Jorja Smith performed. Will Poulter, David Beckham, Tilda Swinton, Prof Green all spotted.
  11. 4519dennis

    Lessons learned

    Positive things: had a shower for first time at the place at the bottom of Kidsfield. Had just reopened on the Sunday after water rationing so walked straight in. Felt great after the heat - would do again; Walked straight through Gate A at 7 am on Thursday morning. Still great time to go for me; Didn't try to rush around stages as usual - you can't see it all in fact only a small fraction - rely upon BBC iPlayer and lie to friends if need be about you have seen; and roast lamb lunch on Sunday at 1 pm with chilled rose at Deluxe Diner - assume this it what glampers have - can see this becoming a future fixture. Not such good things: don't need to take 5 big power changers 2 will be fine ; and don't drink so much on Thursday i.e. from 9 am through to midnight that Friday makes you question why you are at Glastonbury and wanting a dark cool place to recover.
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