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  1. The Killers The Cure Christine and the Queens George Ezra Lauryn Hill Snow Patrol Two Door Cinema Club Vampire Weekend Sheryl Crow Michael Kiwanuka
  2. 2020 being 50th anniversary may generate more demand of course. Interesting that reason given for greater capacity was need to keep ticket price down - obviously sensitive to criticism from some quarters regarding ticket price going up every year. Suppose you won't notice another 7,000 watching a headliner on Pyramid or will it make a bad situation worse?
  3. 7,000 tickets can be sold but not in 2019? https://www.somersetlive.co.uk/whats-on/music-nightlife/glastonbury-festival-tickets-capacity-number-2572276
  4. At WOMAD the place is cleaner/tidier after the festival than before but obviously it's a much smaller event.
  5. Agree we always camp in Pylon for that reason and rarely have a problem with noise
  6. I was thinking of the pod but it looks tiny. Rabbit hutch springs to mind.
  7. Used these for last few years and very reliable. Very sturdy and fold up nicely. You can use year after year. They are heavy but suppose they need to be. It's still not easy to pull over rough terrain and it might be that the 4 wheeler does a better job but of course you need the space to bring in the first place.
  8. 2010 was my first. Work colleague had teased me about going to WOMAD the previous year suggesting I needed to 'man-up' and go to a proper festival like Glastonbury. As many others have expressed with their first experience the 'scales fell from my eyes' and I vowed that I would have to go to every subsequent Glastonbury if fit and able - being 48 years young in 2010. Thankfully managed to keep to my vow thanks to the tickets gods but more lately relying upon resales. Each one has been brilliant and still fills me with awe particularly when looking across from top of Park.
  9. We had iPads, laptops and 4G phones (Vodaphone and EE) all on the go with 6 people trying using Safari, Firefox and Chrome browsers. Only iPad using Firefox got through to enable 6 tickets to be purchased and that was after 25 minutes - thought we were going to be unlucky as we failed in main sale for last 2 years. However, resale has worked last two years so cross fingers for others.
  10. 4519dennis

    Flaming lips

    Arrived back at work and asked what was my Glasto highlight to which I replied FL - hadn't heard of them before but what a show...
  11. I remember someone at See Tickets saying last year that there would no resale. I think officially they do not want to generate a lot of interest but as and when they become available they are quietly made available....
  12. It was. I only wanted one ticket and had been monitoring for weeks. On the day I got through to the booking page and had inputted the registration number and then stalled on whether to add car park ticket. That delay meant I missed out....
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