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  1. Different style
  2. One of my favourite areas and there is always enough for me to venture up. My main gripe is noise leakage from Pyramid. It was embarrassing for Rickie Lee Jones and she commented a number of times about having to compete with the noise (Cure). It really is intrusive.
  3. Only thing I noticed was two shifty lads on Thursday morning scouting around Darble area as people put their tents up. They did a circular route and then headed off - so not heading to their tent but looked like a recce. Didn't hear of anything going missing and I used the Property Lock Ups as usual.
  4. 4519dennis

    Celeb spotting

    EE VIP area is south of main house on Park Farm enclosed by hedges - assume it is the garden to the house. Jorja Smith performed. Will Poulter, David Beckham, Tilda Swinton, Prof Green all spotted.
  5. 4519dennis

    Lessons learned

    Positive things: had a shower for first time at the place at the bottom of Kidsfield. Had just reopened on the Sunday after water rationing so walked straight in. Felt great after the heat - would do again; Walked straight through Gate A at 7 am on Thursday morning. Still great time to go for me; Didn't try to rush around stages as usual - you can't see it all in fact only a small fraction - rely upon BBC iPlayer and lie to friends if need be about you have seen; and roast lamb lunch on Sunday at 1 pm with chilled rose at Deluxe Diner - assume this it what glampers have - can see this becoming a future fixture. Not such good things: don't need to take 5 big power changers 2 will be fine ; and don't drink so much on Thursday i.e. from 9 am through to midnight that Friday makes you question why you are at Glastonbury and wanting a dark cool place to recover.
  6. You may get some advice that you regard as possibly being unfriendly
  7. In case anyone else was interested I emailed Deluxe Diner and they advised that they will be emailing a few more details soon but it is a good idea to bring a copy of the original email to speed things up, although they have all our details so its not essential.
  8. Has anyone had or heard anything from Deluxe Diner regarding lunch bookings? We have the original email when we booked but haven't heard since? Do we just a print of the original email along with us?
  9. Got mine. Think it might be the earliest ever for me. Now I need to find a very safe place to put them.
  10. I have the same problem every year I feel the need to get new tents and new shiny equipment even though I always take back everything from the Farm. It has become part of the tradition of preparing for Glastonbury.
  11. I would go for a bit more power to make sure its lasts. I have one of these which I am happy with https://www.amazon.co.uk/EC-Technology-Powerbank-20000mAh-External-Black/dp/B07CZFX8RY/ref=sr_1_52?keywords=power+chargers&qid=1558105072&s=gateway&sr=8-52
  12. 4519dennis

    What's your run in?

    1st June to 6th - few days in Split, Croatia 9th June - 57th birthday 12th June - Alela Diane at King's Place 26th - travel down to Glastonbury
  13. Thanks I think that is the answer. Different reference number. My See Tickets account just has my deposit reference number and not the reference number for paying off the rest owed. Two different reference numbers.....
  14. Thought I look at See Tickets to check on progress on delivery of tickets and there is only reference to deposits being made for the order. We paid in full in April so assume this is ok as there is reference further down to "We are awaiting delivery of tickets for this event. As soon as they are in stock we will send them to you."
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