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  1. 4x paid up. Couple of first timers so absolutely buzzing to experience the greatest place on earth with them!
  2. RatingsAndMoney

    2024 Headliners

    I suppose I can’t be too annoyed about waiting a little longer for the line up to drop. A little inpatient seeing all these other festival line ups being announced. I’m sure Glastonbury will knock it out the park with the line up!
  3. RatingsAndMoney

    2024 Headliners

    1st headliner announced next week after the pre erected camping/camper van sale? Surely they don’t leave us waiting until the new year!
  4. 4/4 for us. Again, like many on here did not get anywhere near but my mate had the magic touch. 3rd year in a row for me and 2 newbies for 2024. Cannot wait to experience it with them. See you all on the farm.
  5. RatingsAndMoney

    2024 Headliners

    Just had a quick look of Pinks recent setlists - hits aplenty. Would happily enjoy that headline set on Pyramid.
  6. Morning folks We have 2 newbies trying for tickets with us this year. Sorry if answered elsewhere but I'm looking to clarify that it is also 6 tickets max per transaction for the bus package too? Or is that just general sale and bus tickets are less than 6? Thanks in advance.
  7. Can’t see the rush for tickets being any easier this year. Why would it? Coverage of a packed field watching Elton put in an all-timer this year. Can definitely see the casual gig goer saying “I fancy that” next year. Having said that, I hope I’m wrong and tickets are secured without a hitch.
  8. RatingsAndMoney

    2024 Headliners

    Although I realise the choice on offer elsewhere, Rihanna headlining the pyramid in 2024 just feels a waste.
  9. RatingsAndMoney

    2024 Headliners

    Glastonbury 2023 cleanse complete! After some slight reading last night I’m raring, although slightly nervous for ticket day. Re headliners - I like the look of Dua/Coldplay/Madonna as it’s an instant sellout imo. The only risk I could see them taking is Olivia Rodrigo instead of Dua and if it’s not Coldplay again, possibly 1975 before they take a break. Personally though, if the Eavis family have some spare cash, chuck it all at ACDC. Angus duck walking all over the pyramid would be worth the ticket price alone.
  10. Weather was tremendous. Found myself saying “it’s a bit hot” before telling myself to pipe down, drink my cider and bask in all the festivals glory.
  11. Very exciting reading this threat. Final touches packing for me today. Haircut booked Tuesday morning before we set off from Scotland Tuesday night. Buzzing to see everyone on the farm!
  12. I did think to myself I’d be happy to watch Ben Howard’s set from afar knowing a couple of his tunes. Looked at setlists to see he plays none of said tunes... A lot of disappointed casual attendees I would think.
  13. Enjoying Wunderhorse and think we will be opting for them to kick off Saturday. Also really enjoying Skindred after I seen a few on here excited about the booking. Watched a live set and looks lots of fun. How early do you reckon you will need to get to Truth Stage Thursday to see them?
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