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  1. rexclark

    The express your feelings by GIF thread.

    Saturday 1am Saturday 3am Saturday 5am
  2. rexclark

    Glastonbury food with pictures

    Jeeso, four ways now. Gonna need bigger portions.
  3. rexclark

    Glastonbury food with pictures

    Don't know if it'll be the same splitting a meal three ways tbh.
  4. rexclark

    Hidden Glastonbury

    Think we've found all the main ones. The Underground Piano bar was closed last year when we spotted it on Sunday and I've never been in the "secret" part of The Rabbit Hole but tbh it doesn't really interest me that much as it's hardly a secret anymore.
  5. rexclark

    Arcade Fire

    Arcade Fire aren't big enough to headline Glastonbury.
  6. rexclark

    Arcade Fire

    Cannot wait!
  7. rexclark

    Arcade Fire

    IMO they're the best live act around and the new material is outstanding. They may not get the biggest crowd ever but the people who are there will have one of the best live experiences of their lives. Make it happen.