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  1. WallaceHigh

    Question about ticket delivery address

    OK to be clear, here is what I see when I log in to SeeTickets with the reference number and last 4 digits of payment card: What I'm trying to say is that it lists all of the glasto registrations under the one account and has the lead bookers address as the delivery address. Everything on the SeeTickets / Glastonbury sites read as though the tickets get delivered to the lead booker this year. I know this hasn't been the case in the past but might have changed.
  2. WallaceHigh

    Question about ticket delivery address

    Yeh I know, I have both my SeeTickets reference number and my Glastonbury registration number. The SeeTickets customer services site uses their own registration number to log in and when you do, you only get the lead bookers address to update, not the individual addresses linked to the glastonbury registration if you see what I mean. The glastonbury site however says that tickets are delivered to the address at the SeeTickets account.
  3. WallaceHigh

    Question about ticket delivery address

    Yeh I seen that and I've gone to SeeTickets. They ask for the SeeTickets reference number and my postcode / 4 digits of payment card / phone number. See below... Since I was not the lead booker, I only have the reference number, and that leads me to believe the tickets will be dispatched to the lead booker, and not sent out individually.
  4. WallaceHigh

    Question about ticket delivery address

    Following on from this, I've now updated my registration address, however according the last paragraph in the confirmation email (screenshot) it says I need to change the delivery address at see tickets (which I don't have access to as I'm not the lead booker). I'm pretty sure this wasn't the case before, have things changed?
  5. WallaceHigh

    Fleetwood Mac

    So by that regard, you're saying you'd prefer to open a normal (taxable) savings account rather than putting money in an ISA, seeing as that is effectively tax avoidance. What about pensions and other schemes that are set up in certain ways to enable people to avoid certain taxes? You talk very specifically about PAYE income tax, however not everyone has to go down that route as you well know. I agree people take it to extremes and the line can get blurred at times, especially when it comes to ethics, but not everyone who decides not to pay full income tax can be described as a 'self serving c**t'.
  6. WallaceHigh

    Fleetwood Mac

    I don't know why this sort of thing gets so much flack. Can you honestly say if you were making that much money (for all we know you could be on the big bucks running this site) that you wouldn't hire a tax advisor to help you reduce unnecessary tax bills?
  7. WallaceHigh

    Question about ticket delivery address

    Haha sorry for jumping the gun! Thanks for the info, I’ll set a reminder to check again after that date
  8. WallaceHigh

    Question about ticket delivery address

    Got them in the main sale, I'm guessing you're hinting that I might have given myself a local address and then planning to change it?
  9. WallaceHigh

    Question about ticket delivery address

    I was wondering if anyone knows if tickets are getting delivered individually this year or do they all get sent to the lead booker? I'm asking as my address has now changed from my registration details and I can't find anywhere to update it. I've entered the order reference number (and last 4 digits of card number) into SeeTickets and it only gives me the option of updating the lead bookers address. I couldn't attend in 2017, and the last time I attended (in 2016) they all went out individually, and (from memory, could be wrong) everyone on the booking could individually get on to the SeeTickets site to manage their address. Also, the registration area on the Glasto site is closed and therefore there's nowhere to update my address
  10. WallaceHigh

    What is the process with Campervans?

    You drive into a special campervan field and show your campervan ticket, and in return you get a badge for your window and a special campervan field pass. This is outside the main festival fence so you need to produce your ticket and campervan pass each time you walk in and out of the main festival area.
  11. WallaceHigh


    Heard they might be headlining all three nights
  12. WallaceHigh

    Secret resales 2015

    Always sanitise your inputs!
  13. Yeh fair enough, agree with your points, as I said it was only a thought, no need to get so aggressive about it!
  14. Bit harsh, thought I'd get grief for posting this, but it's only a thought. I'd essentially buy the smallest tent I could find, so it's not like I'm putting up a gazebo thing like a lot of people seem to do.
  15. I'm considering getting a small and cheap pop-up tent to put up as close as I can to the middle of the festival. This will be mainly for storing booze and chairs and various other small essentials so that I don't have to carry them around everywhere all day. I know that people will say to just use the lock ups, however another benefit of this is that I can get a bog in a bag (http://www.geartogo.co.uk/) to avoid toilet queues if they happen to be extra long. Do people normally do this / what are general thoughts on doing this? I'm staying in campervan west this year so want to limit the amount of trips back and forth to the camper throughout the days. I also plan to use the tent as a meet up spot for friends so its not necessarily taking up unnecessary space.