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  1. Wallace

    Footwear on site

    What size are you? I’m heading down from Manchester in an hour or so and would be happy to donate an old pair of adidas trainers (size 11)
  2. I'm sitting in work eating a sandwich, hopefully there's zero queues when I arrive tomorrow
  3. Wallace

    Happy Glastonbury Eve!

    I have to wait until Thursday to go as the in-laws don’t get here until tomorrow to babysit so this is eve eve for me 😓
  4. Is she staying at Worthy View? If so, they have people at the gates with wheelbarrows that offer to lug your stuff to your tent for free. I'm not sure about the main campsite as I've always just carried my own, however there are a lot of helpers around and if she asks for a hand at the gate, I'm sure there'll be someone available to offer the same as above. There's plenty of friendly people about happy to offer a hand!
  5. This is what the Mirror are still running. What sort of journalistic integrity do they have to even run this story?
  6. Incredible stuff from EC !! And even better the Azores high has taken his weetabix this morning bye bye Atlantic .. Would love to be fingered
  7. I’ll be honest guys, I’m shitting myself. I should probably go to the loo.
  8. The beeb gets it, why would they lie? I just want it to be dry putting my tent up, that’s really all I care about
  9. Do we genuinely have the possibility of a dry hot festival at this stage? I've been in 2011, 2014, 2015 and 2016 (missed out on the two years that everyone seems to bang on about being the best weather-wise, 2013, 2017).
  10. All I want is for it to be dry when I'm putting my tent up, after that I can find shelter and drink my carry out and then I'll not care about the rain.
  11. Chemical Brothers - 50  Hot Chip - 3 (-20)
  12. I just received these today and couldn’t be happier with them. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/New-Brasher-Men-s-Country-Trekker-Walking-Boots/132816520230 Brasher is a great quality boot (they’ve been acquired by berghaus). From looking around you’ll not get a better quality boot at that price (£120 down to £72)
  13. On 5 Live this morning, they were saying to basically forget about any chances of prolonged good weather for next few weeks. Had a big feature on it too with a guy on sounding like he knows things about the weather, all sounded a bit miserable. I felt like texting in and telling them to read about the optimism on this thread
  14. Chemical Brothers - 140 Hot Chip - 63  Kate Tempest - 80  The Cure - 25 (-20) Christine & The Queens - 92  Janelle Monae - 155 
  15. Ah right, I'm currently in the south of Spain
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