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  1. Ermerging from lurker mode to HIGHLY recommend this - went along yesterday and it s superb. Even got a little dance in. Ironically, the current social distancing restrictions probably makes this a far more pleasant experience than it would have been during normal times as the numbers are so strictly controlled. Loads of space, everyone in masks, never felt rushed at any of the exhibits. Loads of fun!
  2. Yep, that's the impression I got when I saw the confirmation of the two registration numbers I entered.
  3. One group out of three = 6/14 tickets. Sadly not my group.
  4. Yeah I think so. Plus it can be difficult to stop a ballot system being gamed by people entering multiple times - though perhaps you could get around that by having people pay a refundable deposit at the time of entry. I think the current system is probably the 'fairest' - as crap as it feels at the moment having been unlucky for the second year running. Will be interesting to see how the ballot works though, and it is another chance!
  5. I don't think we know the process yet, but I'd be really surprised if it was auction style. I imagine that those interested in entering the ballot will submit their registration numbers (and possibly payment information) and there will be a random draw.
  6. I was wondering this too. I'm not sure a ballot would be any more popular - years of not getting a London Marathon ballot place and seeing the moaning about that tells me that it wouldn't be. But it might be a way to take the stress out of it all.
  7. SophieBee

    Sold out

    Ah well, not to be again. One of our groups got through, so 6/14 tickets secured. Really pleased for them, gutted for the rest of us, but I think I'm OUT for 2020. Going to look at Primavera instead maybe. Well done to all who managed to get through. I never even saw the holding page...
  8. SophieBee

    Good Luck ALL !

    Good luck everyone! Can't decide how I'm feeling (other than bag of nerves), but I hope that there are loads of efests success stories later. Mine included, this time!
  9. This is the slim thread of hope that I am hanging on to!
  10. So frustrating. I got in at 18:13 so was on the booking page for over 10 minutes without getting past the coach selection because of this. Oh well, at least it's just registration numbers and payment on Sunday. Piece of cake, right... Ugh.
  11. Yep, same happened to me and the other in our group - no luck for us tonight, but back again on Sunday morning!
  12. Looks like I'm back on Sunday for all 14 - two of us got to the booking page, but it was right by the end of the sale and it wouldn't let either of us past the coach selection point. So frustrating.
  13. Right, I'm going to step away from efests until it's all over. Good luck everyone! See you on the other side...
  14. London. And Truro for one person.
  15. I'm really struggling to corral my people. I think we should have one group of six and one group of five trying for London coach tomorrow (plus one rogue Truro person), but three STILL haven't provided their details on the spreadsheet. I'm starting to annoy myself with all my messages. They've probably muted me. No skin off my nose if they miss out, but it's a pain not to have it sorted. On the assumption we'll fail on the coach tickets tomorrow, we'll be trying for 14 tickets on Sunday, which is a really annoying number, so I hope at least one group is successful in the coach sale (
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