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  1. SophieBee

    Resale Club 2019

    Having been adamant that we weren't going to attempt the resale, we've decided to give it a shot after all. Forgive the lateness to the resale club party - turns out we can't quite give up on the dream just yet!
  2. That's exactly what happened to us - makes it a bit more frustrating than just spending 30 minutes looking at the same holding page (which was what I got). Ah well, we're bowing out now. No resale for us - we had a good run and this is the first time since the 2013 fest that we've tried and failed, so it had to happen one day. Exploring Euro options as we speak...
  3. Nothing for us sadly. A few of the group got through to the payment page, but were frozen then booted off with nothing taken. Very frustrating, but not much we can do about it. Ah well, we had a decent run and we'll try again for 2020. Think we're going to look into a Euro fest instead. Well done all of you who were successful!
  4. Morning! Another broken night sleep here - kept waking in a panic every hour after about 2am. Jeeeeeeez.... One more coffee then I'm off to my office to get set up for the showdown. Good luck all!
  5. Haha! No, you're right that was me who recognised your outfit but didn't say hello until I was safely back behind my laptop. It's a deal - if we make it, we'll have a drink at the Glade
  6. Ugh, feeling very stressed about it all today! Went for a run in the rain to blow away the cobwebs, but it hasn't done much for the stress! Still, I'm going to spend the rest of the day chilling and will aim for a reasonably early night. I'll be heading into the office bright and early tomorrow morning - the only time I have ever been successful at getting past the holding page was buying 2017 tickets from work, so that's my talisman. The fact that I've changed jobs since shouldn't matter, right? Right? We're also pretty much on the tomorrow or bust track. If it doesn't happen then I'm not getting involved in the resale, we'll just do something else (and maybe book a nice far away trip for sometime around the last weekend of June...) Good luck all! Hope to see lots of good news stories here tomorrow!
  7. Tangerine fields is off site as well - and I think similar in cost to WV (if not slightly more expensive). It's outside pedestrian gate B and you need to do the pass out thing, unlike WV where you get the easy pass out wristband thingy. Not so much of a hill though, just the trek up Muddy Lane and then along the road a little bit once through the gate. FWIW, tangerine fields has the same issue regarding shower queues, but the showers are individual cubicles. I only bothered once, the one year we stayed there. We're normally CV-ers, but for various reasons can't do that in 2019. Ticket gods willing, we'll probably give WV a go next year.
  8. SophieBee

    The Cure

    It would depend on clashes, but would be very likely to be there. Went to Hyde Park this year and I absolutely loved it. I'm a lightweight fan - just know the singles (and not even all of them) and I was honestly blown away by how great they were. Would love to see them again, but if there was an act on that I'd never seen and unlikely to see again then that might swing it.
  9. This was in the email that they sent last week: We will not allow large bags into All Points East but you will be permitted to take small bags and handbags in with you. We class small bags as no larger than 35cm x 40cm x 19cm or standard handbags
  10. Yes, we are! Feels like they are cutting it fine, but I suppose as they are e-tickets it's slightly less of a problem. The confirmation email says we'll have them at least 3 days before, so still plenty of time...
  11. Jeez... I was considering De La Soul, but at nearly £50 they can forget it. As an aside, I saw Warpaint there at last year's Summer Series and I found Somerset House oddly lacking in atmosphere. It may have been more down to the crowd of course, but it wouldn't be my first choice of venue after that and definitely not one I'd pay £50 for. Especially if I had a repeat muted experience.
  12. Good news! Looking forward to seeing the line up and deciding whether I can afford to throw yet more dosh at a London festival this year...
  13. I'm going to LCD and Nick Cave APE events, but I was very interested to see what Field Day has on offer - I'm not doing any other festivals this year, so the strong London showing has worked out well for me and I've been able to consider more than I usually would in a Glastonbury year. The prospect of it being in Gunnersbury is more off-putting than anything else tbh - which sounds ridiculous I know, but having schlepped from SE London to Kew and Richmond on various occasions, it's not something I'd fancy doing at the end of a long, booze-filled day. If it does go west, then it's going to have to be a very strong bill to tempt me now.
  14. SophieBee

    Nick Cave

    Got my Nick Cave tickets today. Really excited about that line up - APE is shaping up to be a full on assault on my bank balance though... I can only hope that Field Day don't have anything equally stellar to come.
  15. Yeah, I agree. And my sympathies tend to wane when they don't provide any workable solutions, other than say these events shouldn't happen at all in public parks, which tends to be the general position.
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