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  1. On the basis that Rose City Band have just announced a UK tour with dates starting on Sept 2nd, I would hope that the tour might actually be starting on Sept 1st at Larmer Tree Gardens. Difficult to think of a better addition that they could make. But just in case, to avoid disappointment, I've got my ticket for the Moth Club date.
  2. I've seen PC a few times and they seem to be alternately good and not so good. However the last time I saw them was at EOTR headlining the Garden Stage and they were just stunning. A absolute must-see for me, so already worried about who they might clash with.
  3. I think we can pencil in Les Filles De Illighadad given this date
  4. So we can expect Black Midi back then (and hopefully they clash with someone I want to see).
  5. Personally I'd like a double S, so let's be having you, Sturgill Simpson
  6. I've heard it said that for those of us who go to both EOTR and GM that your preference will be for whichever of the 2 you first went to (and thus fell in love with first). I went to EOTR first. I'm with all the points above. I also like the way pretty much all the food outlets are in one place at EOTR with the tables in the middle, meaning I can quickly check queue lengths for my possible options and then sitting down I enjoy the random conversations with people I join at a table or that join me; this seems to happen far more for me at EOTR. That EOTR is significantly smaller helps too. I'm sure I could easily argue the case the other way, particularly having done GM Settlers for the first time this year, but first love wins.
  7. The return of The Murder Capital has to happen, and I'm staggered that you forgot to mention Vlure.
  8. Headline slots on Woods and Garden Stage have always clashed, so its a bit more than speculation.
  9. https://www.facebook.com/groups/125270931623/announcements End of the Road - Happy Campers is a solo campers group, this page tells you where you could find everyone, and you would be very welcome to join. The FB group is also used by a ton of other folk as an alternative / supplement to this forum.
  10. Yes, but I'd make sure you have it downloaded as there's no guarantees on getting a signal anywhere on site. Ditto the Covid vax or LFT proof.
  11. Sunday is currently the clash nightmare for me, so hopefully some timings are out : WH Lung / Fenne Lily / Black Country New Road / Crack Cloud Arab Strap / Yard Act / Dry Cleaning / Big Joanie
  12. Not sure if they've already been mentioned, and trying to avoid those who have been : CMAT, PVA, Yard Act. And I'm expecting big things of TBC! 😁
  13. Utterly brilliant set. Joyous and life-affirming fun - so just what we all need right now.
  14. There's a small festival in Spain near the border with Portugal that takes place on an island in the Vigo estuary, and I believe you go out by boat to the island each day not knowing who is going to be playing. Its called Festival Sinsal.
  15. Others on here can correct me if I'm wrong, and this assumes no change in layout from before: Orange Car Park and coach drop-off use different entrances to the festival and, although the distance between them isn't far, you would need to get your wrist-band and enter the festival site to go out the other side into the Orange Car Park. There isn't a sensible way of going from the coach drop-off to Orange Car Park without going through the wristband exchange.
  16. Another word beginning with C also comes to mind.....
  17. The last 2 weekends I've been to Latitude and Farmfest. OK so you had to show a vaccination certificate or negative LFT to enter, but after that the only very noticeable difference to normal was some limit on people entering tents with enclosed sides, so they weren't rammed. Yes, some acts had to cancel and were replaced, and a number of folk who would like to have been attending decided not to or couldn't following a ping or positive test. But after the last 18 months or so, it pretty much seemed like a return to normality. I had wondered how people would behave, and personally wasn't going anywhere near a Chemical Brothers sized mosh-pit of people either side of their 20th birthday (i.e. most likely statistically to be carrying Covid), but I saw almost no one wearing masks, and crowds not significantly more distanced than at a pre-pandemic fest. I was maybe a little surprised, but happy to go with the flow. So maybe we don't get exactly the EOTR we know and love, but hopefully Simon and the team deliver some pretty close to it.
  18. I'm not sure Green Man is going to want Liam Gallagher though!
  19. You shouldn't have any problem. Gates don't open to non-Settlers until 10am, and Settlers have a designated area so don't occupy what is general camping.
  20. Really looking forward to this. Having bought a ticket a while back on the strength of about 7 or 8 bands that I knew and liked, listening to the playlists has added enough more to make it a good couple of days, just please not too many clashes. Pity Sophie Hunger won't be there, but inevitable - her 2010 set in the John Peel tent to virtually no audience was one of my favorite ever festival sets. And let's hope not too many bands have to drop out because of Covid. And after Latitude last weekend, where General Camping was miles away from everything, nice to be at a small festival.
  21. I expect that may still not be right. If Tim Burgess is on at 13:05, 14:00 seems too soon for Anna M.
  22. Working on updating the Clashfinder. 4 main music stages are now in, except Sunrise Late Night. I've guessed the length of the sets by allowing 30 mins in between. The app isn't 100% right as Anna Meredith is shown as being on at 3am, when the arena is closed. clashfinder.com/s/latitude2021
  23. Probably at the risk of repeating myself here, and given what you've listed : Dry Cleaning, Working Men's Club, Los Bitchos, Big Joanie, VLURE, bdrmm.
  24. From memory, the last couple of years they haven't released all the set times on the Monday, but painfully drip fed them 2 or 3 stages at a time over Mon/Tues/Wed. Hopefully we will get them all today, but be prepared for disappointment.
  25. I thought that the winner of Green Man Rising got to open the Mountain Stage and the rest of the shortlist played the Rising Stage, yet none of Grandmas House, Teddy Hunter, Hallan, Paige Kennedy or Threads appear on the line-up poster.
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