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  1. Can’t see many overseas acts playing Assume they have back up plans if things change
  2. Inevitable. The lineup will be vastly different if it actually happens.
  3. Assume it will be similar for EOTR - not sure how they could administer tests on site
  4. I agree with you on the apprehension - makes the whole thing not seem worthwhile. I wish I refunded my ticket but we had committed to friends regarding accommodation as not camping.
  5. The advice from the Government is so unclear and cases going up each day. Holland saw a 800% rise when they opened nightclubs so it will touch and go.
  6. This is why I do't trust the Government as they could u turn at anytime. If they eased things sensibly then you could understand it but they aren't. On August 19th, numbers will be a lot higher so they could just decide to ban things like festivals.
  7. Aren't hospitalisations increasing though?
  8. The Tories will do a U-turn in the next week. Todays announcement is utterly bonkers with the number of cases. Surely masks need to be mandatory.
  9. The only thing that will stop is the Tories
  10. But Latitude is happening. It is all very inconsistent and I can't see EOTR making it myself.
  11. Y Festival cancelled because of the Governments failure
  12. The sporting events are lateral flow tests too (not PCR)
  13. Track and trace doesn’t work properly I reckon you will need to show that you have had both vaccines and / or provide a negative test result within 2 days.
  14. I don’t think EOTR have had anything confirmed if this is still a Test Event as they would need to wait for publish results. Find it strange as the restrictions will be lifted on 19th July anyway and this is after.
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