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  1. Taylor Swift 100% confirmed as not coming back on their instagram story
  2. Puscifer is a side project for the guy from Tool right? anyone a fan?
  3. Also can't believe Mumford and Son's didn't have the decency to drop out
  4. No Phoebe Bridgers, Anderson Paak, Kali Uchis
  5. Not looking at headliners, hoping we get Phoebe Bridgers, Anderson Paak, Kali Uchis and Tom Misch back
  6. Reading the comments in instagram, people are asking if 2021 will be at IFEMA and they often reply 'it will be at mad cool :D' so assuming they're looking for a new location
  7. Booked both ways with Iberia. Currently can only get vouchers from them and if you're flights before June 30 so just a waiting game I guess
  8. Booked my flights with iberia who have only cancelled to June 30 so currently my Airbnb, flights and mad cool all technically going ahead 🙄
  9. It's quite baffling that Spain as one of the worst hit European countries are also one of the last to officially denounce festivals
  10. I may be well off but think the problem with the site next year is that it's meant to be built on!
  11. Have a feeling they are also biding their time so that when the cancellation comes they can say 'we keep so and so from 2020 please keep your tickets.' After reading a few of the things put out by former Taylor Swift headed festivals today it seems they're all looking to secure her again but arent compeltely outwardly saying so
  12. Think they are just saying this as if they say, for example, booking a holiday for August should be fine, they start setting a timeframe which they can't possibly know whether they can stick to and will inevitably come back to bite them. At the very least I'm sure a "staycation" is possible this year.
  13. The MCR Eden show postponed to 2021 Edit- not confirmed MCR will appear in 2021 but the show is postponed for now
  14. If you can afford to keep paying, keep paying- you'll eventually get a refund. If you can't afford to keep paying then you'll have to stomach losing everything you've paid so far. Not ideal but if needs must..
  15. What xxialac is saying is if the company don't have the cash to refund, they'll bankrupt, dissolve, whatever and then they won't refund because they no longer exist as a business. If there is no cash they can't magic up the refunds. Sure this won't be the situation so no worries anyway, but think you are misinterpreting him
  16. If they offer refunds or to keep your ticket for 2021 I think I'll keep mine.. Imagine 75% of the 2020 headlines coming back with the potential of Arcade Fire, Arctic Monkeys, whoever else is potentially around... could be a cracking year to make up for all the missed opportunities this one!
  17. hoping for postponement rather than cancellation!! I'll wait til whenever as long as I don't have to try for tickets again
  18. Reckon it must be near on impossible for arena sized shows (and smaller) to get insured in 2020 now
  19. Mine currently says I get 50% back only.. I think the hosts set their own cancellation terms? Guess I just need to wait or as someone said above message my hosts. 'We are now offering Guests full refunds and Hosts no-charge cancellations for reservations booked on or before 14 March with a check-in date of 14 April or earlier. Please note that this policy will not cover any new bookings.'
  20. There's also the problem that Stadium MK is a football stadium and if you're assuming gigs are good to go then football is too, so without a change of venue this is a summer thing only.
  21. Ah okay that gives me some confidence, cheers. Was meant to be in Berlin in the next few days and bookings.com are being really funny about cancelling or even moving our hotel booking despite the hotel themselves saying it's okay, so thought may have a similar problem with airbnb.
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