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  1. Latest heineken stage announcement king john has 223 monthly spotify listeners. really poor stuff
  2. Im still praying we get Justice as one last big name after Primavera. Dates still allow it..
  3. They confirmed in insta comments it is Groove Amanda, rather than Armada. Must be a tiny DJ with a terrible un-googleable name.
  4. All been posted on instagram now anyway!
  5. I'm at work so can't upload myself but check out some @otiagodavid on twitter who is at a press conference uploading photos of complete stages edit- just clubbing and comedy it looks like. His most recent tweet says next week for news on other stages (dodgy translation)
  6. Did tickets ever go on sale? You could buy this years Kalorama at last years physically.
  7. Easy to say when you don't care for the band in the first place. I didn't notice similar comments re Ezra Koenig during the Vampire Weekend on-sale last week
  8. @Slugy I can't quote reply but AF artist presale is through ticketmaster code Funeral20
  9. Arcade Fire Brixton Academy 4th July, Funeral anni show
  10. So you are saying we could still get Justice? I assumed anyone at Prima Porto was out so good to hear otherwise
  11. People are thinking New Order for All Points East which would put them around at the right sort of time. Similarly, Loyle Carner hasn't popped up on any Portugal line ups yet ( I don't think) and is doing the rounds of festivals this summer. Sampha too. Fred Again also. I haven't checked any of their available dates though.
  12. I hate this drip feeding of artists. 9am announcements every day this week (and a 10am Tuesday too) so obviously i check instagram at 9am today for the next one and nothing !
  13. Selling two tickets for everything everything at the Troxy (seated unfortunately) for face value. Double booked so seeing them in Bexhill instead.
  14. Also sharing names with BBK, so again without checking availability- The Prodigy, Underworld, Alvvays, as potentials perhaps.
  15. They're doing Lisbon- Sevilla - Bilbao 11/12/13 so tight turnaround back to back doesn't seem much of a problem but an empty Finsbury date could be promising
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