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  1. I'll assume it's an error until I see physical proof otherwise then!
  2. Yeah I'm not complaining! I was just wondering if it was legit/correct. I bought the tickets through the link on APEs site which was AXS
  3. I'm not repping at all! Literally bought 3 tickets as a normal customer and have 4 on my account but under 2 orders- 3 + 1
  4. Regarding this selling 3 tickets getting 1 for yourself offer... I bought 3 for myself and 2 friends for BMTH the day the tickets went on sale. When I look at my AXS account I have 3 tickets under an order and then a separate 1 under another order.. I've only been debited for 3. Is this because of the offer/ is it a mistake/ has this happened to anyone else? I should probably ask them but I fear that may result in them recognising the error and removing my extra ticket.
  5. I've booked a Travelodge in Darlington, hoping I can get public transport or an Uber from there. This is where I find out it's nowhere near...
  6. I can imagine a night coheaded by Foals and TOP, for example, being really fun, and I have no interest in TOP at all!
  7. Just taking a quick flick through old lineups and you have Disclosure, Sam Smith, The Weeknd, The Prodigy, Mumford and Sons all headlining very recently; is there really such a thing as a 'fitting act'?
  8. Looking at their tour dates they currently have 2 dates in Europe 19th -21st July in France and then nothing until 7th August so it does seem plausible they'd look to flesh out this EU festival run but NOS is maybe the wrong side of this? Edit- twenty one pilots this is, the thread moved fast whilst typing
  9. Managed to get 2 Saturday tickets within 4 minutes absolutely chuffed to bits! Going to be a long drive from Essex though..
  10. DarthSaul


    part 2 is a picture disc
  11. I've seen them live twice, once was at what I'd call their pinnacle, the year they headlined Glastonbury I believe, and they put on a huge show at the Olympic park with vampire weekend, haim, Edward sharpe and ben howard and the whole day was phenomenal. I saw them again a couple of years later headlining reading and the whole thing was flat- a whole field of people waiting around for little lion man and I will wait. Very boring, put me right off their live show (plus I no longer care for their music)
  12. I never noticed before but NOS' website is pretty lazy with the lineup page being just a stuck on jpeg rather than a page where you can click on each band a la mad cool and most other festivals.
  13. If I could be bothered to scroll back far enough down their twitter I'd see how 2017 compares but it's a long old way. I do, however, remember that I booked my 3 day ticket in March for 2017 so it obviously wasn't sold out.
  14. On the 16th March last year the Thursday sold out. The Saturday had sold out on 5th December before that and then 3 day tickets sold out 7th December. 12th March this year and... everything available. I know the lineup is weaker near enough objectively but this marketing method can't be helping as we've said a million times.
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