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  1. I did V festival as a 16 and 17yo, then on to Reading at 18 and 19.. last four years have been a mix of BBK in Bilbao, NOS Alive in Lisbon then more chill ones in the UK like Wilderness. Went back to Reading aged 24 last year and never felt so old in my life. Still had fun but 90% of the people there are really awful.
  2. I just meant the fear of needles may sway people when they're hypothetically asked will you get a vaccine. Very easy to quickly say ew no, but when the vaccine is a reality its something that'll get more thought.
  3. I'm pretty sure the fear of needles is quite high, like 1 in 5 people so may be some way to explain a reluctance to vaccinate.
  4. Taylor Swift 100% confirmed as not coming back on their instagram story
  5. Puscifer is a side project for the guy from Tool right? anyone a fan?
  6. Also can't believe Mumford and Son's didn't have the decency to drop out
  7. No Phoebe Bridgers, Anderson Paak, Kali Uchis
  8. Not looking at headliners, hoping we get Phoebe Bridgers, Anderson Paak, Kali Uchis and Tom Misch back
  9. Reading the comments in instagram, people are asking if 2021 will be at IFEMA and they often reply 'it will be at mad cool :D' so assuming they're looking for a new location
  10. Booked both ways with Iberia. Currently can only get vouchers from them and if you're flights before June 30 so just a waiting game I guess
  11. Booked my flights with iberia who have only cancelled to June 30 so currently my Airbnb, flights and mad cool all technically going ahead 🙄
  12. It's quite baffling that Spain as one of the worst hit European countries are also one of the last to officially denounce festivals
  13. I may be well off but think the problem with the site next year is that it's meant to be built on!
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