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  1. DarthSaul

    Bon Iver 2020

    I've seen a short video discussing touring this new album and they've got these big mirrors with lights on above the crowd which will reflect loads of other lights, and then they're diving deep into the sound system of it all to supposedly make you feel like you're inside the music. The whole thing looks awesome
  2. Agree the main stage was lacking but how good was the valley?! Amazing place, loved it!
  3. From the festival you're about a 25 minute walk from belem with the tower and little towny bit. Guessing the train would take minutes. But I don't thinkkk there's anything directly around it!
  4. Has nos ever had any secret sets? I'm guessing it would be Portuguese bands if they had
  5. Jorja Smith > Loyle Carner > The Cure > Hot Chip is my best looking day. Vampire Weekend> Gossip the next.. weak. Idles>Bon Iver> Marina> George Fitzgerald> Chemical Bros to end so at least I'll finish off dancing.. Very excited now regardless... two more working days and I'm in Lisbon!
  6. Deejay kamala on sagres 🤷‍♂️ Edit- beaten to it
  7. From memory (last went 2017) you have to be strategic to get a very cold beer. At busy times/busy bars they'll have a fair few already poured just sitting out, but if you go to a quieter bar that pulls them fresh it'll be lovely and cold
  8. Considering VW are playing a bunch of festivals this summer (and not headlining them), do we think they'll know that this is a headline show? Or just another set for them?
  9. Coming from Essex you'd think I'd orange up nicely but I always seem to burn.. Maybe this is the year I carry suncream to a festival
  10. Is sun cream really necessary from 6pm onwards? (Genuine question)
  11. Also I've gained 'top fan' status on the Nos Alive facebook page- check me out 😎
  12. The Blaze just added 🤷‍♀️
  13. I wouldn't mind if they were club acts I knew but they're all bloody Portuguese.. The cheek of it!
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