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  1. 'Kendrick Lamar - who will offer this unique show in the State - is the most influential rapper of the genre, and one of the most relevant artists in the history of music, winner of a Pulitzer Prize and an Oscar, and of the few (yes not the only one) in placing several of his works on most of the lists of the best albums of the last decade. His interest in political and social issues, coupled with the lyricism of his compositions, have made him a creator who transcends the musical field to be one of the most influential personalities of the popular culture of our century. ' I'm guessing the exclusivity is lost in translation? I'm not doubting your ability to read your own language 😂
  2. I haven't actually seen anywhere that he's exclusive to BBK?
  3. If they're trying to sell it as 'a beautiful coming together of music so please ignore the lineup and just come anyway' they should create something less gig-in-a-field-y and something celebrating the arts and music imo
  4. Last time in the UK I believe they did 2 ally pally dates and I'm sure they're now o2 arena size. They're no different in size to Alt J, Fleet Foxes, The 1975 (at the time of headlining) etc etc imo. Latitude always have a headliner of around this size
  5. I'll never manage to convincingly pronounce kalimotxo so think I'll stick to beer 😅
  6. So why are 'mini' versions of drinks more expensive? Google translate doesn't help
  7. Ah yeah just seen it. Pretty standard pricing
  8. So whilst the lineup announcements take a break lets get to what's important... what are the beer prices/ which beer do they sell? and how about spirits?
  9. Got mine through Ticketmaster as festickets just wouldnt work full stop but god knows if I bought the right stuff had to google translate half the page 😬
  10. Weren't My Chemical Romance rumoured for this? Maybe on that Friday and no Euro dates yet hence not been announced?
  11. Stormzy doesn't hit Spain on his world tour and has all of June and July free..
  12. Arcade Fire and Kendrick Lamar for that final day please
  13. She isn't big enough for sure. Her ally pally show was in the theatre not the big hall and she's surely no bigger than James Blake who was underneath Christine on her day this year. However I was at Brixton Monday and she is amazinggg so I wouldn't complain if I'm wrong.
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