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  1. Exactly the same, 5 of us with tickets and we haven't booked a single thing in relation to it. In my head its been cancelled for months but I'd love to see this actually happen for peace of mind.
  2. I'm not sure if i said this before at the time, but the Saturday announcement made me think perhaps they'd curated it with gorillaz headlining in mind. Slowthai, little simz, kano all recent collabs. Completely unjustified speculation but seeing them pop up at boardmasters today the same month as APE got me thinking it again.
  3. I've just seen Two Door Cinema Club are playing 2 shows in Madrid around the time of Mad Cool. They've stressed these shows have to be socially distanced. Surely a matter of time until Mad Cool admits its not possible to go ahead.
  4. Perhaps some sort of big spot at a UK Hyde Park / All Points East type show? but either way I'm not going to complain about any 2021 line ups and will happily see them if they're around in 2022 !
  5. Mumford and Sons gone or am I blind? Hallelujah!! Edit- just read already mentioned, missed it in my excitement
  6. I did V festival as a 16 and 17yo, then on to Reading at 18 and 19.. last four years have been a mix of BBK in Bilbao, NOS Alive in Lisbon then more chill ones in the UK like Wilderness. Went back to Reading aged 24 last year and never felt so old in my life. Still had fun but 90% of the people there are really awful.
  7. I just meant the fear of needles may sway people when they're hypothetically asked will you get a vaccine. Very easy to quickly say ew no, but when the vaccine is a reality its something that'll get more thought.
  8. I'm pretty sure the fear of needles is quite high, like 1 in 5 people so may be some way to explain a reluctance to vaccinate.
  9. Taylor Swift 100% confirmed as not coming back on their instagram story
  10. Puscifer is a side project for the guy from Tool right? anyone a fan?
  11. Also can't believe Mumford and Son's didn't have the decency to drop out
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