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  1. None at all sadly! But a bunch of covers- Nina Simone, Jackie Wilson etc. As good as she was I would love an Alabama Shakes reunion though, without the dodgy one.
  2. Did anyone catch Brittany Howard w2? She was phenomenal, joyous!
  3. Was at wilderness, the set contained his new single, one album track that wasn't a single, one small snippet of loud places and then loads of unidentifiable beats but I'm no dance music expert. Was fun though.
  4. They did do festivals for everything now pre album release though I think? Seem to remember them releasing creature comfort maybe a day before they did primavera
  5. I absolutely love arcade fire but after everything now the next album needs to be back to form to stop them falling to pixies magnitude. Also very likely the album will come out 2022!
  6. Its tricky to say until we know who's at other festivals but I'm sure there'll be festivals with female headliners in 2022
  7. Well we know they lost out on the available Dua Lipa and Lorde. I'm not vouching for the quality of, nor do we know the availability of, but Cardi B, Rosalia, Travis Scott etc all add something a bit different. Variety is the spice of life 🙂
  8. You're missing the point that people booked this festival with billie eilish, taylor swift, haim, Anderson paak, glass animals on the card and in mind, and now have tickets to see Metallica, Muse and Puscifer. This is why people are disappointed rather than angry that a festival dare appeal to a different demographic. Personally I have tickets to primavera and mad cool so not so fussed 😁
  9. I think Taylor swift has unfinished business with Glastonbury and when she decides to headline there other European festivals will also have the opportunity to book her.
  10. The problem for me is I've had the opportunity to catch the killers, kings of Leon etc even Metallica at a heap of festivals before, and I didn't mind this when the likes of Taylor swift were alongside them, but when you remove the less festival circuit headliner types and overload it with circuit ones it looks so uninspiring. Losing haim, Anderson paak etc has weakened the undercard too. However, once I'm in Madrid there'll be no more complaints from me 😁
  11. That J was definitely botted, scroll the likes and they're largely accounts from different alphabets and 0 posts
  12. There's a couple of very short names as headliners 🤔
  13. Oh wow, looking at the website I see now what's meant about the Atrium being sparse so far!
  14. Am I missing it or is hip hop karaoke missing from the lineup 😱
  15. Thought this too but also thinking perhaps they've had to get rid of some of the very small tents as covid contingency?
  16. No complaints from me, wasn't expecting anything groundbreaking and it's fun stuff! Dance side of the lineup is good too!
  17. Roll on 2022 aye! Think having dealt with the disappointment of this inevitable cancellation months ago has made me all the more excited today for next year !
  18. Exactly the same, 5 of us with tickets and we haven't booked a single thing in relation to it. In my head its been cancelled for months but I'd love to see this actually happen for peace of mind.
  19. I'm not sure if i said this before at the time, but the Saturday announcement made me think perhaps they'd curated it with gorillaz headlining in mind. Slowthai, little simz, kano all recent collabs. Completely unjustified speculation but seeing them pop up at boardmasters today the same month as APE got me thinking it again.
  20. I've just seen Two Door Cinema Club are playing 2 shows in Madrid around the time of Mad Cool. They've stressed these shows have to be socially distanced. Surely a matter of time until Mad Cool admits its not possible to go ahead.
  21. Perhaps some sort of big spot at a UK Hyde Park / All Points East type show? but either way I'm not going to complain about any 2021 line ups and will happily see them if they're around in 2022 !
  22. Mumford and Sons gone or am I blind? Hallelujah!! Edit- just read already mentioned, missed it in my excitement
  23. I did V festival as a 16 and 17yo, then on to Reading at 18 and 19.. last four years have been a mix of BBK in Bilbao, NOS Alive in Lisbon then more chill ones in the UK like Wilderness. Went back to Reading aged 24 last year and never felt so old in my life. Still had fun but 90% of the people there are really awful.
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