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  1. So I don’t know how “flash mobs” work, nor could I organise a piss up in Downing Street… but some of you lot are geniuses. Been wondering if there’s anything us lot could do as a collective to show our thanks and respect to Michael? Something he’s not expecting as he potters round on Weds/Thurs perhaps. Something with a nod to Neil as well for all his graft.
  2. Some excellent suggestions, but until I see a matrix sign saying “Access to the Naughty Corner” I can’t see much changing! @henry bearhas a good point about Other, but as a man who camps in Oxlyers and looks forward to Editors and Courteeners year on year… I’m happy to not confuse matters!
  3. Never really get the football/gig comparisons, totally different beasts but I guess with a tour you can try and pick a decent venue on a night that suits! Just seen Red Rum Club in Grimsby this evening for about £14 quid, buy one get one free! Full to the brim, great to see. Football will survive, small venues might not. Gotta do our bit!
  4. If memory serves me correctly the 2020 initial poster was pretty substantial around March time? I’d bank on similar this year… but I’m getting mad impatient. Not that it matters too much, but three years off and the anticipation of being with you legends in the best field in the world again is getting me a bit stir crazy!
  5. Damon/SwiftyB2B Or just try follow Eddy Temple-Morris around the naughty corner all night!
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