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  1. Tommy Dickfingers


    I’ve heard Croatian police and security are an absolute pain in the arse and on the take so none of my mates have ever bothered. Apparently that aside is class though.
  2. Tommy Dickfingers

    so, Stormzy then...?

    Me love coz I’ve never fucking heard of any of them two lads. Do they were rubbish clothes, wear daft hats and play guitar? How exciting! 🙄
  3. Tommy Dickfingers


    Wasn’t Kevin Saunderson booked for Genosys last year and had to pull out?
  4. Tommy Dickfingers


    Genuinely one of my favourite tunes.
  5. Tommy Dickfingers

    Silver Hayes on late...

    Hope it doesnt get like the UFO stage at Dekmantel coz that’s ends up unbearablely hot.
  6. Tommy Dickfingers

    Old School Hip Hop at Glastonbury

    My friend competes in DMC for U.K. him and every other scratch DJ use Technics and Serato. Why limit yourself to how many records you can carry?
  7. Tommy Dickfingers

    Old School Hip Hop at Glastonbury

    Didn’t realise they’d played. Whole crew as well? Class I’ll scan the set list now. Where did they play? My first Glastonbury was 2013.
  8. Tommy Dickfingers

    2019 Headliners

    I’m 27 years old. I thought they were shite growing up. I think they’re shite now. I don’t know many people my age who think they’re much good. They admittedly were huge but they certainly aren’t credible. All guitar driven music around at that time was pretty shite then The Strokes came along they were great but that spawned even more shite bands ripping them off.
  9. Tommy Dickfingers

    2019 Headliners

    Sometimes the jokes just write themselves. I say why stop at RHCP. Why not see what Fred Durst and the lads are up to? Give Korn a bell? Let’s get the whole Kerrang early 00’s playlist together.
  10. Tommy Dickfingers

    2019 Headliners

    The red hot chilli peppers? Jesus Christ what is this 2002? They’re absolutely shite haha. Does anyone good, anywhere say they were a big influence on them? I couldn’t think of a more irrelevant band if I tried.
  11. Tommy Dickfingers

    Old School Hip Hop at Glastonbury

    Wu Tang would be one for the ages.
  12. Tommy Dickfingers

    Away from the main stages/areas, what are your favourite places?

    Me and my missis went up to that wood last year for a few hours it was really nice. Proper quiet up there we just sat down and chilled out for an hour or so. I’d recommend it to anyone who wants some time alone with their partner or even themselves.
  13. Tommy Dickfingers


    I’ve heard it’s going back to Victoria Warehouse. Feel like it’s gone stale at Store Street but last time it was at Victoria Warehouse it was shite. Hoping to get to one of the nights at Mayfield Depot this year.
  14. Tommy Dickfingers


    No idea mate her DJing is sick though check these. https://m.mixcloud.com/corenewsuploads/helena-hauff-essential-mix-2017-12-30-essential-mix-of-the-year/ https://m.soundcloud.com/resident-advisor/ra-live-20160617-ben-ufo-b2b-helena-hauff-sonar-festival-barcelona
  15. Tommy Dickfingers

    2019 Headliners

    The only person alive who’s more influential than Kraftwerk might well be headlining Sunday anyway. Kraftwerk second to only Beatles for influence and importance.