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  1. Tommy Dickfingers


    I saw them at The White Hotel the other week it was brilliant. They tweeted afterwards about what a gig it was. Would love to see them at Glastonbury dunno if they’ve played before.
  2. Tommy Dickfingers


    I hope so. Isn’t she going out with Or:la? Wouldn’t be surprised to see Peach at the Downlow after this.
  3. Tommy Dickfingers


    Totally agree. You know what you are going to get and it just isn’t exciting.
  4. Tommy Dickfingers

    Ryan Adams

    Totally agree mate. Always the same kind of white indie boy with too many feelings. Never a shock is it? You always think yeah I can totally see him being a weird c**t.
  5. Tommy Dickfingers


    Avalon Emerson Essential Mix was class a bit back.
  6. Tommy Dickfingers

    Acts That Will Never Play Glastonbury

    Stone Roses MBV (to my knowledge).
  7. Tommy Dickfingers

    The 'Friday Afternoon Rock Slot'

    Slipknot or The Darkness would be a laugh. Would be up for Marlyn Manson too for all the ex-moshers.
  8. Tommy Dickfingers

    2019 Headliners

    When I saw Fleetwood Mac it was the Lindsay Buckingham show with a few special guests. Can’t get my head around one of their gigs without him.
  9. Tommy Dickfingers


    All my mates who’ve been Dimensions, Love International and the other one I can’t even remember the name of have told me they got shaken down by security and police. Doesn’t make for a good time knowing that potentially could happen so I’ve never been. Line ups are always sick though.
  10. Tommy Dickfingers


    Dam. Good line up. Shame Croatia is ropey as fuck or I’d have considered going.
  11. Tommy Dickfingers

    2019 Headliners

    Let’s be serious this isn’t Leeds. Nobody wants to see that lot.
  12. Tommy Dickfingers


    I’ll be at Parklife but only coz my mate can get a few free tickets and I can kip at his gaff. Expexting some good after parties. Gerd Janson was at Soup last year 😍
  13. Tommy Dickfingers

    Other Stage

    How I have wanted to hear some of them solo tunes again. Ian Brown solo at this years Glastonbury would be the most pleasant surprise imaginable for me.
  14. Tommy Dickfingers


    Midland/Palms Trax and Ben UFO/Job Jobse at The Temple. The right mix of people being there everyone in a good mood and tunes.
  15. Tommy Dickfingers


    Seen Koze at Prima last year. Was class. Helena Hauff is my dream this year on Genosys. Not confident of seeing either to be honest though.