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  1. Some tunes on there. Weird band Primal Scream they’ve made two great records then the rest I’m not fussed on at all. A band who sound like their record collections along with LCD Soundsystem. Good bands though.
  2. Ahhh man. Erol Alkan played this at Beat Hotel one year and me and my mate went mental. Banger. I’d come to say Band on the Run or maybe this.
  3. Primal Scream would be class if they only played tunes from Screamdelcia and XTMNTR. And bring Kevin Shields with them. Truth be told I’m never up early enough for the openers so I always hope it’s someone I don’t like.
  4. I think a standard set should be 4 hours. Any less I feel a bit short changed.
  5. Blair, always Blair in this scenario.
  6. Do you think? I went The Roses Friday, Saturday and Sunday last time and I thought it was great. Much better than Heaton Park twice for Roses and once for Oasis.
  7. Etihad holds 60k for a gig. Just do an extra day there. A much better experience for a gig and far better sound.
  8. Surely they’d do Cities ground? Better gigs than the Heaton Park ones for The Stone Roses.
  9. They very obviously don’t get on Liam and Noel. It’s not some grand master plan to make even more money. They’re already both wadded beyond belief. They might reform one day, it’ll be for the money and they’ll make a fucking fortune. Let’s not kid ourselves they’ll reform just for Glastonbury honestly get a grip.
  10. Macca for me as I’ve never seen him, have been hoping he’d get booked for Glastonbury since I first went in 2013. Absolutely gutted about Isley Brothers up again him. I thought they were booked for Sunday. Dunno what to do for a Sunday headliner now maybe Kano.
  11. Had that on last night before I went out. Sick.
  12. Dre a billionaire. A fucking billion dollars. c**ts not coming to Glastonbury.
  13. Tommy Dickfingers


    One of my favourite rappers of all time, for my money the best Beatle and The Isley Brothers is as good as it gets for me like.
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