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  1. Agreed. Be nice to hear when it comes on radio or whatever. I wonder how big these songs become because he’s a hit machine. Calvin Harris is obviously a very talented producer he just wants to make massive coin which he’s succeeded in. I think One Kiss is an absolute banger.
  2. If they did a tour of the U.K they’d play Arenas surely? How do you know maybe 2 of the lads from the strokes want to do Glastonbury and 3 are saying not unless we get our full money? Maybe they’ve been approached a few times and held out for the coin. Maybe they’ve decided their stock has dropped a bit and they’d probably do it now. It’s ridiculous to completely rule out a band playing Glastonbury when you haven’t sat in on the negations (if there has been any) and you aren’t in the band. Maybe they’ve just decided it’ll be a fucking laugh. You just don’t know.
  3. I must admit I just don’t feel their stock has dropped so much they don’t headline Pyramid either. Would have to go down as one of the best Other bookings in history?
  4. I guess at this point The Strokes rumour has absolutely no idea what day?
  5. Kerri Chandler did? Didn’t see that! With Peace, Love, Admiration and blood money.
  6. Would love to see Nobu, Villalobos, Rubinstein and Helena Hauff at Glastonbury. Seem like bookings they would make but probably can’t afford? I dunno. Over my head. I’d say there’s a lot of people on there who I’d probably like but haven’t listened to either. The likes of Kevin Saunderson, Jeff Mills, Robert Hood, Derrick May and people of that ilk are they big enough names to spunk your budget on if you’re a booker for an area at Glastonbury? Surgeon is releasing some tunes on illan tape which my friend has gotten extremely excited about.
  7. Have you ever seen this? https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2006/jul/15/familyandrelationships.family2 Two of the Jungle lads there being little w*nkers.
  8. Haha not yet. Peggy Gou the brand will play her music to anyone that wants to hear it apparently and doesn’t give a fuck. Even if it means playing for Saudi Arabia. That’s crossing a line for me. Fuck her.
  9. Alisha Keys would be cool. I dunno what she plays live either? Does she do stuff like You Don’t Know My Name and Fallin’?
  10. Agree on this. I’ve been holding off on seeing Macca elsewhere waiting for him to do Glastonbury and I’m absolutely over the moon he is now. I’ve never seen Kendrick either due to the price more than anything. Really buzzing first time is at Glastonbury for him also.
  11. It’s not special to Dre though is it? Don’t become a billionaire getting excited about a guest performance at Glastonbury for what to him would be shite money.
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