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  1. Never missed out so far, luckily never even had to try the resale. If I couldn’t get a ticket, then I’m resale and then I couldn’t work it I’d just go down try and blag my way in I think. I can’t comprehend not going next year for what would be me 8th in a row.
  2. If you can’t find it within yourself to not feed the troll can yer at least put them on ignore.
  3. Having seen FM with Lindsay I’d happily see this version of FM not headline, especially if it meant that we got Elton instead. That said if this version of FM played I’d be there and would undoubtedly be a massive crowd/booking. Any talk of Elton John not headlining is absolute nonsense. He’s the king of pop ffs.
  4. What’s the difference? There were clearly musicians there playing their instruments.
  5. If anyone knows of standing tickets going for Kendricks U.K dates get on me. Will travel anywhere.
  6. You can argue about the songwriters sure but in terms of a live show?
  7. Fleetwood Mac without Buckingham isn’t the same. I’m sure people who haven’t seen them before will pretend to themselves that it is but he is undoubtedly the driving force behind their best songs and their live show. Probably means they’re a cheaper booking mine so maybe Mike is right.
  8. Arctic Monkeys have hits on all of their albums except maybe the last one. What an earth are you lot on about saying they won’t play the hits. I’ve never heard so much shite in my life. Do you really think they’re gonna show up and play TBHC/new album only?
  9. Ney. Stick to whatever it is you’re good at mate.
  10. Remove mirrors in the toilets. They become changing rooms. The showers want some sort of rethink. If you were a man the queue was obscene. Ladies just walking up and in. No fucking way girls are quicker in the shower then fellas.
  11. Only if they’re shit MC’s.
  12. Arctic Monkeys are nailed on in my mind. They should go all out for Elton. Then either Dua or Taylor is my prediction.
  13. There was definitely a band. Loads of additional drum fills and bass/guitar parts over the beats. Putting the band out there would have taken away from the show. Feel like if you need to physically see a band to realise there is one you’re a dope.
  14. Never heard anyone spit so clearly live. He didn’t miss a word and it was crystal clear. Outrageous levels of MCing. Best live Hip Hop show/performance I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen a lot. Such a powerful performance, I felt like I was witnessing something legendary. Miles ahead out on his own in the rap game. Nothing is coming close to him around today and not much before him either. Think he slides into my top5 dead or alive after the last record and that performance.
  15. Ah man that would be incredible. Did yers hear the tune he did with Thundercat/Kenny Loggins? Still doing great stuff this late into his career. Don’t think he’s big enough for it unfortunately.
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