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  1. London be sound if you’re rich or posh no doubt. If you aren’t I’d say it’s Manchester or Glasgow. Leeds isn’t on the same level and I’ve never been to Bristol so I wouldn’t know. I totally disagree with Fuzzy The White Hotel, Soup Kitchen, Partisan are all great clubs. I’ve not seen any better than White Hotel or Soup especially outside of London so welcome to suggestions. Hidden, The Refuge have their places as do venues I personally hate such as Gorilla. WHP swallows up a lot of your big names but Jeff Mills and Marcell Dettman played Hidden in the past year along with other big names in smaller venues. Dozzy played Soup Kitchen. Clubbing in Manchester has never been better in my lifetime.
  2. Seen Objekt in Tengu last year was absolutely class. Never actually been Index yet heard it’s decent for a techno night.
  3. A friend of mine helps run a night in Dublin Mutate dunno if you’ve ever gone. Techno night get some decent bookings.
  4. I hated D8 so much the two times I went. None of my mates from Dublin go/went often. Big fan of Pepper/Wigwam though. I’ll be at Four Tet night, Bicep night and Homobloc. Looking forward to seeing how this space goes. As for the bouncers zero chance them changing Sasha owns part of them apparently.
  5. They put on good stuff. Gonna go Eris Drew and Peach at their pride party. They put on Young Marco at The Refuge a while back was one of my favourite nights I’d been in ages think it was when Mark E Smith had died he played Totally Wired into Born Slippy to end the set. Totally agree solid line up throughout. I’ve seen Krysko and Will Tramp loads over the years both very good and they’re right at the bottom for instance.
  6. Unreal line up. 40 quid as well and with the size of that place they could do anything they wanted. Very excited. Got me and my missis a ticket this morning know a good few who are also going. Hoping to lack of big names you’d associate with dickhead young lads/girls means it’ll be a great crowd. I haven’t been this excited for something in Manchester for ages. I’ve heard they’re making four rooms/stages/areas but could be total bollocks. I cannot begin to explain how big it is. I’ve been years ago during MIF for Adam Curtis vs Massive Attack and couldn’t believe they didn’t put parties on there. Went last MIF x WHP for Bonobo/Palms Trax/Giles Peterson and some other c**t can’t remember now. The place looked almost empty it was so big. The bars were way out the way of the dance floor. I thought it was great myself, seems the perfect place for a indoor festival. They had proper nice food there in another area too.
  7. I am their target audience. Bookings are great. Venues and lay out the problem. Gully Blues for your grime/dubstep/drum and bass/jungle. Sonic for big names across all genres. Wow for house/disco/techno. A bar with decent service/shade/places to sit down. Toilets and food areas are they are. Trim it down, rejig it and it’ll be a decent enough area. Big and grand isn’t always better especially for dance music. Sooner have Wow as it is with better sound and easier to get a drink.
  8. No Average Groove, Pussy whatever the fuck it’s called need to go. BBC Introducing wants moving somewhere else. The bar in the tent lizard bar or 11 quid bar depending how wrecked you are wants to pack in the shite tunes and have a chilled out area. Wow stage is alright could do with being louder, sound for Paranoid London was shite except at the front luckily we moved during first tune. Sonic Stage is alright, Gully Blues while not my thing musically is alright. Just have the 3 stages there. Gully, Sonic, Wow. Have the toilets and food down the Wow end as they are, the bar not playing shite tunes made a lot bigger with more seating so people can have a rest. That gives you 3 good stages far less sound bleed and a decent area to sit down and chill out/get drink quicker. Would be a decent area then. I think the bookings are good there.
  9. It’s class. Sound is banging on every stage, site is small, every stage has character, the location in that park is genuinely beautiful. Only - points are they don’t know how to pour a pint, I’ll never forget the heads on some of those drinks and security can be a bit trigger happy so you’ve gotta nip toilets until it gets dark. That said it’s so well organised there’s hardly ever a queue so it’s no big deal. Oh and wasps nearly swallowed one once haha. What a place can’t wait.
  10. I’ll be at a good few of those myself. What I love most about Dekmantel is it’s a far more headsy affair than my tastes know of so I always learn of new stuff in the lead up/aftermath. It’s probably the easiest festival I’ve ever been to as well. Everything so organised.
  11. Frank Ocean Kendrick Elton DJ Havery in the Downlow Kraftwerk New Order again LCD Soundsystem again Stevie Wonder - never seen him Paul Simon - never seen him quit touring Macca - never seen him, want my first time to be at Glastonbury Madonna.
  12. I got fucked off the one time I tried but I was too late. My mates live over there they say go early on Sunday morning (so carrying on from Saturday night) and you’re usually alright if you go alone. I got in alright to About Blank and Griesmulle both were good spaces especially the later, think they’ve got an a new outside area too. You can buy tickets for Gruesmulle in advance too which will help. I’m going over myself in September. Never have high hopes of getting in any clubs in Berlin as a big northern English lad. I stick out like a sore thumb!
  13. I’ve heard from people that went, not one to be missed. Nah not around would be up for Cybotron and the lad from Drexciya didn’t clock that. De School was such a sick place when i went few years ago the downstairs was made for Techno too couldn’t see my hand in front of my face. I’ve got high hopes even if I don’t know the DJ’s they’ll be class. Gonna get myself on sunbeds in prep for a Dek because I burned bad on first day of Glastonbury and spent as much time in the shade as I could. Weather could play a big factor how much time I spend once UFO stages. Ah no way. That’s gonna send my friend into meltdown with his LCD tattoos and love of MCDE/Palms Trax. Poor lad be like a dog with two dicks. Cheers. Who you looking forward to?
  14. Freddy K/Rubo/Dozzy/Jeff Mills. Looking like Freddy K into Dozzy. I think who we’re likely to see in Manchester any time soon a big factor. Then MCDE/Fett Burger/Palms Trax/? Whoever is on Selectors. We’re very undecided on this one. I fancy Fett Burger then open to ? I’ve seen MCDE and Palms Trax loads but then again feels like a big moment for Palms Trax so I shoulda go. I was on fence between Eris Drew b2b Octo Octa and Solar b2b Cinnerman. But deffo going Eris Drew Octa after a brief discussion. Going Zenker Bros and Skee Mask at Shelter so solves another headache. Gonna go Dek x Is Burning very excited for that then probably De School Saturday so all depends who plays there.
  15. Now the dust has settled looking forward to Dekmantel. Clash city so many hard decisions to make. Is anyone heading there this year?
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