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  1. Tommy Dickfingers


    I’ve only been once for Palms Trax and Young Marco in the basement swore to go again. Might be going for Four Tet and Daniel Avery too class venue.
  2. Tommy Dickfingers

    House Music

    Best Boiler Room for ages.
  3. Tommy Dickfingers


    You'd have paid a lot more than a fiver to see MAW anywhere else let's face it. Class night.
  4. Tommy Dickfingers

    Arctic Monkeys 2019

    Arctic Monkeys can turn up and play however many songs they want from whatever record they want for me and I'll be thoroughly entertained. No guitar band of their/my era comes anywhere near to them, completely in a league of their own.
  5. Tommy Dickfingers

    Sexual Assauly at Silver Hayes

    These little freaks need someone to call them out on what they're doing the moment it happens, even if you don't know the person who's been assaulted we all know what's right and what's wrong. I don't buy into this shite about being too wrecked as well, I've been in some horrendous states and not once did I think it'd be alright to start touching up some stranger (male or female) or even somebody I knew for that matter. It's just weird.
  6. Tommy Dickfingers


    I've got Dek coming up and Koze in Liverpool in between. Also skint on my arse after all that time off and being self employed. After that might put me feet up until we go back into nightclubs.
  7. Tommy Dickfingers

    The Future of Metal At The Festival

    I'm onto most genres in some way or another. Never really taken to hard rock or metal or any of the other sub genres that I'm never entirely sure are serious (death metal?) I'm all for metal at Glastonbury though especially if there's clearly an audience for it. Why would people be against it? If you don't like it just don't go. I'd go and watch Slipknot and Manson for the craic 100 percent.
  8. Tommy Dickfingers

    Liam Gallagher

    Magic Pie is a tune!
  9. Tommy Dickfingers


    I got a moustache on the Wednesday, stayed in Wednesday night and didn't bother again until the Sunday due to the outrageous queues. I got to the Downlow about 11:30ish Sunday for MAW. Was worth it without a shadow. Looks like the Downlow is a victim of it's own success. I've never had any problems getting in before, although I did once kiss one of the girls on the door to get in, kissing on the cheek didn't suffice! I think if you aren't willing to get your chopper out for a laugh to get inside then *maybe* it isn't for you? I dunno.
  10. Tommy Dickfingers


    Masters at Work, Joy O and Solar were the best sets I saw this weekend. I was proper wrecked at Arcadia for Jackmaster and had a top laugh, I didn't exactly expect him to be splitting the atom there though.
  11. Tommy Dickfingers


    Has Jackmasters Arcadia slot changed then? Did plan on going there after Radiohead. Looks like now it'll be Hessle Audio then onto Essential Mix.
  12. Tommy Dickfingers

    New security measures in place

    My coach from Manchester is at 10:30 mate don't suppose you fancy hanging on a bit do you?
  13. Tommy Dickfingers

    LCD Soundsystem....

    I feel like James Murphy likes the idea of playing a live show and probably curating his own programme at a nightclub. Wouldn't be shocked to see Optimo DJing at one of those WHP dates. Albert Hall is a pain in the arse venue that frankly doesn't work. Mission impossible to get a drink or go for a piss. Looks lovely like. Apollo would have been good but I'm personally more excited for LCD live show with DJ's before/after. There to listen not look!
  14. Tommy Dickfingers

    LCD Soundsystem....

    Dunno why people seem to hate it so much personally. I'm not old enough to remember when it wasn't a thing (I'm 26) I've yet to have a bad nignt there yet myself. I wouldn't sweat it on tickets so much either always going on the Facebook event page or outside the venue for face or less. I've never paid over face value or a night there nor would I.
  15. Tommy Dickfingers

    LCD Soundsystem....

    I think it'll be LCD as well. Be class that really enjoyed New Order when I went last year. I personally like going Store Street especially on the right night. NYD was ace this year.