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  1. SophusBeuford


    I arrive at Castle Cary at 12.40 if that's any good
  2. SophusBeuford

    Festaff travel help

    I've just booked a train to Southampton and passenger fare for the ferry to East Cowes. So much cheaper than driving!
  3. SophusBeuford


    Interesting, I will keep that in mind cheers!
  4. SophusBeuford


    My first time with Festaff too and I'm also going solo! I'll be getting the train into Castle Cary (not sure on exact times yet) and taxi to the site if anyone wants to split the fare with me? So excited!
  5. SophusBeuford


    I used the ones in Darble last year. After 12pm (I think) they let anyone use them and charge £5 each. There isn't many showers so I did end up waiting about an hour but it was worth it. They were individual cubicles and there was a big changing area
  6. SophusBeuford

    Traveling with national express (luggage)

    Went with national express last year and took a hiking bag as well as a fully loaded trolley, got on fine with it as we were near the front of the queue. Others who were last to board struggled to fit everything on the coach
  7. SophusBeuford


    Lorde is a must see for me. Reckon she'll have an early evening slot on the Pyramid
  8. SophusBeuford

    Next Announcement 2017 Thread

    Must they tweet anything but the line up at a time like this?
  9. SophusBeuford

    Next Announcement 2017 Thread

    Tweet from the Beeb...
  10. SophusBeuford

    Festaff volunteers

    I imagine you'd just use the free lock ups provided around the site, if there were no "crew lockers"
  11. SophusBeuford

    Festaff volunteers

    Not sure, I don't currently have a car so I might hire one to go down in! Public transport is just such a hassle. Ah you'll be going in a different direction to me then!
  12. SophusBeuford

    Festaff volunteers

    One question I do have is do Festaff arrange any kind of transport? Or is it easier to drive?
  13. SophusBeuford

    Festaff volunteers

    Ah nice! Yeah I'll be wrist banding. Just south of Birmingham, yourself?
  14. SophusBeuford

    Festaff volunteers

    I've been offered work for Glasto and IOW too! I've been to Glastonbury before but haven't worked there before so I'm also interested to hear what it's like. Applied for IOW as a last minute decision but I can't wait!