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  1. yes yes yes yes ......they are here golden tickets and relax
  2. I live on a farm a couple of miles from pilton our ground is wet yes and where the horses are is churning up, but there is a nice breeze and the sun is trying to come out IF we have less rain from now we will be fine. the odd shower wont hurt but three or four days like yesterday and we could need canoes
  3. depends who you get and when you get there, ive been checked once and flagged through twice on west side... But you shouldnt take glass think of the poor cows that have to eat there after you go..
  4. i have an email finally only main tickets but its a start.....and you never know what might turn up
  5. I would be happy if they sent anything at the moment.....
  6. ill be there with the family bbq and beer all welcome ..... tuesday evening can get busy
  7. done the long night, done the short night they all end up the same in a mess lol....now i do the cv west field but in 2017 in particular we had a great time interacting with the queue couldnt see each other but didnt need too,great fun tuesday night wherever you are Forgot to add did the riflemans camp triangle/efest meet one year 2012 i think that was particularly messy
  8. Still not even a sniff yet but in not worried
  9. Getting this close to the festival with so many still waiting cant be normal im sure we have had them a lot earlier than this before? I live a couple of miles from site so i have time but im still panicking, some of you have long trips ahead and the last thing you need is to be running around on the last day finding your tickets....Come on See sort it out...rant over...
  10. nothing nowt not even a possible grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  11. Hopefully i will be set up in west cv having a cool one saying hi to the neighbours and getting the bbq on.......
  12. youngatheart


    Drove past this morning love to see the wall appear
  13. Im sure this has been talked about before but i cant find it which field is the huge sausage casserole for consumption???
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