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  1. We are in and set up in west ground is perfect i can see for miles oh so excited
  2. just needs to stop and warm up like yesterday......
  3. i thought they opened at midday? better get moving
  4. i would but we are all doomed............lts fine all be dry tomorrow
  5. netweather forecasting a lot of rain tuesday now
  6. i wore flip flops 2010 never again got the biggest blisters you can imagine .....just saying
  7. im back already its worse than nicotine .....
  8. well im sticking here im not looking again can we close the thread...........yeah ok ill be back in an hour
  9. i guess i should really try harder this year ive only managed one in 8 years so hopefully i will see you all ....
  10. thats a week away plenty of time for it to change again
  11. Lol gotta love this site.
  12. What was wrong with mine ... lol...
  13. Well as its on the up again an update from my field.. lovely day
  14. even more interesting as there shepton mallet forecast is completely different...
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