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  1. Is Chemical Bros def clashing with The Killers?
  2. How noisy is the Beat Hotel through the night? This area is on our shortlist!
  3. Thinking of camping here. Is all the ground on an incline though? Wondering if that makes for a good night's sleep...!
  4. I'll be a first-timer this year so am interested to gauge a bit more 'on the ground' info on the campsites. I've taken a look at GlastoEarth but it'd be cool to hear from others too. I'm hoping to camp somewhere that has a fun atmosphere and isn't too far from the action without being too loud at night (grandma alert but I need at least a bit of beauty sleep). So not near the Naughty Corner I've heard of! So why do you camp where you do? Which campsites fill up fastest in your experience?
  5. Hi all. I need to get a tent so am thinking ahead and going to try and get one in the sales. Two of us but would like space for stuff and ideally some standing up height for getting dressed etc. Waterproof paramount! Any suggestions happy campers? x
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