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  1. Sorry to be a stickler but think it's Vietnam.
  2. Guess the weather, lack of stringent rules, Gov advisors breaking said rules and general nothing to do/ furlough/ boredom kicking in is meaning more people are heading out. I know personally I wouldn't have ventured to Keswick two weeks ago, but it does seem a little safer now, so long as you keep distance, use common sense and don't be daft. Although the mini-golf in Keswick looked a bit busier than I would've liked when we drove past.
  3. Where about in the Lakes are you? We headed down from Carlisle to Keswick for a couple of hours on Monday. Probably the quietest we've ever seen it, even in midwinter. 95% of people respecting social distancing, no car parks really that full, even Booths seemed dead compared to a usual day. Not disputing your point obviously, but interested in the differences across the Lakes - is it people coming from South of the Lakes, or people in each town just coming out and about do you think?
  4. If there was such a media circus outside his house, which I couldn't risk anyone else being affected by, how did we miss him leaving and not returning for 15 days?
  5. The speech was like watching a Train Guy sketch. "Bahermbah..I...I...I....I'm right". Dominic Cummings. You Are. As Always. A lying bastard.
  6. Poor bloke just wants to talk about his new roads and railways without accidently ending his career by saying the wrong thing.
  7. Any tips for podcasts similar to Jay Rayner's Out (Now in) To Lunch? Loved Off Menu too, however getting a bit lost with the guests now; less recognisable for me.
  8. Morning! Instead of my daily nose I've decided to post... What's everyone's experiences with masks - any recommendations? All the builders merchants etc round my way are out of respirators, so looks like it might be an Amazon job, but the reviews aren't great.
  9. I guess it's what's classed as review. Is them discussing it over Zoom a review? Then they could be 'reviewing it' every 3rd Monday but not announcing anything for a week.
  10. My mates band (Gathering of Strangers) are doing a live set as part of a wider gig tonight. I tried to embed the link but I'm not that tech savvy. https://www.instagram.com/p/B-PIUWKHr0z/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  11. Dom Wall

    Headliner Bets

    I remember Sky a few years ago only paying out after they'd actually performed. I guess to avoid this kind of thing (or them cancelling, getting ill etc.)
  12. Just looked this up because of it posted here. Looks great fun and only £50. Have you been? Brief review?
  13. Wouldn't put City Hall in hell; was there for The Last Shadow Puppets and thought it was alright. Would agree with the rest though, perhaps the Cluny gets elevated for it's beer and pre-gig food. Hopefully they'll take a leaf out of Leeds book when building the new Arena over the river.
  14. Missed where Bombay Bicycle Club are playing?
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