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  1. Realistically, it's only got to be their only UK show announced before the end of May for APE to reap reward. They'll have been and gone if they announce a tour for later in the year in June.
  2. Dom Wall

    Other Stage 2020

    Did Josh tour Desert Sessions last time?
  3. £20 amazon as of yesterday.
  4. Dom Wall

    Hot Chip

    Agreed. Thought the atmosphere was incredible too, everyone up for a right good party.
  5. Dom Wall

    Nick Cave

    Tempted to take a trip to Rome for this, always wanted to go to the Cavea.
  6. Dom Wall

    Rum club

    Really not a DMF fan... their Coffee version tastes like a grim Café Patron.
  7. Dom Wall

    Diana Ross

    Betting Nile Rogers appears with a Chic set over the weekend too.
  8. One of my highlights. Dragged a couple of my mates away from the BBC Introducing and we all loved it; especially when he dropped Hungry Child.
  9. Thanks, had looked at Exit previously but think it's a little close to Glasto. To add a bit of context, I've don't Optimus (Nos) Alive twice and Mad Cool so that gives an idea of music style.
  10. You're a star. We're debating Festival - Bristol then the train to Paddington rather than the coach and risk another 6 hour bus journey back (as last year). Anyone know what the traffic is like to Bristol early ish Monday? I know it says 1hr 45 at 9am but is that actually achievable?
  11. Looking for a fest later (or very early) in the summer as I was lucky in the Glasto sale. Doesn't seem enough to tempt me at Sziget act wise. Electric Picnic looks great, but perhaps after a bit of a holiday as part of it! Anyone have any recommendations August time? Doesn't just have to be European.
  12. Do they do one way from the Fest? We bought one way coach tix on Thursday; trying to work out best way back.
  13. So, if someone is booking with your number but doesn't update the group chat; you then get through whilst they're entering card details, you'd both get kicked out?
  14. Any idea on venue / pricing for London?
  15. There's a gap for them to do Primavera LA too in September.
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