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  1. My mates band (Gathering of Strangers) are doing a live set as part of a wider gig tonight. I tried to embed the link but I'm not that tech savvy. https://www.instagram.com/p/B-PIUWKHr0z/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  2. Dom Wall

    Headliner Bets

    I remember Sky a few years ago only paying out after they'd actually performed. I guess to avoid this kind of thing (or them cancelling, getting ill etc.)
  3. Just looked this up because of it posted here. Looks great fun and only £50. Have you been? Brief review?
  4. Wouldn't put City Hall in hell; was there for The Last Shadow Puppets and thought it was alright. Would agree with the rest though, perhaps the Cluny gets elevated for it's beer and pre-gig food. Hopefully they'll take a leaf out of Leeds book when building the new Arena over the river.
  5. Missed where Bombay Bicycle Club are playing?
  6. Roundhouse on the Friday Black Midi, Brittany Howard, Michael Kiwanuka
  7. Dingwalls, Roundhouse, Electric Ballroom.
  8. Any news on the Carl Cox glade set being released? Listening to his Burning Man 2018 set to get me started for tonight.
  9. Roundhouse, Dingwalls KOKO, Jazz Café?
  10. I bought one in 2018. I got a pack with a mug and a tote bag. I think there's been a tweet kicking around from them advertising it.
  11. Dom Wall

    The Strokes?

    Actually headlined the second stage at R1BW. Carlisle, 2011.
  12. Last year was the first. Changed my life and general outlook on the world. Started off with Al Doyle's DJ set in Crows Nest. Stranger putting me on their shoulders during Tame Impala (favourite band). Going to see Carl Cox's disco/soul set on Glade for an hour and watching the full set instead. Seeing Lizzo with one of my mates mates I'd only met for the first time that Wednesday and her becoming one of my favourite people in the world (both Lizzo and the mate). Will be trying every year for the rest of my life, next year already in the bag.
  13. Realistically, it's only got to be their only UK show announced before the end of May for APE to reap reward. They'll have been and gone if they announce a tour for later in the year in June.
  14. Dom Wall

    Other Stage 2020

    Did Josh tour Desert Sessions last time?
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