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  1. Yeah same feeling, but Werchter needs some stuff to sell their tickets, they don't sell tickets that fast in the last few years.
  2. Slipknot will stream their concert of Graspop 2019 tomorrow at midnight CET, 11 pm BST.
  3. Ken said Bon Iver wasn't booked. They wanted him, they didn't succeed.
  4. Editors...how many times have they played Belgium already? Ok, they are cheap and Belgium loves them to dead, but if the editors aren't the weakest headliner on the bill, then it is a weak main stage line up. I agree with DDave, I am even more radical: just remove the main stage and replace it with a big tent.
  5. As DDave said, Caribou is the first rumour.
  6. They headlined like 3 times already?
  7. I've seen Iron Maiden once and I think that is enough. But I think a lot of Graspop goers will be dissapointed with this news. Graspop is billed as a 4-day fest next year, I wonder who will replace them? And what about the Friday, which is a bit weak at the top due to a lot of people?
  8. Because it didn't shift thousands of tickets anymore. Except for some bands and the headliners, the shelter didn't attract a big crowd anymore. One day PKP is +- 100 euro. That's almost the price of a combiticket of a smaller festival that only books names that could perform in the Shelter. Every subgenre and every shithole in Belgium has it own festival nowadays. It's hard for PKP to attract a metal/punk/hardcore crowd because they have better options for a lesser price. I can't blame the rockers to go to another festival. With so few people visiting the shelter, it isn't reasonable to keep the shelter. The bands are really expensive because they have multiple artists in a band, they have a crew, the instruments costs a lot.... The shelter was too expensive I think.
  9. As headliners, yes, but Main Stage, Marquee or Dance Hall closer, they are perfect.
  10. I have no problem with a scaled down Pukkelpop. Just remove the Main Stage, nobody cares about it anyway.
  11. It's far to early to conclude something about corona and the summer festivals.
  12. But they didn't ask the most important question: where are the goddamn first names???
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