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  1. It's happening! I am packed and ready to invade camping Chill at noon. See you guys Friday at 17.40 in the PKP Café. Take care of each other and have a blast.
  2. He looks like the one in your profile picture. Is it you?
  3. But why are you visiting www.her.ie? 😁 A picture from the boiler. It looks smaller and more like the old-skool boiler.
  4. The local quality cocktail bar is on an "assignment" this weekend. I guess there will be a secret cocktail bar again. Has anyone found it last year?
  5. The best festivals I went to were the rainy ones. Suffering together creates a bond. But except for the saturday, the forecast isn't that bad. Most stages are in tents, so that's helpfull too.
  6. It has poured yesterday, but the soil here has been dry because of the lack of rain in the past months (and even years). So the site and camping should do well generally. Saturday looks disastrous at the moment.
  7. Last year some pathways on Chill were really muddy though and it hadn't rained that much. The forecast this year has inspired me to be a buy a party tent. I rather have my muesli with milk instead of rain.
  8. Shite replacement, I hoped for something bigger since the sunday evening is a bit weak in my taste. The National is not my cup of tea nor is TOP. I think I will just hang out in the Boiler for Pan Pot and Amelie and watch the druggies turn into zombies.
  9. Charlotte De Witte is playing this evening at Lokerse Feesten, so.... Giorgio is not a Dance Hall name. I saw him in a venue, it was quite mediocre. Tove Lo and Tiga are good possibilities. Jess Glyne has canceled Lokerse Feesten.
  10. There is a pdf available now. Cook Pit is replaced by Art Yard, whatever that is.
  11. All the tents are white this year, except for the Club.
  12. - Sunday and combi will probably sell out next week - "Putting a decent program together is difficult. There are the youngsters, who is our target audience number one, but also an older generation who already visits the festival for years. This year we have tried to appease the older generation more. We haven't booked the very big names, but the headliners are PKP-worthy." - Billie Eilish was already booked in September. https://www.tvl.be/nieuws/pukkelpop-voor-het-eerst-in-jaren-uitverkocht-82751 EDIT: Chokri mentioned the ticket sales are the best in years. But wasn't it sold out in 2017?
  13. Nope, no map yet. Maybe today along with the last names Castello and Club will take each other's position, Boiler and Dance Hall will be opposite of each other. I have'nt heard anything about the Cook Pit, so this will disappear I think.
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