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  1. Releasing the line up early is a good thing. Last year, a lot of potential international festivalgoers already made their plans when the first batch of the line up was released I think. By the way, from Monday, Lowlands will release a name everyday.
  2. I am going to retain a place near you during Avalon. I hope she plays during Post Malone, so she wouldn't clash with other interesting artists.
  3. Ah I see. Anderson in blue makes sense. Good Charlotte in blue and Bullet For My Valentine in black doesn't.
  4. Last year we had 55-58 a day, so we still get 50-60 names (thursday not included).
  5. All the Belgian names are quality. I am happy with Anderson Paak and Macky Gee. I didn't expect Anderson in the smallest font. We still miss a lot of "blue names" at sunday.
  6. Euhm did you check the instagramstory of pkp?
  7. Anderson, Fisher for sure. Blackwave? Bullet For My Valentine?
  8. More acts added to Flow Festival https://www.flowfestival.com/en/
  9. They booked Imagine Dragons on the 50th anniversery of Woodstock. They're taking the piss.
  10. Tom Odell ruled out (Suikerrock).
  11. I can't say that I will miss those names. Lol Banarama, they smoked some good stuff when they booked them.
  12. Don't forget meshuggah and the ocean!
  13. They play the second of July in Belgium in some kind of open air theatre.
  14. I think Anderson Paak is certain. Does Shame tour in august? I would like to see them.
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