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  1. Yea but its all about the navigating your immediate surrounding area at a muddy glasto. Any boots without laces run the risk of being sucked off 😉 but if it means avoiding laces then I'd risk that.
  2. The best boot footwear I've worn at festivals for muddy conditions are rigger boots. Comfy, non-sweaty, no laces, easy on/off. About £25 at shoezone.
  3. depends where your fingers have been
  4. Well done, patience of an angel, have a great time.
  5. Does that mean 17 on the Saturday if the low hangs about but if the high wins then it could ge 27?
  6. Cooter

    “Getting in”

    From experience this is exactly how it is. Plus you'll have a staff camping area or you can also obviously camp wherever you like.
  7. Yea good luck prior to leaving home but must say odds are on that you'll get in after an hour or so at the box office dicking about with ID etc. You'll be laughing about all this in 2 weeks time! Have a great festival.
  8. Let's hope we don't get any great German forecasts, all got a bit steamy last time.
  9. Yep me too, I'd definitely still be heading to the fest ticketless if I found myself in the same situation. Think you've got your answer there OP.
  10. Ok. Must admit I'm surprised there isn't an official statement on the fest site about loss of tickets. Or is it a secret thing to try and minimise the losses and ultimately the hassle.
  11. That's not a bad shout actually. Surely you won't be the only punter to have lost your ticket??
  12. Probably a silly question but is Emily tweetable? I don't use twitter so apologies if this is a silly and laughable suggestion.
  13. No. It can he a real struggle for all ages on a wet muddy year. Some areas even become inpassable due to thick, deep sucking mud.
  14. I'd take any temps between 18 and 25 at the festival. Even if its not sunny you can add a couple of degrees to those and if it is sunny, add 5 or 6. Shade temps too. Anything above 25 and it all becomes a bit like a simmering volcano.
  15. Fukkin hell, I'm not even going but this thread is doing my nut in 🤪
  16. Mik really is a must see. Brilliantly clever and funny, nice bloke.
  17. No idea on craft beer places but the Solstice has a really big Co-op petrol station shop that sells loads.
  18. That's a big question. All depends on your time schedules and how and where your camping. Belongs in questions forum this one.
  19. Always M25/M3/A303. Usually stop at Fleet services for a cuppa, assess the weather and talk about what awaits us on the farm. Next stop is Solstice services on the A303, kfc, yea I know its shit but heyho, it's tradition. Love the A303, army people, little airport, stonehenge, wild pigs, has the lot!
  20. Imo Glasto caters for everyone and if these are actually Lennys words then he's come across as a right twat and done little homework on the subject. If people don't want to be at festivals then fair enough, its their choice whether it be cultural and/or just cant be bothered. Why even give it colour?
  21. "the lack of diversity at Glastonbury...", yea ok Lenny!
  22. and with a smile on your face!?
  23. So 1 mile walking and 14 raving at the Glade!
  24. Yea fair enough, I can forgive walking boots to a point but they are somewhat debatable too. I suppose if the wearer needs extra ankle support then fine and if they're comfy then that's a bonus. But the laces ffs? Apologies, I seem to have gone a bit Alan Partridge....back to the weather!
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