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  1. Liking the new one with Mark Ronson too, would definitely go see him headline somewhere over Taylor.
  2. I’ll be in the campervan fields on that Tuesday of the England game, will there be anywhere local we could walk to to watch the game? Or will I just have to make do with it on my phone
  3. Very much here for this
  4. Brad2434


    Anyone watched the new Rip Up The Road documentary they’ve just released on Prime?
  5. https://m.soundcloud.com/dkmntl/orpheu-the-wizard-at-dekmantel-festival-2019?in=dkmntl%2Fsets%2Fdekmantel-festival-2019 this set was absolutely banging at dek this year, give it a whirl!
  6. The 1975 are absolutely tragic, tried to give them a chance when they headlined R1 big weekend in my hometown this year and he was unbearable. Would hate to see them headline but then again it would free up a slot to go do something else.
  7. A bloke I work with in his 50’s absolutely lives for gigs and live music. Goes to pretty much every live gig in our area and always goes to things like Live at Leeds where there’s multiple venues showcasing bands across a full day. But as soon as I mention a festival in a field or try to convince him he would love Glastonbury he doesn’t want to hear it. Has never tried it and says he can’t think of anything worse, can never understand it!
  8. Read this post as I had the email through from demensions haha. Love international site is great, i'm happy they are changing the dimensions date to earlyish august aswel. I went in 2017 when they had to stop one night due to electrical storms, and I went to unknown fest in 2015 or 2016 and it poured down all week then aswel, so definitely best to avoid Croatia in September.
  9. Brad2434

    Campervan Glasto?!?

    Most of your questions have been answered here
  10. Which CV ticket do you need to buy to get E21? Standard east or quiet east?
  11. Brad2434


    Yeh I’ve just checked the specs on the one I’ve rented and it says it’s 7.3m long, so I should still be cool getting into CV east?
  12. Brad2434


    I live in the north east so rented from a company based in Northallerton called luxury motorhome to hire. I spend a lot of time around Glasto Latino and always end the night in the south east corner so I think east would suit me more! Cheers for the answers to the other questions! I’m pretty sure they go on sale on Sunday 27th along with worthy view.
  13. Brad2434


    So this year I’ve opted to rent a campervan for the week and I’ve got a few questions. Is it easy enough to purchase a campervan pass? What time are you allowed in on the Tuesday usually? Is the site open to wander round or are you restricted to the campervan field? Also how easy is it to camp in campervan east, is it sign posted as you get towards Glastonbury? Thanks!
  14. Yep. 1 laptop plugged into the router via ethernet, 1 chrome tab, 18 tickets bought by 09:20. Easy as that.
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