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  1. Insane isn’t it. I managed to convince my crew to stay after wet leg even thought none of them had a clue who they were, and I only knew ‘does it make you feel good’. Safe to say we were all massive fans by the end
  2. Sam fender Foals Confidence Man (good to see so many on here thought the same!)
  3. Another one for pro flags. Think they look absolutely great and saved me and my friends plenty of times when meeting up. Would be a sad day for Glastonbury if they ever got banned
  4. This was always the doom & gloom forecast so that’s great to see
  5. Wow the site looks amazing, so excited!!!
  6. Brad2434


    My god how good is Wild Green
  7. Thoughts on the new SBTRKT track? Absolutely loved his debut album, seems to be heading in a bit of a different direction now though! Interested to hear what else is to come at least
  8. Hahaha this is a joke right? You could wear trainers with 10mm of rain and barely get muddy..
  9. So someone on-site now has *just* said this yet I get this exact WhatsApp over a week ago 😅
  10. There’s not a chance I’m even taking wellies for that forecast. Best forecast I’ve had before a Glastonbury!
  11. Thanks for posting this, I was in 2 minds whether to sell my ticket or not and this has sealed the deal for me. Really worrying for those still braving the weekend.
  12. I’m not sure I could think of a worse secret ‘pyramid sized’ guest if I tried
  13. Yeah it’ll be class. He’s a lot more suited to some of our crowd who aren’t into techno/heavier house
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