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  1. I understand people wanting to remain positive about Glasto but how on earth can you take positivity about it from that? It’s literally the opposite
  2. Rules out the apparent poster I got sent last week then
  3. Are idles definitely ruled out then?
  4. My girlfriend is a teacher at one of the schools that’s been shut today. She’s locked in the spare room 👍
  5. It’s absurd but I think they’ll be there. As will The National. The line up is going to be stacked
  6. Is there a reason behind this?
  7. The big agencies will definitely enforce contract rules whether it’s Glastonbury or not. They all have written in that artwork needs to be approved before announcing. Yes Glastonbury is probably the most prestigious festival in the world but at the end of the day it’s still a paid gig.
  8. Just adding to this, I know when I mentioned my mate had seen the poster and a lot of people said they thought the Eavi were the only people to see it until release day, I spoke to someone else I know yesterday who I know is 100% credible and works close with the festival (he’s got a lot of my close mates into the festival on artists bands that get handed back a couple weeks before the fest) and said he’s also seen the poster in the past week and that it definitely needs to be sent to management of artists for approval, hence why there’s a few people saying they’ve seen it now. He didn’t mention when it was getting announced but the fact that it’s all ready and management have seen it is a good sign right?
  9. Spoke to him again yesterday. He’s still under the impression it’s out this week. I’m with the majority in here believing that no one except the Eavi see the first poster until it’s out, which I said to him and he just laughed and said ‘well wait and see’. I’d completely write this off as lies but there are some huge names on his agencies roster
  10. Hahaha Sia. Who the hell made that?
  11. Feb 21st for me. Next Friday.
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