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  1. Riggins

    The National

    Where Is Her Head would sound great in the sunshine at a festival.
  2. Riggins

    The National

    Southbank twitter saying show starts at 8pm
  3. Riggins

    The National

    Good stuff, and dangerous considering it's payday...! Cheers.
  4. Riggins

    The National

    Anyone who's been to previous gigs on this run, did they have any of the new merch?
  5. That video just reminds me of an indie Oasis lite version of Johnny Karate from Parks and Recreation, with the same amount of lyrical innovation. Genuinely baffled by him.
  6. Just saw Middle Kids are playing London on Tue 25th June. They'd be a nice addition for me.
  7. I've kind of half paid attention to all that stuff. Blind faith and hope works better for me I'll just cross my fingers for a mass Busted singalong at some point.
  8. I think I'm a bit disappointed none of my 'must see' bands are there, The National, Bon Iver, Brockhampton and Busted (hopefully they'll come later), but perhaps not feeling I need to go and see one band will mean I enjoy myself and take a lot of other stuff in.
  9. They were the band in the film too weren't they? I watched the special features on the blu-ray and there was a 10 minute interview with Lukas and Bradley and they seemed very close musically.
  10. Riggins

    The National

    Yeah if anyone comes by a spare, please shout at me. I'm distraught. I'd been doing a deep dive into them the past few weeks anyway, revisiting the earlier stuff but I was in a work meeting when tickets went on sale and my mate was unable to get them for me. The most annoying part is my work meeting was about 100 yards away from the bloody venue itself. It was painful stuff.
  11. Riggins

    2019 New Music

    Here's hoping! The Glastonbury song would get a lovely reaction I reckon.
  12. Riggins

    2019 New Music

    Buzzing for the Busted album tomorrow. Return to the early formula of absolute banging sing-a-longs. If they're there, hopefully on the Other, I reckon it'll be a highlight if everyone is into it.
  13. Agree that their Pyramid slot last time was extremely underwhelming crowd wise. Very spacious at the front too.
  14. They changed the profile picture to new artwork on Facebook today too. Getting my hopes up at the smallest things but seems changes are happening. Looks like a full moon, next full moon if February 19th...
  15. Riggins

    2019 Headliners

    Ezra is a festival friend isn't he, so I'd imagine he'll be around for a big sing-a-long on the Pyramid. I saw him before an XX secret set on BBC Intro years ago, so he feels like the type of 'he started at the bottom' type story.
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