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  1. They weren't necessarily bad in the sense they didn't put on a good show, I think the newer songs just did so little for me compared to the early stuff. They also must've only played for an hour, which struck me as a bit odd for a £50 headline show when you've got lots of material to draw from.
  2. Gaslight Anthem 241 for Wembley next week. I got one off Twickets for about the same price, tho feeling like it might go cheaper still... Never understood it when they announced it, I love them to death but no new tunes out it felt like a final date on a succesful album tour rather than your first back. https://shop.axs.co.uk/ISXkCwAAAABL%2f%2bKRAAAAAAAh%2fv%2f%2f%2fwD%2f%2f%2f%2f%2fB3dlbWJsZXkA%2f%2f%2f%2f%2f%2f%2f%2f%2f%2f8%3d
  3. I've been getting quite a few competitions through on my IG stories, Beefeater I think, Luno themselves. Hoping these are basically everyone wins type of ones.
  4. No idea what I'm getting but never seen them and desperate to since listening to the album. Venue cap is only 350 so might be a struggle.
  5. Yeah I was standing there as they rattled through the fourth chorus of whatever the 'eat, sleep, wake' song was and thought the same of White Lies, Two Door Cinema Club, Courteeners etc. Still rattling on.
  6. Saw Bombay Bicyle Club at South Facing last week, was struck by just how average they've gotten. The songs from the first album still sounded quality, but everything else just sounded like TK Maxx indie to me. Reminds me of a lot of bands that broke out around that time with a great first album and slowly regressed.
  7. Ah nice they let you choose. Hopefully I can get my National tickets! It's two tickets btw right? Assumed it would be since you have to tag your mate.
  8. Also just won, interesting people still don't know which they've got. I only really want to go to The National day, will take anything as a freebie really but hopefully we get to pick.
  9. Need to give her more of a listen. I bloody loved Slow Club and was gutted they never really got their dues. Their Christmas shows were one of the highlights of my year, but glad to see she's doing so well. I saw Prima Facie NT Live the other day and she did the music for that, plus a really impactful performance as part of the pre-show. Worth seeking out.
  10. King Princess out today too and sounding good on first few songs
  11. Give me Whitney back and I'll be happy
  12. They definitely won't be worthless mate I'll give you a tenner each
  13. Riggins

    2023 Headliners

    Is it actually? Ha. I saw it and just thought, well hmm, you're not even playing this year mate that's an interesting choice.
  14. Riggins

    2023 Headliners

    Has anyone mentioned that George Ezra has a new documentary coming out and one of the scenes is him sitting outside the Pyramid stage around campfire with his mates?
  15. They did a 241 a few weeks ago but I'm keen for cheapos on this too, fingers crossed
  16. Free £10 Amazon voucher if you have Vouchercodes too, usually pays out quite quickly
  17. Just need Betting Shop, Post Office and Chippy to be added and you'll have completed the British High Street bingo card with Dry Cleaning and Working Men's Club.
  18. Looks great, can't beat that for a location
  19. Should probably go in the New Music thread, but first song here: It's not a million miles removed honestly. I like them though, and his work on Inside Llewyn Davies
  20. Marcus Mumford Tour Dates 14 Nov Leadmill, Sheffield 15 Nov 02 Shepherds Bush Empire, London 18 Nov The Nick Rayns LCR, UEA, Norwich 19 Nov 02 Institute 1, Birmingham 20 Nov Uni Great Hall, Exeter 22 Nov Marble Factory, Bristol 23 Nov Albert Hall, Manchester 24 Nov Invisible Wind Factory, Liverpool 26 Nov SWG3 Galvanisers, Glasgow 28 Nov Olympia, Dublin
  21. Yeah I mean, £95 is a lot but I know I'll be getting a top, top class show and often double the length of other acts.
  22. Riggins


    Not even gonna take the bait lol
  23. Riggins


    Unless you're trolling, can't see why you'd openly admit this like
  24. Two of my group have, few others have a cough/sore throat including me. I've had it and all jabs so hoping mines just a bit of post fest exhaustion but can't get my hands on a test
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