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  1. Dunno if it counts as proper good news, and I tried to see if it had already been posted, but I saw Glastonbury Fayre has been added to BFI Player which offers a 14 day free trial when you sign up. Perhaps something to lose ourselves in through these times... https://player.bfi.org.uk/subscription/film/watch-glastonbury-fayre-1971-online
  2. Riggins

    The National

    Philharmonic performing Bryce’s music for free at Southbank Centre in 2021. I picked up a couple, long way off but nothing to lose at that price or lack of. https://www.southbankcentre.co.uk/whats-on/141707-music-today-bryce-dessner-2021
  3. Riggins

    2020 New Music

    Damn, just assumed nobody will have posted about them ha. Could be The Wonder Years?
  4. Riggins

    2020 New Music

    Liking Spanish Love Songs. Don't expect them at Glastonbury mind. For fans of The Menzingers, Modern Baseball, Hotelier etc. Don't mind the new Gengahr album too.
  5. Liverpool Sound City teasing an announcement too
  6. There is an absolutely terrific pizza place in the shopping centre called Made in Sud. One of the best pizzas I've ever had.
  7. Got any for the National day?
  8. I think I did overall enjoy myself, and just need to come to terms that I find festivals overall bloody hard work. It felt so constantly ridiculously busy all the time, with people dawdling and generally lacking spacial awareness on a large scale. Perhaps the searing heat made me a bit more irritable. I've spent a while trying to find the magic of it all, as sometimes it's hard when you're paying hand over mouth for a cheap burger, pressed up against people not moving for half an hour and dealing with that EE/lock ups debacle. If Glastonbury was a national service we'd probably be protesting its privatisation. All that said, I did see some great sets. The Killers were note perfect, Sports Team blew me away and Slowthai was messy as anything. Then there are those moments of sheer joy where you do get it. I decided to wonder up to the hill to try and see the sunrise this morning and it was so calm, peaceful and serene. Just beautiful. And the roads were pretty much deserted. Compared to the Wednesday when I could barely move and you're just sitting there watching people do all sorts. I really do find it a festival of extremes and I can't quite work out if I love it or not! To be fair I didn't encounter any dick heads as such, everyone seemed to keep to themselves. Sometimes I do wonder whether anyone who applied for Love Island but didn't quite make it gets a complimentary ticket.
  9. Riggins

    2020 wishlists

    The National Brockhampton Childish Gambino Taylor Swift Boygenius Tyler the Creator James Acaster Busted
  10. Riggins

    Is It Too Hot?

    My favourite heat related moment was when Slowthai took his socks off on Saturday and instantly realised his mistake.
  11. Who took you by surprise? Either a new find or someone you saw for the first time. Mine would have to be Sports Team. Went along thinking they were alright based on their tunes but they properly blew me away live. They had the crowd in the palm of their hand. Definitely now on my radar going forward, stage prescence in buckets.
  12. Riggins

    The Streets

    Yeah, I'm sitting on the grass outside becuase it's rammed and I can't be arsed moving elsewhere.
  13. Riggins

    Billie Eilish

    Was quite far back but could barely hear a thing. Left early.
  14. I would've loved TAYLOR swift this year, can easily see next year with her album out later this year. Think Fleetwood Mac/Paul McCartney could fill another. Foals do seem like an obvious other choice which is a shame because they bore the tits out of me. But seems a couple of years too early for the likes of Wolf Alice.
  15. Riggins

    The Killers

    I was there and maybe my favourite headline set so far. Just jubilant and so many bangers, done bloody brilliantly. Nailed it.
  16. Damn, I checked and left Park just before that Crows Nest announcement. Would've loved to have seen Sports Team.
  17. Riggins

    2019 New Music

    Frightened rabbit tribute is at Stone circle at 9.30pm, look for the giant cross and there's a really cool special guest too
  18. I've pretty much be struck by awful anxiety over the past year or so, a lot of health anxiety which is mostly really irrational but all consuming. This has been one of my sources of absolute, take your mind off of it all, joy so I can't wait. That said, I'm still petrified I'm going to get the lurgy in the next 48 hours meaning I'll have to miss the entire festival, ugh!
  19. Also having a bit of a time of it at work so just put the out of office on and no thinking about it for the next week! Added some final bits and starting to charge the bits which need charging. Still got a bit to do tomorrow but it's so close!
  20. No running a week before Glastonbury from now on!
  21. Well I did it yesterday, but it's becoming more painful today. Decided to get back into the old parkrun and took it way too seriously when there...now have foot pain on the bone on the outside of my foot which is making it quite difficult to walk without pain. I've had it before and it took a few weeks to be back to normal, anyone got any suggestions for something to ease this kind of pain in anticipation of five days of lots of walking?! I've also started getting clothing ready, just waiting on a few things to arrive in the post and I'm almost packed!
  22. Riggins

    2019 New Music

    Me neither, I reactivated last night and it was still TBC. Hoping to make it and still be able to join my friends for Denzel Curry.
  23. Riggins

    2019 New Music

    Ta! Definitely looks interesting. Still one of my favourite Glastonbury memories was them on John Peel when they'd sent out loads of flags in the post and it was just a sea of flags.
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