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    Nope. Cards are wiped after the quarters. Only a red card will affect it
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    Bing bong biddly bong
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    Radiohead and Arctics both fucked it on the Pyramid, out of boneheaded refusal to play to anybody standing past the sound towers. I'd thought both bands would be switched on enough to know that when you play the Pyramid, you play to the whole feild. Go big or go home.
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    It'd be fucking non-stop.
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    Seems like the new manager was taken for a fool amirite
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    Tame Impala is probably the biggest exclusive of Mad Cool Festival. This will be their first concert in 12 months. (Last one was the legendary Panorama NYC concert https://youtu.be/1p3JqUAetVM ) They only have a concert in the UK on the 15th and 4 concerts in the U.S. this year. They just posted this after 3 months. It looks like they are bringing their whole visual set to Mad Cool Festival as well.
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    So do you think all left wing politicians are kind and right wing politicians unkind? I think you have good people and idiots on both sides. I think differences in ideology is not a case of being kind/unkind. I think torys think their ideology is best for the country, just as labour, Lib Dem’s and SNP do.
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    If I'd racked up 15,384 posts on a website about Glastonbury, and I have the forum permanently open during a year where there isn't a even a bloody festival.
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    I am sorry Mr Tommo, but neither Slaves nor Hinds are playing this years festival. Maybe you should brush up on your contemporary music knowledge.. crrrroak.
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    Because is he really that big? He still only played Academys on his last tour and Grime as a whole seems to be a lot less trendy as it was when his album came out (suggesting that he probably wouldnt go down as well. I mean heck, just look at some of the slots Skepta got this year). None of the singles really seemed to do that well (Big For Your Boots did alright and I remember the MNEK collab being played a bit, but nothing to the extent of Thats Not Me/Feed Em To The Lions/Shutdown/Too Many Men etc.) It certainly hasn't had much staying power (at least in my circle of friends). On top of that he'll only have at most 2 albums out (I haven't researched this at all but I imagine that is one of the smallest back catalogues of any glasto headliner ever? Muse is the smallest I can find briefly who headlined off the back of 3 albums) and the biggest festival he's done AFAIK is Wireless this year. Admittedly, grime (and rap in general) isn't really my genre, so I could be somehow completely oblivious to how huge he is, but I would imagine that if I don't know much about him (considering I imagine I have an above average knowledge about music stuff in general) then I doubt most punters will be interested either. Well I didn't know he played last year, and imo that makes him even less likely. Coming back literally the next glasto to headline outright? Just seems odd. Plus biggest success story in British Music? Generally curious but how is this being measured? If we are going off of debut sales then that award has to go to king of soccer moms rag n bone man, or maybe to dua. Heck didn't even LG outsell him last year and you guys were all saying he'd never get a decent slot? I'd put 1975 above him in that race for headliner (he could potentially sub as per my previous comment). Maybe I'm just completely oblivious to something (feel free to link me whatever as I keep seeing Stormzy suggested and I just don't understand).
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    Great news, enjoy your weekend and tell Pearl Jam I'll see them next week
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    Not really relevant but did anybody see AM at TRNSMT and if so what'd they think? Looked pretty good from what I saw and the setlist looks pretty solid bar a couple of missing tracks that hopefully they'll add to the tour setlist. That depends on whether they perform longer than what they did in Glasgow which i presume was just short of 2 hours??
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    Apart from the bar queues, i thought it was a great day. Yes, sign posts would of been nice, and the sound was iffy (not helped by the wind) but QOTSA were tight!!! seen them before but they were so slick, loved Josh's reaction to all us men singing "make it with Chu" RTJ were great, would love to see them on a smaller stage, maybe in a tent. Miles Kane, Hives and Iggy all surprised me, just watched them from the back while hiding in the shade. and for London...£60 was a bargain. Just wish i had of snuck more booze in!!
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    No. Seriously what are people expecting to happen in the next few months? Their albums already out. They’re not setting the world alight with anything off the album...
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    I think fewer big stages is the way to go. John Peel, maybe Acoustic and definitely the Other can go. What's the point of them anyway but to host acts I'm generally not into. They could be replaced with alleyways of micro venues that most people wont even be able to get into. Thats more my kind of thing. I've been going to Glastonbury for 25 years, so that's got to be worth something. Also, this weather has made me realise that a few clouds in the sky wouldn't go amiss. I like to have something to shout at.

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