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  1. Tour is nice and all but wish they'd said more about the music. No single released, no release date, no tracklist... Even the cover says "not official artwork" lol. Love not having to wait half a decade between records though. There was meant to be a Brandon Flowers tour happening around now. So it seems to me like Ronnie (and hopefully Mark (and even more hopefully Dave)) have decided fairly recently they wanna keep the band up and running. I bet a lot of these songs are nearly all Brandon though and were originally meant to be solo material. Gonna hold back and see what the likes of All Points East are saying before committing to any of the gigs, but will defo be at one or two. Cardiff gig was nearly 90 quid in the summer so at least it's "only" around 70 now. Hoping to pay a fair bit less than that though.
  2. https://zaphod.uk.vvhp.net/vvreg/14044-691481.html
  3. Have I made this up, or did someone on here say a few months ago that My Chemical Romance were being looked at for 2020?
  4. Caribou back FINALLY
  5. Crowd was so good. I dunno if he's gonna get any bigger than he currently is but he has a very solid fanbase. Thought a couple of the new songs were a bit flat compared to on record but nothing too drastic. Divorce was brilliant. Definitely the weakest review I've seen from Roy, he didn't know what to say once he was being asked to stand on the stool hahaha.
  6. Odessa

    2019 New Music

    This new Alex Cameron album is superb. I can't tell if it's Forced Witness level yet (a very high bar), but it's definitely not far off. Harmony Hall is in a league of its own (it's like the best song ever), but excluding that Miami Memory is up there for song of the year. I'm busy the night he's playing Leeds or I'd be heading there as well as the Manc date. The new Pixies isn't as good as Head Carrier, but it's not a bad effort at all. There's enough here for me. I think the singles, Long Rider, and Silver Bullet should hopefully all be great live. I have listened to bits of the Metronomy album and it sounds good but gonna properly spin it today. Need to get round to Charli's as well. And Twin Peaks. And about a million other albums.
  7. They've actually been inexplicably small over here for years. Great band with a pretty consistent back catalogue and a brilliant live show. The Belgians know what they're doing.
  8. Odessa

    The 1975 2020

    What you personally thought of the quality of the set has absolutely nothing to do with where they will be placed. You don't like them, fine, but they're gonna be Pyramid headliners lol. You are delusional if you think they're gonna be on the Other. "Regardless of their following" is an absolutely baffling comment.
  9. I was in the carpark sorting traffic on Thursday evening so got lucky with the weather there. I didn't mind that job for a few hours but once it got to about 10 and nobody was arriving, I was sick of it before long haha. Between 10 and 1 we dealt with next to nothing so that was a drag and the only bit of the volunteering I really couldn't be arsed with. My night shift on the Friday was fine cos I just had free roam to wander round near the fire/green man, so I was just wandering round speaking to fucked up people. Wasn't really work beyond having to be awake. And then Sunday morning I was just sat down by the entrance to the crew bit, but with 2 proper members of security staff. So I wasn't needed there at all and constantly left for toast/soup/coffee. Really easy stuff on the whole.
  10. This is such a good festival. I volunteered again and got really well looked after again by them with food etc, so if the cost of the ticket is ever the difference between you being able to go or not then defo just go as a steward. I spent less than £20 on food and hot drinks in 5 days because they provide so much to staff. I didn't see a great deal of acts cos I was sometimes tired from working so couldn't be arsed leaving camp to see stuff for the sake of it. The Beths were great and I immediately booked tickets to see them again in a couple of weeks. I would have liked to see Julia Jacklin and Whitney but not enough for me to bother getting soaked when I could give the stuff at Far Out a chance. Pigs x7 made no impression on me at all tbh, was expecting them to be good after what I'd read about them. Braved the rain for Fat Whites who absolutely smashed it, and then Bill Ryder-Jones was decent later on as well. The Big Moon and A Certain Ratio were both really fun on Saturday afternoon. The proposal to one of the band members at the end of the former's set was a lovely moment. Big Thief sounded nice, we just sat and watched from the bank. UFOF is one of my favourite albums of the year but I shoulda listened to more of their old stuff beforehand. Stereolab were ok I guess, not really got a lot to say about them. I was planning to see Car Seat Headrest but when it came to it and everyone I was with was seeing Four Tet, I couldn't be arsed going off on my own to see a band I don't overly care about. Great decision as Four Tet's set was mindblowing. I wasn't expecting to like it anywhere near even half as much as I did. The sound was incredible (as it was on the Mountain Stage for everything I saw). I was seriously flagging all day Sunday thanks to my shifts and lack of common sense about getting enough sleep, but thankfully Eels eventually woke me up. They were good but then Sharon Van Etten and Father John Misty were both ridiculously good. It felt like seeing three consecutive headliners. Seventeen live was everything I hoped it would be and the entire crowd around us was captivated throughout SVE's set. Hopefully she returns to headline at some point. FJM is an amazing performer and was almost as funny in between songs as Mark Oliver Everett had been earlier on. I'll probably just buy a ticket next year if the lineup appeals again. I was looking forward to some respite after this after going to a mad number of festivals this summer, but I've ended up with a free Leeds ticket for this weekend now. Can't think of anything worse right now in my current state but there's a handful of good things on. Tempted to only do a couple of days tho.
  11. Odessa

    2019 New Music

    Nah, podcasts don't really appeal tbh, I'd rather just stick an album on usually. This one is worth a listen tho is it? And yeah, the first single was comfortably better, but I don't mind it. I liked Head Carrier a lot (far more than the rest of the world seemed to) so I still have faith that they can put out a solid record.
  12. Odessa

    2019 New Music

    HAIM haven't tried to hide the Lou Reed inspiration, in case anyone missed this.
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