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  1. Odessa

    2020 headliners

    I wouldn't say short career. She had big hits for over a decade.
  2. I'd be surprised if European festivals book Morrissey. It's not a good look. He'd also dictate that they can't sell any meat etc on site. St Vincent is good and I'd like to see her, but would be a pretty pathetic headliner.
  3. Odessa

    2020 headliners

    Am I literally the only person on earth who enjoyed ELO's set?
  4. Gwan then I'll get the ball rolling on this. First predictions for who might appear? I'm gonna go for a headlining trio of The Cure, Tame Impala, Vampire Weekend. I've not got that much faith in my VW shout but quite fancy the other two to do it. Maybe it'll be a hip hop act instead as the festival is starting to head in that direction. Perhaps someone like Travis Scott or The Weeknd? But I have no idea if either are likely to be touring. Kendrick would be a dream.
  5. Had a brilliant weekend here again. First of all, I tried my best to help some of you by answering questions, but apologies to anyone who actually took my advice hahaha. I dunno why I thought it doesn't go cold at night, if it's any consolation I nearly froze to death on Weds/Thurs night sleeping under a towel before I got a blanket sorted on Friday. And the searches going into the arena were far more prevalent this year so I didn't bother trying to take drink in. Didn't need to tbf as I was so pissed by that point that I only wanted the odd beer every now and then inside so I didn't spend too much money. Anyway I'm sat in the airport with nothing better to do so will do a rundown of what I saw. First thing I saw on Thursday was Sleaford Mods. I've tried with them on record and really couldn't be arsed but my mate had told me they're cracking live and that I needed to see them. They were a laugh tbf, really energetic and entertaining. 7/10. Then saw Liam Gallagher. Thought he did a little bit too much solo material. His brand new stuff is utter garbage and makes the As You Were songs actually seem quite good. Had a fun time singing along to the Oasis tunes as always when seeing Liam or Noel at a festival. I've seen LG off my face at Parklife in Manchester so this was never gonna match that, and Noel here last year was better too, but it was a good time. 7.5/10. Thom Yorke was a letdown, I can't lie. Just not really the vibe I wanted (or many other people wanted as there was virtually nobody left by the time he finished). I love Radiohead but not massively familiar with his solo stuff. I did have a listen to a bit of it last week and it sounds alright but it's not what I was after at about midnight at a festival. 4/10. I went to the wrong stage for The Voidz. The only band I really wanted to see all day and I fucked it. Virtue was my favourite album of last year. I wasn't even massively drunk so dunno how I managed it. Ended up legging it round the festival looking for them but once I'd missed 15 mins of it I just decided to sack it off and go to bed. Could hear them from the bus stop. Gutting. First act I saw on Friday was Brockhampton. Incredible energy and a really fun show. Not an act I often listen to at home but would definitely see them live again. 8/10. I'd been waiting to see Idles for a while. Had tickets to see them in April but Hot Chip ended up announcing a gig on the same night so went that instead. Thought they were very good but they're not quite as mindblowing live as a lot of people will have you believe, in my opinion anyway. Had a great time going mad near the back around a load of Spanish people who were probably a bit confused. 8/10. Saw Rosalia next. Thought she was a bit shite. Amazing voice but most her songs are boring as fuck. At least she did the James Blake one. 3/10. Saw most of Suede but missed the last 2 or 3 songs to get a good place for The Strokes. Really good stuff. Brett Anderson is a sensational performer. I wanna see these again so a return to Glastonbury for them next year would be cool. 8/10. Saw The Strokes at APE and got a bit too hammered and forgot most of it. I knew I had this to fall back on though and was very careful to make sure I remember it this time haha. Absolutely incredible stuff. Sound was perfect. One of those rare gigs where the first note of every single song got me super hyped up. Really couldn't have been any better and it's one of my favourite sets ever. 10/10. First act we saw on Saturday was Boy Azooga. I spoke to at least 20 people over the weekend who had never heard of them but went to see them after I'd promised them they'd be good. Told them all to come find me down the front by looking out for my Wales flag and loadsa people did haha. It was great. I was the only one bouncing about for most of it and the singer even pointed me out and said "I see you in The Cribs t shirt and Wales flag". Cool moment for me. Really fun time. 8.5/10. Weezer was up and down. Bit bizarre with all the 80s covers, but they were all a laugh after about a minute in and I'd accepted I wasn't too cool to sing along to the likes of Toto. Really enjoyed hearing the likes of Buddy Holly and Pork N Beans. 7/10. Vince Staples was great. Was surprised it wasn't more packed down the front though, you could just walk straight up to the barrier throughout really. The bass was mental though. Could barely hear him at times cos of it, reminded me of when I saw Kanye at Glasto in that sense. 8/10. Hot Chip were beyond amazing. My third time seeing them this year, and the same setlist but with Look At Where We Are thrown in. Didn't matter though as they have this set super nailed down atm. This lived up to the Glastonbury West Holts set in 2015, which I didn't think would ever be possible. This fella we met put me on his shoulders without any warning for Melody Of Love which was a great moment as well. What a perfect act to see at 2am. 10/10. I didn't watch Cut Copy properly as the tent was packed and I needed a sit down, but I listened from outside. I'm not qualified to give it a rating but it sounded very decent so hopefully I catch them somewhere else. Anyway, yeah. My second year here and I can see myself coming back loads more times. Both years I've come in a group of 3 and by the end we've had a massive group of mates in the campsite. If you were in the glamping you woulda prob seen us under that gazebo playing music all day haha. Mad Cool and that have cracking lineups as well but nothing compares to a camping festival.
  6. Anyone know where the lockers are and how easy it is to get keys etc? I'm guessing they're near where you can top up yr wristbands at the ticket office?
  7. I have a small cup at home from last year cos they're quite nice, I've just checked and it's 400ml. I can't remember if they actually filled them up though.
  8. Odessa

    The Killers

    Maaate I had the bet with FF. I'm sure we've had conversations as well hahaha.
  9. Yeah head to the stadium and there's a massive tent up which you can't miss. Within view of the club shop. Here you sort out yr wristband and also get the opportunity to top it up with money to spend inside the festival. The bus stop is 2 minutes round the corner, and the buses are free to use to come and go as much as you like over the time you're at the festival.
  10. Odessa

    The Killers

    One of my mates told me he thought the same thing afterwards as well hahaha. Why are we all so stupid?
  11. Odessa

    The Killers

    Missed this thread entirely and wasn't sure where to put anything. Don't think I can justify posting on here for years (and having countless arguments about The Killers' credentials as a repeat headliner, probably about a hundred times just with @dentalplan lol) without putting a post up about this set. I'd seen The Killers 7 times before this over the last 6 years, and that's including the Glastonbury secret set as well as the night I saw them absolutely smash it at TRNSMT immediately followed by a midnight gig at King Tut's. Going into this, it kinda felt like I'd seen them do it all and as much as I was gonna have a great time, it might not quite compare to when I'd seen them before. Especially as I felt I knew exactly what we were gonna get setlist wise (and I pretty much did for the main chunk of the set). I ended up with a much bigger group of mates than I was expecting considering the clashes. One lad I know knew these two girls who ended up watching it with us, one who was clearly as obsessed with the band as me so it was great watching them with another diehard fan. The crowd from the start of the gig was absolutely ridiculous and was all the way through. Even when they were chucking out the lesser known songs such as The Way It Was, obviously the flares and the singing died down but it was still a great atmosphere. I've never seen Brandon (or possibly any other frontman) as up for a set, and it felt amazing knowing the band would remember this for as long as I will. Towards the end of the main set, I'd already decided it was up there with the best things I've ever seen and was potentially matching the secret set in 2017, something I never expected. Before the encore started I was talking to my mate saying about how they're obviously gonna come out and do Mr Brightside, but they always do 3 song encores and I couldn't figure out what the other two could be, so they're gonna do one or two rare ones. (I'd forgotten they'd only done a teaser of Human rather than the full song.) When I got home on Monday, I saw an NME article from Saturday afternoon about how Brandon had teased how they were bringing out multiple guests for the set. I'm so so glad I didn't see this before it happened as for some reason, beyond maybe Liam Gallagher (which I wouldn't have particularly cared about), I hadn't really considered the prospect of it. So when I saw that big hat and was like "I swear that's the Pet Shop Boys" to all my mates, who were clueless, it felt like we were seeing something special. You Were Always On My Mind was incredible, (I actually only found out like late last year that this wasn't originally their song haha). Seeing them stick around for a Killers tune was really, really cool as well. When Brandon said about how they're gonna double down and started talking about a "guitar hero", I figured ah ok, double down and play yr biggest tune. Maybe Mr Brightside featured on Guitar Hero is what crossed my mind for some reason (in hindsight, as if he'd have referenced that wtf). He says "Johnny fuckin' Marr" and I'm just stood there with my head in my hands for the entirety of This Charming Man just shaking my head. Didn't even sing along as I couldn't get my head around any of it. I was stood there in my Cribs t shirt as well which just added to the bizarreness of it all. And then I get to see Johnny Marr playing Mr Brightside as well ffs. Absolutely obscene and maybe did or didn't make me cry on Monday night when I was in no fit state to be watching it back but did anyway. I'm pretty sure this was my favourite set of all time anyway and can't see anything ever topping it. The best day of my life when you throw in the rest of the day with the VW and Foals secret sets, the former in the morning feeling super surreal as well. And then staying up all night in just the best mood. If I ever miss out on Glastonbury tickets in future I'll be beyond gutted, but a silver lining is I know it won't compare to missing out on these two Killers sets I've seen at the last two festivals. I just can't believe any of it happened. I dunno where they go as a live act from here for me. I'm not naive enough to say I won't pay to see them again, but a standard arena tour at something daft like £80 a pop isn't gonna appeal any time in the near future. I thought I'd seen them do it all before Saturday, but I surely have now. Time to mix up the setlist a bit for sure, but I'm glad they got the mass appeal spot on on this occasion. I was gonna reference this as well, which I remember watching when I was 12 and didn't really know anything about either The Smiths or PSB. What an amazing thing to see Brandon living out his childhood dreams. I've seen him bring out Bernard Sumner in the past at a solo gig as well for Bizarre Love Triangle, so I've been stupidly lucky to see him perform with 3 of his favourite ever artists.
  12. Weather last year was perfect. Really hot but not unbearably hot, unless you're planning on going on long walks or something then that might be a bit much. We got a bus back from town one day and for some reason we ended up having to walk up the hill for ages cos the bus didn't take us to the campsite, and that was really grim carrying a load of beers. They're meant to take you to the campsite though and they did every other time so I'm not sure what happened there. We tended to just chill at camp all day and then go into the festival. By the time the festival properly got going it was still t shirt and shorts weather, and it pretty much was all night as long as you're in a crowd. I think it gets a bit chilly if you stay up and sit still at camp at like 5am so I think that's the only time I actually wore a second layer.
  13. You can get one for about that but it isn't a pint. They have large or small. One is a fair bit less than a pint and one is more if I remember correctly. I can't remember specifics on the sizes or prices though sorry.
  14. Last year it was luck of the draw. For the first night I didn't think to take anything in cos thought searches might be too intrusive. Second day I walked straight in with a big bottle of rum and coke in my shorts as I'd not been patted down the night before. Third day I tried the rum and coke down my shorts again but got patted down whilst some of my mates just walked right in. Booze is so cheap from the shops that it's not a massive gamble so I'll probably try to sneak some in again this time. Beer prices at the bars are unfortunately even worse than they are at UK festivals (maybe they're about the same but the pound being weak is to blame, in defence of BBK). I'll be aiming to get the bus and into the campsite as early as possible. We walked straight in to the campsite last time and didn't have to wait more than 5 minutes at the glamping bit either, and that was with us being one of the first ones there.
  15. I'm sure anyone who saw Denzel Curry on Thursday would agree he deserves a slot on one of the main days of the festival. He was something else. Jorja Smith had a good slot as it was, but she was outstanding and certainly Pyramid material. Her voice is mindblowing.
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