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  1. Odessa

    2021 New Music

    This guy doesn't miss. So good.
  2. Odessa


    Why don't you like the new Idles album? Even Metacritic likes the new Idles album Ben White likes the new Idles album So why don't you like the new Idles album? Well done!
  3. Odessa


    Prefer @Superunknown
  4. Efests needs a clown react
  5. Get up sir you are about to fall
  6. I think it's just about their gigs there in 2004.
  7. It did legit sound like In The Morning. Somto isn't chatting shite for once.
  8. Odessa

    2021 New Music

    Love to see it. Gonna fully cement themselves as one of the best bands of recent years if this is on the level of UFOF/Two Hands. Got no doubt it will be. Those two albums don't even feel like that long ago, and the solo efforts we've had since are great too. Especially songs. Incredible how prolific this lot are without there ever being a dip in quality.
  9. Good news that they're back all the same. Obvs gonna end up over here at some point so happy days. Would rather it wasn't APE anyway.
  10. My train got cancelled for a gig a couple of weeks ago, so I told See Tickets I had a cough and couldn't go in case I had covid. Got a full refund. Gotta be worth a shot!
  11. Oh sick, there's a link to a See Tickets page on there too so that all looks legit. Cheers.
  12. Where have you seen that?
  13. Odessa

    2021 New Music

    New one from Caribou. They debuted this live on Friday night and it was fantastic.
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