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  1. Gonna price this up over the weekend as that lineup is ridiculous. Seems like the best festival to book for next year as if it can't go ahead then hopefully having a week away in Barcelona would still be okay. Just wondering if anyone knows exactly how the 15% off offer works? I know one or two people who had 2020 tickets, so if it's easy/doable then I may as well save a bit of money. I've had a quick look through this thread and the website but can't see a definitive answer.
  2. Odessa

    2020 New Music

    I can hear a bit of Everybody Wants To Rule The World in the verses. This song was the best part of the set when they toured earlier this year. It's fucking huge. It's between this and The Adults Are Talking for SOTY so far.
  3. I'm not clued up enough to think of many bands suitable for the Rising stage lol. You can never have too much post-punk though, and there's some really good tracks on that Diat record from last year. I haven't listened got round to their older stuff. I had tickets to see Bambara in a couple of weeks, which I was really looking forward to. They've rescheduled it to late July, which is pretty baffling. Their new album is defo one of the best of the year so far. Serafina is huuuuuge.
  4. I'll play. Favourite song by an artist that has played Green Man: Very tough one, but it's hard to look past Flutes by Hot Chip. Favourite song from an artist on this year’s line up that you think people might not have heard: Bambara - Machete. A song you like from a band that would be great on the rising stage: DIAT - Missed The Bus. Best song you’ve heard at GM: Alex Cameron - Runnin' Outta Luck. Song you a̶r̶e̶/were most looking forward to hearing: You can figure this one out.
  5. Odessa

    The Strokes?

    Yeah, I get what you're saying. I properly got into them roughly around the time Angles came out... pretty sure I heard Machu Picchu on Fifa and thought "huh time to give The Strokes a real go then". So I never had the bar set at Is This It when going into those later records, and never experienced that burnout with the band that a lot of people seemed to. I guess that all makes some sort of sense. And yeah, the tour will still be unmissable. I'll be surprised if many of the 4 that haven't hit the spot for me make the cut for the setlists anyway. Gotta be worth another shot. I reckon Taken For A Fool and Gratisfaction are the highlights of the rest of the album, if you wanna try those.
  6. Odessa

    The Strokes?

    Hmmmm. This was one of my most anticipated releases of the year. I like all of the singles, and The Adults Are Talking (especially great) and Ode To The Mets stand out, but the other 4 songs aren't doing anything at all for me. I'm a little bit surprised that this record seems to be turning people back onto The Strokes who weren't keen on Angles and Comedown Machine. I've only had two listens to The New Abnormal, so it's far from a rock-solid judgment, but I feel like it's their weakest release. I also think it's a big step down from what Julian has been doing in the last couple of years with The Voidz. Oh well. Hopefully it's a grower. Glad to hear others are feeling it more than I am.
  7. Odessa

    2020 New Music

    Imagine putting out two of the best albums of all time in the same year, and then still being this good nearly half a century later. Ridiculous.
  8. Incredible lineup, in my opinion. It's like they've asked me to book half of the bigger names. Can't wait.
  9. Odessa

    2020 New Music

    I've been thinking for a while that a 10 year anniversary tour of the first album is very likely for 2020. I would be all over it, as uncool as that is lol.
  10. Odessa

    2020 New Music

    I've never really listened to Algiers properly, but I've just bought a ticket to see them before I got to the end of my first listen of There Is No Year. It's goooooood.
  11. Odessa

    2019 New Music

    This is a really nice track on first listen. Well worth a listen if you've liked any of his previous stuff, probably not going to win you round if you haven't.
  12. Odessa

    2019 New Music

    They released the album of the decade a few months into this one, are they about to do it again in the 2020s?
  13. Yeah Yeah Yeahs can only headline if they play. Absolutely no chance of them signing up to play anywhere else.
  14. Tour is nice and all but wish they'd said more about the music. No single released, no release date, no tracklist... Even the cover says "not official artwork" lol. Love not having to wait half a decade between records though. There was meant to be a Brandon Flowers tour happening around now. So it seems to me like Ronnie (and hopefully Mark (and even more hopefully Dave)) have decided fairly recently they wanna keep the band up and running. I bet a lot of these songs are nearly all Brandon though and were originally meant to be solo material. Gonna hold back and see what the likes of All Points East are saying before committing to any of the gigs, but will defo be at one or two. Cardiff gig was nearly 90 quid in the summer so at least it's "only" around 70 now. Hoping to pay a fair bit less than that though.
  15. https://zaphod.uk.vvhp.net/vvreg/14044-691481.html
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