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  1. Never been to Brixton before. Might have to change that.
  2. Lovely, welcoming website where long time (paying) users get called w*nkers by the owner for making a joke about which year Noel Gallagher is playing. Jesus.
  3. Odessa

    2019 Headliners

    Hero!! Enjoy Hot Chip mate, it'll be almost as special as what's happening on the Pyramid.
  4. Odessa

    2019 Headliners

    My only reasoning is that the Glasto secret set was two weeks before Hyde Park, which was so close that surely the new members were all up to speed and ready for the tour. But Mark and Dave were still involved at Glasto as a one off. I dunno, we'll see, I think it could easily go either way.
  5. Odessa

    2019 Headliners

    Cheers mate! Gonna be brilliant. I was always adamant they'd get this slot again but I wasn't expecting it at all for this summer. I can take the roasting of The Killers; I've been dealing with it for years haha, long before Glastonbury 2019 ever entered the equation. Considering the stellar options which look likely to be up against them (especially Hot Chip on the Park), most people who dislike The Killers (for reasons unknown) should be happy it's one less clash to worry about! I'm intrigued to see if they get the full band back together for it. I wanna lean towards saying yes, as they made the effort for the secret set. And they clearly don't see it as just another festival. It's not the end of the world if it does turn out to be the replacement members, but it'd be nice to see them all again. Especially as Dave Keuning, one of the original fab four, wrote the most well known riff of the 21st century. He should be there to play it every time The Killers headline the pyramid.
  6. Odessa

    2019 Headliners

    @FloorFiller Lemme know when the tenner to charity has gone in mate, and I'll see you down the front for Brandon and the lads.
  7. Is it totally about the headliners when it's The Killers tho.
  8. Odessa


    Anyone know capacity for this? I fancy it but not so much at full price. I'm guessing it isn't likely to sell out tho.
  9. Odessa

    2019 New Music

    Won't post a link here cos doubt it's allowed, but the song is easily findable if you go on The Black Keys subreddit. It's a fun track.
  10. Odessa


    Seens some great Foals sets over the last few years, particularly their secret set at Leeds 2015 and their headline set the following year, but last night comfortably topped them all. Stupidly good. I'll be made up if another gig I go to this year is that great. Hopefully Hot Chip at the same venue next month gives it a run for its money.
  11. You're making shit up for your imaginary imagination
  12. How big? I feel like Weezer should have a coheadliner.
  13. I feel like they must have missed out on booking a headliner for the Saturday. Weezer have been announced for ages and not once have they been referred to as a headliner, whereas they made it very clear that The Strokes were one. Pretty shit announcement yesterday tbh but the first one was sick so it's still looking pretty sweet overall. And I know I'll find some gems on there that I'm not currently aware of.
  14. Why don't we have a tour announcement announcements thread???
  15. Hopefully all the big Robyn fans on here can now see the error of their ways, now you've heard one of her songs once and made sure to go out of your way to let them all know how shit she is. Kinda weird mate.
  16. Eurgh I hate when they hype up announcements and then it's this boring shit. Empire Of The Sun are playing 10th anniversary gigs in Europe the week of this. Don't know if they're hitting any festivals, but it'd be great if BBK have bagged them.
  17. Are we really due another announcement already? Feels like we've only just had one.
  18. Odessa

    2019 Headliners

    Don't worry my friends. Westlife isn't happening. The best case scenario of The Killers is still on the cards.
  19. New double album out April 26.
  20. Odessa

    2019 Headliners

    Yeah, so since 2007, they've put out two albums, one which a lot of fans don't seem to care about (trying to be objective here, I don't like TKOL at all but that's besides the point), and another album which is good but it's rarely thrown in with OK Computer, Kid A, or In Rainbows. So I don't think it's unfair to say they're past their prime. It's really not a dig at them; I think Radiohead are great. I think that's totally unfair to reduce them to half of Hot Fuss. When You Were Young is their best performing song in the charts, in fact the first 3 singles off Sam's Town all did well. It's hardly "scattered"; they were a big deal for more than 5 minutes in 2004. They were absolutely huge from 2004 for half a decade. Ehhhh this isn't even worth debating as it's pure speculation. You have no idea if any of that is true. They could easily have been signed up when they agreed to do the secret set.
  21. Odessa

    2019 Headliners

    Which bit is wrong?
  22. Odessa

    2019 Headliners

    My brother loves The Killers as well and went to Rock Werchter last year and said they weren't very good. Sounds like an off night, where some idiot who had no idea how to play drums asked to play drums and then obviously fucked it up and threw it all off a bit. Think Brandon ended up acting like a bit of a diva cos he was pissed off lol. They have someone from the crowd play drums on For Reasons Unknown at pretty much every gig these days and it's usually a cool moment for whoever has actually learned how to play the song, and it goes down really well. I have seen them 5 times on the current tour and they were brilliant every time. And it does frustrate me a little bit how samey and obvious the setlists tend to be, but they have so many set staples because they have so many really popular songs that a LOT of casual music fans want to hear, and that will/would (I don't wanna get ahead of myself) suit a Glastonbury headline slot perfectly. It's a shame that I don't get to hear the likes of On Top or Losing Touch, which are better than yr Mr Brightsides, but The Killers are still as big as they are because Brandon Flowers is such a crowd pleaser. A lot of people on here absolutely cannot take personal opinion out of the equation when deciding who is/isn't a headliner. You can't claim that this is a weak booking after you had no issue with Radiohead being booked, who are undeniably inferior in terms of the number of well known songs, and the crowd they would pull, and also equally if not more past their prime. (That isn't to say the Radiohead set wasn't great, it was, 2nd best all weekend behind that secret set in the JP tent.) There's clearly gonna be someone else sick on at the same time anyway so who even cares. UTSK
  23. Odessa

    2019 Headliners

    Still probably wouldn't have time to play battleborn's setlist
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