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  1. When I am king you will be first against the wall
  2. My mate walked past him today before the football on the way to the seminal stadium Old Trafford. White t shirt with his belly out
  3. If looks could kill, my vacant gaze wouldn't even Pierce the skin
  4. Saw it on a lamppost near Old Trafford
  5. Spicehead! You're about as much good use to this city as Kleberson, Djemba-Djemba and Bebe
  6. Pierce O'Brien woulda been on before Idles tonight but he doesn't settle for support slots. For him it's headlining, headlining second from top, or nothing.
  7. It did legit sound like In The Morning. Somto isn't chatting shite for once.
  8. Odessa

    2021 New Music

    Love to see it. Gonna fully cement themselves as one of the best bands of recent years if this is on the level of UFOF/Two Hands. Got no doubt it will be. Those two albums don't even feel like that long ago, and the solo efforts we've had since are great too. Especially songs. Incredible how prolific this lot are without there ever being a dip in quality.
  9. Good news that they're back all the same. Obvs gonna end up over here at some point so happy days. Would rather it wasn't APE anyway.
  10. My train got cancelled for a gig a couple of weeks ago, so I told See Tickets I had a cough and couldn't go in case I had covid. Got a full refund. Gotta be worth a shot!
  11. Oh sick, there's a link to a See Tickets page on there too so that all looks legit. Cheers.
  12. Odessa

    2021 New Music

    New one from Caribou. They debuted this live on Friday night and it was fantastic.
  13. Sensational weekend. The best time I've had since I was last at Green Man. Would have liked to have seen Wetleg and Matilda Mann on Thursday but missed them cos I was queuing for around 2 and a half hours to get in. This was my first time there with a ticket rather than as a volunteer, so I dunno if it's always like that, but it was kiiiind of a joke. Only about 10 people scanning tickets and none of them were in any sort of rush. It had nothing to do with the covid checks either as this part was easy. Little bit annoying but it was all amazing once I was through the door. Yard Act were a fantastic way to kick things off. I am really excited about a debut album from them whenever it ends up coming out. Saw Working Men's Club on Thursday too who absolutely killed it. Wasn't expecting them to be as good as they were. Interested to see how well their show translates to a big outdoor stage when they support New Order in a couple of weeks. Started Friday with The Lounge Society. Had a great time watching these. Saw one of the fellas from the band in the Walled Garden last night too and had a quick chat with him, which was pretty cool. Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard were decent enough, and then Katy J Pearson later in the afternoon was superb. Will be keeping an eye out for a chance to see her again, for sure. Boy Azooga are one of my favourite Welsh acts, and they smashed it as usual. Bumped into the singer yesterday afternoon and had a quick talk with him. Lovely fella. He said he'd put me down on the guestlist for a gig he's playing with another band next week, which properly made my day. Goat Girl were okay but I'm hoping they're better when I see them again next month. I have seen them do much better sets before (why didn't they play The Man?!). Django Django absolutely smashed it. The sound was top notch for this and it was a real party atmosphere down the front. I've been a massive fan of Caribou for quite a while but this was the first time I've ever seen them live. This was everything I hoped it would be. You could really tell it meant a lot for him to be playing the show too (their first in three years). Kelly Lee Owens and Ross From Friends were both good but my memory gets a bit hazy by that point. Didn't see anything early on Saturday as I woke up lying in a puddle in a collapsed tent, so had to sort that out. Sinead O'Brien was the first thing I saw. I've been enjoying her on record but thought she was pretty dull. Crowd wasn't really up for it, and she made a bit of an arsey comment about how it would be nice to see more movement. It was a bit weird and quite a few people saw it as a cue to just leave lol. BC Camplight were alright. LUMP and Black Midi didn't disappoint, and then the Mogwai set went by in no time at all. They're not a band I'm massively familiar with (besides the new album), but they were a really impressive live act. Will have to work my way through their back catalogue. Sunday... Crack Cloud were great. Philosopher's Calling especially is such a huge track. Probs gonna go see these again in a few days if I'm feeling recovered by then. Porridge Radio put out one of my favourite albums last year right at the start of lockdown, so that was a highly anticipated and long awaited set for me. Seriously good band and I can't wait to see them again. Half watched the Squid set from the back so can't give the best appraisal of this. Was too busy knocking Mouseboy's potatoes on the floor. Self Esteem put on an absolutely incredible set. She was only just able to hold herself together for the last song as she was so overwhelmed by the reception. One of the best crowds I have ever been in. Go see her on tour if you have even an ounce of interest as she was on top form. Fontaines were stupidly good (as always). Possibly my set of the weekend. I'm wondering if the three dates I have booked for their tour is enough or if I should do more. The best band of the last few years, for me. Enjoyed Overmono after dark too. Can't really imagine there being a summer where I don't want to go to this festival. Very hyped already to see next year's lineup.
  14. Shouldn't have chucked them all over the floor if they were so nice boss
  15. Odessa

    2021 New Music

    I'm not expecting much of it to get a look in for their stadium tour next year. Especially as they're always so reluctant to rotate out any of the hits, and it's still an Imploding The Mirage tour so those songs will take up a lot of setlist space. Very keen to hear about this intimate UK date they've mentioned, and I imagine these tracks will be the focus there. Manchester would be nice but it will almost certainly be London I suppose. It's a really nice album. Think my faves atm are Quiet Town, Sleepwalker, In Another Life and the title track.
  16. Managed to bag some last minute tix to see Yard Act last night. Absolutely incredible stuff. Buzzing to see them again in a few weeks. They played an unreleased track (think it was called Dead Horse), which is well worth keeping an eye out for. Super impressed by the depth of this lineup in the sense that there are some really appealing bands on the Thursday before the festival even properly gets going. I was expecting the circumstances to result in a bit of a watered down lineup, which would have been fine/understandable, but it's so so strong. Still tryna wrap my head around the fact this is actually happening and is so close. Gonna be big.
  17. Odessa

    2021 New Music

    This new one from Marina is sounding fantastic on first listen. I thought the double album from a couple of years ago was a real misstep on the whole, and it all just felt super generic, but she's back to sounding unique and like her old self here.
  18. Booked a couple of Streets tickets for the Wednesday and then got through for Friday ones later on. If anyone wants to buy a pair for the Weds (for face value ofc) please just give me a shout!
  19. I'll buy them off you mate. Will drop you a message.
  20. Odessa

    2020 New Music

    New one from Adrianne Lenker is sounding very nice (obviously).
  21. Odessa

    2020 New Music

    New James Blake EP on Friday! Can't wait. One of the best and most consistent artists around.
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