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  1. Prefer Ok Computer Dåb down beloved poster Gucci Piggy
  2. Gilgamesh is an idiot and will not be unbanned 🤪
  3. Gilgamesh's original account got banned because Neil came up with a conspiracy theory that he was also behind all the alt accounts (in addition to the wonderwhy, Gucci etc who also supposedly made all the alts). He did nowt
  4. You are so beyond rude it's genuinely baffling. The guy literally did nothing but contribute positively for 14 (fourteen) years. Get a fucking grip
  5. Neil is more intelligent than the rest of us. You have to remember that. If he thinks one thing and literally everyone else thinks another, Neil is still right. Don't be an idiot.
  6. It'll be just you left here before long pal. Absolutely incredible level of delusion if you genuinely think Ddiamond was causing issues here.
  7. @NeilYou've now banned Ddiamond who has been a regular poster since 2008? What is your justification for this? It's absolutely crazy how you are trying to derail your own site. Is he also responsible for all the alt accounts, in addition to the wonderwhy?
  8. Whoever actually made those alt accounts is probably finding it hilarious that you have reacted like this and banned someone totally unrelated to it all. You don't do yrself any favours.
  9. I wasn't rude to you so dunno why you're like this back. I have never come across anyone who is so unwilling to admit they got the wrong end of the stick about something. the wonderwhy has literally done nothing and you have nothing to back up your theory that they are responsible for any alt accounts.
  10. @Neilthe wonderwhy was one of the most valuable contributors to the forums. It's not his fault that some moron derailed his thread. Hold your hands up and admit you made a mistake for once, it's fine.
  11. Odessa

    2022 New Music

    This is sounding good on first listen. Sounds a lot like Cate Le Bon so worth a go if you're into her.
  12. No idea at all what you're on about. I've never listened to Protomartyr. Would appreciate if you didn't make these accusations that I'm making these daft alt accounts as well, as I assume the banned account that claimed that was also you.
  13. Civil Sin one of the GOAT FIFA tracks
  14. Russy woulda got a firm grip of the situation
  15. @Neil Take the L on this one boss
  16. What on earth are you on about fella
  17. Odessa

    2022 New Music

    That's 3 brilliant singles now; Best Life especially is ridiculously good. Shaping up to be another top notch album. Can't wait to see Roy Molloy reviewing the stool at the Gorilla for a third time.
  18. Signing up as is in applying online and paying the deposit. They'll email you around a month or so before the festival with all the possible shift patterns and it'll ask you to pick your preferred choices. You know what you're gonna be working before you arrive.
  19. You're not obliged to do a night shift, nah. First year I went I avoided doing one. I chose to do one second time. I think it works out that the earlier you sign up, the more priority you'll get to be allocated your preferred shifts.
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