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  1. Mark0

    Next year Exams clash ?

    Fingers crossed , I feel a little more confident now lol
  2. Mark0

    Next year Exams clash ?

    I also see that the Isle Of Wight festival finishes 3 days before Glastonbury next year As for us it goes without saying my daughters exams come first but being her first Glastonbury and thinking we were ok when they tied the tickets over it feels a bit of a kick in the teeth to lose out again , but there you go
  3. My daughter takes her GCSE's next year and reports are indicating that the exams will be moved to mid June clashing with Glasto, after missing out this year and being relieved our tickets will be tied over for next year she's pretty much devastated that she may well miss out again. Was wondering what people feelings were about this ?
  4. It was going to be my first and my daughters first Glast so im so thankful for the roll over for next year ,it will be extra special next year as she will be 16 and will have just finished her exams.
  5. Being my first Glasto (treat for my 15 yr old daughter as she's been very ill) im not going to lie I will be a bit fed up if some provisions were not put in place for ticket holders I spent a fortune on camping gear etc and the relief of getting tickets only to have hit snatched away would be devastating for my daughter. I do though see both sides of the picture, its a hard call.
  6. Mark0

    The poster 2020

    I do hope so
  7. Mark0

    The poster 2020

    Would love to have seen Chemical Brothers and Kasabian on the list , my first Glasto so still plenty to get excited about fingers crossed
  8. I know they have played frequently but on a selfish perspective im a little disappointed not to see the Chemical brothers on the list
  9. That is so kind of you thnak you , I reckon we should be ok we are going to take a few freezer wallets that always done the trick but thank you for the kind offer. @ravermum Thanks for the great info, we have a coach ticket coming from Brighton but its sounds to me like the Wicket Ground will be perfect for us to pitch up .
  10. Mark0

    Gas cannisters

    Thank you bexj
  11. Mark0

    Gas cannisters

    Really sorryt if this is a newbie quiestion thats been covered before but I want to bring a compact fold up gas stove but would rather not bring a gas cannister, are there restrictions regarding gas cannisters and are they able to be purcahsed on site ? Thx for any replies
  12. Thank you for the advice your a star , she does have a libre sensor so all great there and as you say we will take a wallet to keep her insulin cool, I think ive come to the decision to pretty much go with the flow rather than pre med where we will camp, good to know about the lock ups as well so we can leave back ups there.
  13. Hiya This will be my first Glasto and im bringing my 15 year old daughter who has type 1 diabetes , I was thinking about pitching up at the family area on the wicket ground and was wondering if anyone had done so and if it was a god idea as ive heard Cockmill meadow (would maybe be better as its next to the medical centre) gets full very quick. Any other tips would be great as well , we are coming from Brighton and have a coach ticket
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