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  1. Becx99

    Festival work

    great thanks for your help and info, will have a look into these and register my interest 🙂
  2. Becx99

    Festival work

    Hi, I was wondering if you lovely people could advise how i might get on a list to work at next years festival? Are you a particular company that works there that needs help/do you know anyone who I'm best to contact to register my interest with? Many thanks 🙂
  3. thank you all for you honest opinions. Im not expecting luxury. I just need to make sure there is somewhere to empty my toilet and get fresh water and the rest i can cater for with a little extra planning as i have no solar panels.
  4. oh yeah good thinking. i will wait till i get my CV tickets in hand before actually cancelling.
  5. Hi, I had a motorhome reservation within ashcombe fields park already lined up for Glastonbury but was lucky enough to get CV easy tickets in the resale. Would anyone like the reservation who wanted to go in a motorhome/camper as they have also sold out. I’m not sure how easy it is to amend but willing to try and help someone out before I cancel it. Here’s the link to the site https://ashcombepark.com
  6. Hi, could anyone advise what kind of facilities they have on the east CV field and on the Bath & west show grounds site? Do either have any form of chemical disposal, fresh water, toilets, showers? I understand that one is around a 10-20min walk from the stages and the other a 10min walk to shuttle then around a further 10-15min bus journey so not much in it travel wise. many thanks
  7. I'm booked in here this year too and was wondering the same. Reviews all say its good but nothing mentions much more like if its a mud bath and vehicles get stuck in the mud. if the toilets/showers are dire or there's any electricity within them for hair drier/straighteners.....
  8. What does everyone recommend? What's everyone's thoughts? i wasn't sure if wellies or walking boots would be best or not?
  9. Hi, I was wondering if anyone could give me anymore info on this site? Is it just a field to park in or can you sleep in your motorhome overnight? Do you know if they have water points or anywhere to empty grey waste? I know it says they have some shower and toilet facilities but I understand these may be at an extra cost or limited? Has anyone pitched here and it is worth it and the walk? thanks
  10. Thanks will have a read through
  11. Hi, Can anyone offer any advice on the best quieter Glastonbury camping spots so i can get a fairly decent sleep without people tripping over my tent or late night raves that's not up or on a huge hill or somewhere at risk of flooding if it rains heavy? don't want to come across boring as will be going out but just need my sleep too lol. you go in the family camping areas without children or is this stopped? Thanks
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