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    Really rooting for you and your family - especially your daughter. Stay strong.
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    Hello lucy, It's actually spelled hoi polloi, and I think you may be misusing the expression, in terms of both the original Greek definition, as well as the English bastardized interpretation.
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    With a couple of bands on very minor stages / tents around the early 90's . It was a great experience no question , but sadly nothing that changed music for the better heh.
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    Donkeys. That's what we're missing. A donkey to carry your stuff in. A donkey to carry you back to your tent. A donkey to have a chat to if you're lonely. A donkey to say ee-aw and cheer you up. A donkey to keep you warm at night. In short. Donkeys.
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    I don't watch Twin Peaks but if it was the original Pumpkins, I wouldn't mind that comparison at all once they started playing.
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    You know in the new series of Twin Peaks how all the original characters now seem really strange and old and fucked up? Smashing Pumpkins reformation would be so much like that.
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