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    Just got on my National Express. That was absolutely ridiculous, best night of my life. After he'd got all the people on stage I lost track of where he was. Then the guy with me shouted "He's in the fucking crowd!" and then the crowd in front of me opened up a path for him to get to the barrier and I was just stood in front of him and shit myself. Didn't really know what to do so quickly hugged him and grabbed his arse to boost him up to the barrier where I held him for a verse of Stagger Lee whilst he sang about fucking guys and shooting them in the head whilst staring down at me. Terrifying stuff. Absolutely fucking amazing, though. I'm so baffled by tonight.
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    I almost have no words for how good that was. Fucking hell. That's how you play an arena, lads. Right up there with the best times I've seen them. The news songs absolutely floored me and the old songs sounded immense. The sound was incredible, the view was great, Nick was on perfect form, even the crowd were decent. Managed to feel really intimate and special. Quite a feat in that aircraft hangar. Also realised how bloody much I've missed them.
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    A crowd that size for Rag n Bone Man is a good reason for reducing the size by 30,000, and introducing some sort of decency test into the bargain.
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    Just heading home from the o2 show. Mesmerising. Didn’t feel like you were in an arena, was almost intimate. Phenomenal sound, phenomenal band, one of the best front men in the business with a voice to die for. I never felt they were Glastonbury headline material before. I’ve changed my mind. Jubilee Street live is fucking immense. The songs from Skeleton Tree achingly beautiful. Brilliant Concert.
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    You know in the new series of Twin Peaks how all the original characters now seem really strange and old and fucked up? Smashing Pumpkins reformation would be so much like that.
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    it wont be easy but if they can expand pink parking and then open up some of the parking fields { such as yellow 31 and 32 } to camping that may be enough but it still means a extra 30,000 stumbling about - time will tell - I am fine but its too early to say if I will regain my full walking ability but its looking promising and I have a very handy walking stick - { does nothing to help me walking but makes people feel guilty on the tube so they offer up their seat !!! }
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    Pearl jam with 2 of NIN, Placebo or Alice in Chains
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    Double the capacity I say. 'But how will they do that Tom?' I hear you ask, its very simple. Double decker festival. It worked for buildings and buses festivals are the next logical step.
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    They best not be touching row mead old son... That's home that is.. Kick out the on site fancy camping.. Put it in a field outside with all the rest. Lol
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    I believe this young chap was one of those surveyed
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    Dunno if this has been mentioned but 6Music have been playing some of John Peel's old radio shows, they're all here on the iPlayer in all their amazing old music glory http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b095cdpv/episodes/player
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    Woah, what's up with the downvotes on this?
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    They should be talking about taking 30k off the capacity, that would give people a bit of room to enjoy the main stages again. Unfortunately it's all about the money for the Eavis family now, greedy fuckers.