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  1. New Arctic Monkeys album out 11th May!... Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino
  2. Feels like the same line up as half a dozen festivals this year
  3. For the price it’s at that’s a bargain I’d say, nice to see a festival book Hawkwind! overall the line up is really good fat whites goat girl etc
  4. Insecure Men album is great!
  5. Everyone off to see Last Jedi this weekend then
  6. Outstanding lineup, jealous of everyone going I can't see there being a better line up next summer! Can't believe they pulled out Tame Impala
  7. In theory a decent group for England.., group D looks very interesting!
  8. The moment we've all be waiting for...
  9. A load of independent record stores are doing coloured vinyl of Polygondwanaland, pre orders seem to be going up today
  10. Stranger Things 2 was very, very good probably my favourite tv show this year, still got a mountain of stuff to watch...
  11. Also saw Thor Ragnarok and thought it was great, funny and good characters as others have said, I'm surprised by the lack of Blade Runner 2049 talk, incredible film!, been a wonderful year for cinema
  12. QOTSA & Mac next week :-), seems to be a ridiculous amount of bands touring at the moment!
  13. This poster has Yonaka and Black Honey on
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