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    Weirdly let the negative consensus somehow dampen my enthusiasm, but on first listen of how it's actually supposed to sound, I like it a lot. Even Chemistry, although daft and probably still a bit shit, now seems kind of fun to me, and I'm annoyed at myself for rushing to get a negative take in on it at the first possible opportunity. Obviously the pun is massively corny, but the Infinite Content tracks work fine as part of serving the concept and both sound really good, as does everything on the album. So many nice details throughout. A big criticism seems to be that it lacks emotion, but the last few songs feel highly emotional imo. *shrug emoji*
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    Fuck Chemistry is bad. Sounds like UB40...
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    I think Peter Pan, Chemistry, Infinite Content (and Infinite_content) are the worst tracks they've ever made and it kills the album, particularly as that's the run of tracks. That being said EN, Creature Comfort, Signs of Life, PYMOM and WDDL are all good. 6/10 Still got tickets
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    Got my standing tickets for Birmingham! If anyone's having trouble with getting Birmingham tickets on Ticketmaster try the Ticket Factory website (NEC ticketing website). I got through straight away on that.
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    Solange is the Thursday sub.
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    3 standing for Glasgow in the bag, going to sit and enjoy my first listen now!
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    I gave up on this farcical excuse for a so-called awards the year that Gomez beat Robbie Williams.
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    Skepta fully deserved it. The best album from the most exciting genre around right now.
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    Clashfinder is up to date for main, calling out and glow if anyone can get me some more I'll put them on there too! Night guys see you in the fields tomorrow!
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    With ticketmaster it was £133.10 for two. Would be £69.30 for a single ticket (since postage is the same regardless of how many tickets ordered).
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    Nah didn't clock him, but in my defence he does look quite a bit different now from A Fever You Can't Sweat Out era
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    Not wanting to spoil your feelings of superiority but I've double checked and I've not said you said it was a pledge anywhere. I said it was insulting to people that you think they're stupid enough to think that he pledged anything. I didn't seriously think you were demanding I posted evidence of that........ small victories must count for you I guess even over things people didn't say. AGAIN the big rise in Labour vote was from the middle aged. The rest is some bullshit you've made up and decided is now his burden - a fairly standard demand of holier than thou perfection so it's easier to sling dirt later. These comments weren't even from before the election.... this is such sour grapes. You can't just keep making stuff up then telling people how they should feel about it - it's so transparent
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    Stormzy or Sampha for me, although it really is an utter irrelevance really. also, this seems like the right thread to say i can't fucking stand Kate Tempest.
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    What about these fun little guys?
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    Theres been a backlash about the lack of women on the bill as far back as I can remember. And Busted would be pretty ridiculous, yeah. They pretty much do family festivals and novelty slots for a nostalgia kick for peeps in their twenties or so. I don't imagine school leavers now have that much awareness of Busted given that they initially split up twelve years ago. Besides, nostalgia sells for people who want to transport back to being 16, rather than for 16 year olds that want to remember life as an embryo
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    Ed's guitar is fucking amazing on 15 Step. Yes, I'm 'live' blogging their headlining set. That is the name of the thread, after all!
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    I get -reps for saying my opinion on Radiohead and for an obvious joke about certain music being crap...did the smiley face not give you any clues?
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    You have a point ...but I think this classifies as rock
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    Exactly my point..... I grew up when rock was actually rock, not some indy whiny crap
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    I had no idea that Rupi Kaur used these forums.
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    So should he resign considering he was promising to help with student debt but never even considered the cost or is he still the messiah
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    Think you need to check her Wikipedia Yeah absence of Slowdive means I'm boycotting this year. As if that naff XX album got on.
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    He said he would deal with excessive debt burden. That's not a pledge and wasn't in the manifesto but I think most people would assume that meant reducing it or writing it off. If he doesn't want this type of media attention, maybe he should shut up and stick to making statements he can keep. Are you really surprised the Tory media are laying into him? Really?
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    Shocking they aren't on the list, utterly appalling in fact !! Same for Idles and Sleaford Mods. I gave up on it last year after Bowie and Kiwanuka lost to skepta. Travesty.


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