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    I second that. Met the bloke at Field Day which led to a very awkward interaction. I said hi and he asked if I saw his set. I told him I didnt and he said ''ahh, are you not a hip hop fan?''. I replied ''I'm a huge hip hop fan'' He just looked at me for a couple of seconds and then walked off.
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    Weirdly let the negative consensus somehow dampen my enthusiasm, but on first listen of how it's actually supposed to sound, I like it a lot. Even Chemistry, although daft and probably still a bit shit, now seems kind of fun to me, and I'm annoyed at myself for rushing to get a negative take in on it at the first possible opportunity. Obviously the pun is massively corny, but the Infinite Content tracks work fine as part of serving the concept and both sound really good, as does everything on the album. So many nice details throughout. A big criticism seems to be that it lacks emotion, but the last few songs feel highly emotional imo. *shrug emoji*
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    Okay, here we go. Only listened to Everything Now from the new LP, so, from a massive AF fanboy with no priors, a clean slate... here are my first impressions. LIVE! Intro is fine, does what it needs to. Everything Now still bangs, I'm well into the panpipes. Strong opener, imo. Hope it doesn't do a Reflektor on me and plummet. Okay, Signs of Life. It's okay, distinctively post-Suburbs AF though. Would slot into the first half of Reflektor, like. Win going full Craig David reciting the days of the week, lol, okay. There's a lot going on but not much texture, if you get me. Creature Comfort now... oh, wait, I have heard this. Regine's vocals are so wispy and cutting, wicked. Nailed that. Not wholly sold on the current direction of Win's though - sometimes it works well but sometimes it doesn't at all. I love the way he spits out 'Creature Comfort' sometimes - but the whole "attitude" thing is gonna drag on, int it. Good tune though. Peter Pan... okay. Interesting start. Didn't really go anywhere. Instantly forgettable. Chemistry, now. Win's vocal range has been about half an octave this whole record, hasn't it? The directness of the lyrics doesn't work so well when the music behind it is boring - so Chemistry hasn't really grabbed me. Infinite Content. This isn't very Arcade Fire in sound. I mean, good on them for not sticking to their old formulae, but it's the delicate nature of some of those early tunes, those lush soundscapes, the finding something new every time. That's not going to happen here - not in the wordplay, not in the music. I mean, I know that that's the point. The 2nd version is a bit better, bringing it down for the last bunch of tunes, I assume...? Electric Blue. Hurrah, a Regine tune. Hard to pull lyrics out of this one, so it'll be one to return to immediately. But in terms of Regine-lead tracks, it's waaaay down there. Her vocal doesn't sparkle, she's not at the forefront, and the sound behind it takes 80% of the song to develop any depth. It's the first tune I've listened to so far that I reckon will reward repeated listens, though. Good God Damn. The title doesn't fill me with hope. Look, Win moving outside of the limited vocal range he's used for most of this record, excellent! But this "cool" vibe just does not connect with me, at all. I imagine there's a bit more to this lyrically, but I'm never one for picking words up until a fair few listens. Another in the "to come back to" pile, when I'm not at work. (Lol, like I'm working anyway.) Put Your Money On Me: yes, this is more like it. Those intricacies I love; hearing Win inhale his breath sharply, noticing that little change of drum beat, letting the vocals do their thing in front of complex but subtle soundscapes. I actually don't feel the chorus that much but the development of the main body of the song is grand. Take that back - Regine coming in - totally ABBA esque - just raised it a few notches. Wish they carried that momentum a bit more but this is sick. These ABBA comparisons are so easy to make but they're very true. We Don't Deserve Love bursts into life. Gorgeous. THIS IS WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT. Absolutely dead on. Everything Now (continued) - okay, I see where they've gone with this. Yeah, it's a nice end to the album, actually. This is done well. On the whole, pretty good. The starting few tracks are strong, but the clear drop off in quality from Peter Pan, through Infinite_Content, is really, really naff. Electric Blue and Good God Damn still need reassessing for me, but from then, the remainder of the album is stellar. I can see a lot of these tunes being growers, and a lot being skippers - which doesn't happen very much for me, really. This is kind of how I feel about Reflektor, too. It's going to hinge on the setlists whether or not I give the tour a go this time. I can see myself just finding a festival in Europe somewhere they're headlining next year, and sticking with that, tbh. Especially as I'm a skint young lad. Will give it another go in a couple of days and see how it goes.
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    Fuck Chemistry is bad. Sounds like UB40...
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    I think Peter Pan, Chemistry, Infinite Content (and Infinite_content) are the worst tracks they've ever made and it kills the album, particularly as that's the run of tracks. That being said EN, Creature Comfort, Signs of Life, PYMOM and WDDL are all good. 6/10 Still got tickets
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    Holy shit. edit: You're a stone cold killer.
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    I started with the new album this morning but quickly moved to Arcade Fire. I used to love Manchester Orchestra and I would recommend starting at the beginning. Debut album I'm Like A Virgin Losing A Child is a thing of beauty (I Can Feel Your Pain, Where Have You Been, Sleeper 1972 and Colly Strings are stand out tracks) and the follow up Means Everything To Nothing is a great record too with arguably their most well known tune I Can Feel A Hot One. Since then I've not had the same feelings with the following two records. I'll give the new one a go at some point though.
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    Got my standing tickets for Birmingham! If anyone's having trouble with getting Birmingham tickets on Ticketmaster try the Ticket Factory website (NEC ticketing website). I got through straight away on that.
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    Solange is the Thursday sub.
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    3 standing for Glasgow in the bag, going to sit and enjoy my first listen now!
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    I gave up on this farcical excuse for a so-called awards the year that Gomez beat Robbie Williams.
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    Skepta fully deserved it. The best album from the most exciting genre around right now.
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    With ticketmaster it was £133.10 for two. Would be £69.30 for a single ticket (since postage is the same regardless of how many tickets ordered).
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    Nah didn't clock him, but in my defence he does look quite a bit different now from A Fever You Can't Sweat Out era
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    Stormzy or Sampha for me, although it really is an utter irrelevance really. also, this seems like the right thread to say i can't fucking stand Kate Tempest.
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    What about these fun little guys?
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    Theres been a backlash about the lack of women on the bill as far back as I can remember. And Busted would be pretty ridiculous, yeah. They pretty much do family festivals and novelty slots for a nostalgia kick for peeps in their twenties or so. I don't imagine school leavers now have that much awareness of Busted given that they initially split up twelve years ago. Besides, nostalgia sells for people who want to transport back to being 16, rather than for 16 year olds that want to remember life as an embryo
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    Ed's guitar is fucking amazing on 15 Step. Yes, I'm 'live' blogging their headlining set. That is the name of the thread, after all!
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    I get -reps for saying my opinion on Radiohead and for an obvious joke about certain music being crap...did the smiley face not give you any clues?
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    You have a point ...but I think this classifies as rock
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    Exactly my point..... I grew up when rock was actually rock, not some indy whiny crap
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    I had no idea that Rupi Kaur used these forums.
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    Think you need to check her Wikipedia Yeah absence of Slowdive means I'm boycotting this year. As if that naff XX album got on.
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    Shocking they aren't on the list, utterly appalling in fact !! Same for Idles and Sleaford Mods. I gave up on it last year after Bowie and Kiwanuka lost to skepta. Travesty.