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  1. Lots of alt accounts is it?
  2. Look forward to catching your long reads etc elsewhere. You're a good egg x
  3. Yeah obviously they're just trying to get a reaction. And succeeding. But you're also taking down your regular clientele and alienating existing posters.
  4. Your trigger happy nature is what's spoiling the forums my dude.
  5. people that wear them in packed late night venues are the literal worst
  6. That's... not bad actually.
  7. Aye. Be there will bells on.
  8. Was barely anyone there at Yes the other week, hopefully people go and see her this time! Full band too, not just solo.
  9. Block9 is the biggest hitter there!!
  10. Gilla Band have said they're not there this year, sadly (on Instagram)
  11. taps nose? really hope he's doing double duty but given the above, not holding out hope.
  12. Ah cool I didn't read any of the adjacent media tbf. That's great!
  13. Whopping big hole for Crack Cloud. Get em in WG and the Crows Nest imo.
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