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  1. fuck, they added TNP too? this lineup is ridiculous.
  2. Tuna

    The National

    Sorry to hear the crowd ruining it for loads. But you got Green Gloves AND Apartment Story, I've seen neither in 7(?) shows, so that's something eh.
  3. Tuna

    The National

    Enjoy tonight all, massive FOMO over here. Look forward to reading yr reviews.
  4. My favourite bit of this thread was when that guy went "I'm not a Tory, I'm a Lib Dem". Outstanding craic.
  5. Tuna


    See the Beat Hotel always had a bit of cheese to it, but I love that, and Job clearly loves pulling that sort of shit. Worked great for me. Also your fishy friend - not me I'm afraid!
  6. Tuna


    No Bones Jones was good as usual but it's Really Quite Upsetting when vendors tell you you're getting a chapati and they give you a tortilla. Twice.
  7. Tuna

    Flops 2019

    Haven't watched it back but distinctly remember few of our lot commented on it being mimed at the time.
  8. Tuna


    Apologies for the awful spoiler tagging there, folks.
  9. Tuna


    Ok so now I'm back at work I can keep not doing work. Something to tide you over until Ben finds his way back to us, maybe. Been a fair few years since I've kept my ear to the ground so have no clue what tunes anyone plays now, which maybe makes it more fun. Thursday.
  10. The Cure Sharon van Etten Low First two miles ahead of the rest. Honourable mentions to Larry Heard, black midi, IDLES, Self Esteem, Kylie, Miley. Stacked year.
  11. Been played like a fiddle. £2k to go a bit closer? All a bit Business Secrets of the Pharaohs isn't it.
  12. Tuna


    Yeah, likewise, I say that more in a not sure there's really been any place at Glastonbury for them until now. Only ever seen Klock on SH lineups too, dunno how the ££ is spread out between the different areas tho, would imagine block9 could get those names if they wanted them. Personally agree and hope they aim differently but who knows. Anyway, is the idea to get the random passers by? But yeah I agree, the block9 folk have been knocking it out the park for ages, they'll have some ideas up their sleeves and more, we're in good hands
  13. Tuna


    Just red moustaches I think? e:see below
  14. Tuna


    The Downlow is now a box to tick, innit. Has a reputation, plus the exposure on RA etc. in recent years has made it mega popular. Obviously it's a great place and it's terrific that people get to experience it that maybe normally wouldn't, and I hope it was special for everyone, but we didn't even try given the queues, which was pretty disappointing. I don't take 'big names' as being those who have that crossover appeal that Arcadia et al put on, but those who are bigger in the dance scene, like Matt has mentioned a few times Ricardo, Hauff, Kraviz. Someone like Jeff Mills would be interesting. Could even see some of the Innervisions people, Klock & Dettmann, etc., but but think they can do more. If they could accommodate for more of a live setuo some Erased Tapesy things would be cool... That being said I agree really. The only thing lacking was the crowds this year, I don't know if anyone really perceives that as a problem? Thought the crowds were well dispersed during the night, not sure if they need to bring more people over necessarily.
  15. Tuna

    The Cure

    No magic? Adorable.
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