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  1. Tuna

    The National

    definitely miss macca. Kenny tiny maybe if it were a hv tenner.
  2. the formatting on KG&TLW makes my blood boil every time. FIX IT MATT FORTY TWO
  3. Tuna


    A week after we move up to Manchester, lovely stuff
  4. lovely start to the day on the park aye.
  5. Tuna


    Reckon Kerri Chandler in the downlow was where I first "got it" (2013 maybe?), absolute full faith in the B9 crew, never let me down
  6. Tuna


    Titan of the scene. RIP.
  7. Massive coup getting the Buggster to play 3 down. Tame Impala & Massive Attack are recent Other stage headliners - Buggy boy too! (in all seriousness, watch there be no cheap tickets for this one, eh)
  8. Tuna

    Lana Del Rey Confirmed?

    Not sure if LDR busting out CH#2 with Cohen Jr (Coju) would be the best thing ever or the worst thing ever
  9. She was pretty solid on the Park the other year imo.
  10. nice, grabbed a ticket.
  11. Didn't you hear CG? Pencilled in for April.
  12. Tuna

    Billie Eilish

    you are matt forty two and I claim my £5
  13. o i c. Forever on the defensive after that godawful thread about the women's only venue last yr.
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