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  1. Tuna

    Pyramid Subs 2022

    Pet Shop Boys? Keep the locals sweet. Maybe Dua Lipa would work. (not up to date on the current goss, thought these were both in the Other Stage running, don't really remember tho)
  2. Imagine seeing Scooter on the big head at 3am, maaaaaan. I'd be super game for it tbh
  3. consider me suitably hyped.
  4. @blutarsky I think those acts are more than big enough to fill out the field but I get the feeling the bookers wouldn't take that route. Very rarely see acts like them down in block9 and you'd be stepping in the toes of West Holts/Other Stage. Hence why it's such a difficult one to try and predict!
  5. Now everyone's getting swept up in Glastonbury booking storms, I wanna talk IICON. I recall @Ddiamondd had some intel that the bookers tried to book (some members of?) Kraftwerk in pre-covid times, so we know there's potential to pull something huge out, and field fits 10k iirc. In the absence of info from the big D himself, and imagining that an IICON headliner would run slightly later than the main stage ones (1am perhaps), who we thinking? (Thom Yorke / Aphex Twin seem like 'obvious' ones but I'd expect something a bit more leftfield from the block9 crew. Oo, the elaenia show would have been perfect huh)
  6. "Hard pass" seems a bit on the brutal side. Not my cuppa but I hope she smashes it.
  7. will not be playing, they are in France.
  8. Re: social media friendly sets, this is definitely something that'll have been heightened by a combination of the pandemic (any and everyone is out) plus festival season where sets are shorter (and any and everyone is out). There's a notable change in clientele over the past few years - which is fine - but it's meant that venues are bigger and there's more pressure on those sets. It's not surprising that DJs feel like they have to play up to it to make them attractive bookings for future events. It sells. You can still find gold - Lena Willekens' 4pm hour-long slot at Wide Awake was beautiful, OK Williams turning out feel good classics at 3pm at Maiden Voyage - but why would you ever expect those kinda sets to be on the main stage at WHP or Field Day or whatever? Come winter when you've got people playing 3 hour sets in venues with a few hundred people, it'll be much better.
  9. Not bad at all. £5.50 for 330ml tins of asahi/meantime tho, so have some tips: - Go into the star & garter for £5 doubles/pints and £4 tins - Asahi bar at the back of the main room had 0 queues and served actual pints Found that the crowd were pretty good in letting people back through, especially cause loads of the lads were all "mate, where are you getting ACTUAL pints?" and shielding you like you're a VIP while they mine you for info. The food was a nightmare btw, only one truck (plus the pretty hard to find 'plant room') so I'd get a big lunch in...
  10. Would be well up for that early doors in the sunshine
  11. Let me know if you find one! We've got two spares for the Jamie XX night.
  12. Way to make me come crashing back down to reality everyone
  13. It makes a lot of sense financially, yes. It's the lack of communication that has (rightfully) annoyed a lot of their regulars.
  14. They've been responding on Facebook that it was a COVID-related financial decision
  15. Few days before Primavera so expecting a good amount of crossover. Presumably lots of overseas bands too as they were understandably UK heavy this year. From that weekend, realistically, we could maybe expect: Bikini Kill, Parquet Courts, Otoboke Beaver, Tropical Fuck Storm, Sons of Kemet... (Yo La Tengo/Beach House/Slowdive as a big name if I'm being super hopeful) Got my tix.
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