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  1. London Grammar reek of JPT fodder, not Park, to me. Anyway very good news on Mitski!
  2. Tuna

    Pyramid Subs 2022

    I'm expecting Foals as one of them tbh
  3. Tuna

    2022 Headliners

    forgot waxahatchee were announced for that Sunday, maaaan I hope they're back
  4. S U G A B A B E S (Yo La Tengo or David Byrne, probably.)
  5. Original trio. Playing Mighty Hoopla at the start of June. I would very happily watch them and enjoy for them to be there.
  6. Cool I'll give it a go. Not sure why it would do anything as it's a server comms error, but computers are weird. (I say this as I also got a few 504 server errors last night, so less generic than the 500s.)
  7. I'm still getting 500 errors pretty frequently, btw.
  8. Tuna

    2022 Headliners

    I'm not that plugged into the evolution of Coldplay and Muse setlists but my perception of them is that they are crowd pleasers, that you know what you're gonna get. Don't see why Adele is any different really but hey ho. Just found the reasoning pretty interesting is all.
  9. Tuna

    2022 Headliners

    Sure but you framed is as 'serious contender' not 'personal preference'!
  10. Tuna

    2022 Headliners

    ^fwiw agree it'll be too soon based on the narrative as you said in the rest of your post
  11. Tuna

    2022 Headliners

    Playing Devil's advocate / bored at work here but isn't this true of all the [slightly more] heritage acts that have done it before? The Who, even The Cure to an extent. In fact if it was, idk, Muse - also headlined in 2016 and have released one album since - would this be a complaint?
  12. Japanese Brekkie on the Park! Make it so!
  13. Tuna


    Set up an alert on the twickets twitter account. They come through nearly instantly; the emails/app take longer for some reason.
  14. Feel like in my mind Printworks was always v temporary - remember being surprised when they announced a second residency.
  15. She played 4 or 5 tracks from it. Don't expect her to be at GM again so soon but she's definitely on the right trajectory (and fuckin good for her!)
  16. fuuuuuck, I hadn't seen they were over in europe next summer
  17. Tuna

    Pyramid Subs 2022

    Pet Shop Boys? Keep the locals sweet. Maybe Dua Lipa would work. (not up to date on the current goss, thought these were both in the Other Stage running, don't really remember tho)
  18. Imagine seeing Scooter on the big head at 3am, maaaaaan. I'd be super game for it tbh
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