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    I dunno. I'm not sure Charlie and the lads telling us that the only way to improve our lives is to travel the best part of 1000 years into the future and to have sex with someone's 'great, great, great granddaughter' who would almost certainly be dead - is any less bleak.
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    Wtf is a '9 Bear friend' anyway?
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    the location of Bestival was always a big factor in whether i could or couldn't be arsed going, and tbh after last time it was the final straw in me deciding not to return unless they booked some ridiculously good lineup, so this pleases me. not to say i'm gonna head back straight away - it'll be 2018 at the earliest - but at least the option is back. i hope they manage to secure a good lineup this year so it all wasn't in vain obviously gonna be a fair few people from the island pissed off, but i'd say this is definitely the right move to attempt to save the festival
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    The 1975's fans are likely still on the ironically dressing like peado from the 80s thing, whilst the LDR fans are on the cultrural-appropriation/basic chic, Bon Iver fans' authentic tears run down their authentic beards into their authentic craft ale ("artisan" is increasingly cropping up as another buzzword for the authentic crowd).
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    Bangface Weekender is probably the only remaining possibility if they're not at Glasto.
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    Other stage opener? Much better than Richard Aschcroft telling the crowd how shit their lives are for 45 minutes.
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    If ZDLR has a full solo album produced by El-P then stuff Rage - that's the dream.
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    What an absolute fucking disgrace Fowler was there. Gobshite.
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    Fucking hell did you actually just reply with "PSB" to someone asking what PSB stood for? I'm actually lost for words at this one.
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    Don't you mean "don't get myself started"?
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    He has eyebrows. They are the best eyebrows. Nobody else even has eyebrows. That's a fact folks.
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    Aye. Was gutted to miss them last time but Massive Attack was the right decision for me.
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    I am going to see them at Wembley mate. It is idiots like me, you and others on here who will graft like fuck, do untold hours of overtime to pay for such trips, while they are lording it up at thire farm houses in France. It just sickens me to hear they won't play the festival because it does not pay enough. That kind of attitude goes against everything they represented. Just look at their lemon logo, it is the symbol that represents them. Yet they pinched it from all the students who were rioting in France during the civil unrest of 68 (they sucked on Lemons to nullify the effects of tear gas). The students were protesting against capitapism and consumerism. Yet here are the Roses using that same symbol for their own benefit. Here they are using that anti capitalist logo in an effort to get £80 a pop out of us to hear them sing the same songs. It is just totally disgusting imo. After all the bollocks they have talked over the years it is a real kick in the bollocks. To put it into context. Here are these 4 turning their noses up at 400 grand. Even after paying the tax man and expenses, if they still pocketed 40 grand each for 90 minutes work, it is not bad going. 40 grand is a life changing amount for most of us. Then you have someone like Tony Wilson who achieved far more than the Stone Roses. The poor bastard died of cancer at an early age. He could not afford to pay for drugs which could have extended his life. He created history not money. The Roses have the chance to create history on top of all the money they have earnt. Yet the greedy bastards still want more. At least the Pistols admitted what they were doing. The Roses are just full of shit. Its not the beach under their paving stones, it is all the cash they are hoarding and that goes against every principal that little lemon symbol is meant to represent.
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    The Long and Winding Road - Cheryl Porter. I am not alone here am I?
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    BREAKING NEWS: Radiohead can do no wrong, Foo Fighters still deny aids. Wish we could go back to the days of the purple one rumours, daft punk, and outrageous trolling.
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    So as it happens a yeti has decided to make an honest woman of me afterall. So looks like we're getting hitched. :)
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    When I get literally no reaction when I post something as strong as this. I worry...
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    Paulo and Sheeran are nothing alike! Paulo is pants for one ;P Think Bon could easily go lower than Other headliner
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    i'm doing this based on the assumption that Bon Iver is definitely gonna headline Other, so both The xx and Alt-J doing it doesn't seem all too likely in my eyes. would be a bit of a gloomier than usual set of Other headliners, that - one of them needs to be a dance act
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    Hercules & love affair
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    It would be like Mick Stone and the lads doing Sister Morphine as their second song. A great fucking jam, but a heavy fucking buzzkill in a time when buzzkills are unwanted and unwarranted.
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    morning all. I've recently really got into a band called Tool (dunno whether many people know them but they are awesome) jus read on some fan forum they hav new music coming out next year maybe, anyone know if 1)this is true and 2)could they play Glasto? If so where do you think they'd fit?