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  1. Baggy Mondays are always one of my festival highlights ! Getting more packed year on year!
  2. Thats DMAs isnt it? Theyre on at 9? And are 2DCC supposed to be the 10pm slot?
  3. Matt Bellamy. Not even ashamed to say it
  4. This thread has been doing full circles for the past 5 pages !
  5. Must have been said already, but Noel and his high flying birds are surely a real possibility, with a world tour kicking off the week after?
  6. I'm constantly buzzing for Foals. Never seen them live and I've been a bit obsessed for a few years. Praying for sunshine and Spanish Sahara - Don't think it could get any better in that sunset!
  7. Her instagram post clearly states 'Tricketts Bar' , yes, it's a bar. Yay!
  8. Erm... 50 mins Foals then a Faithless 'Sunset Slot' anyone?
  9. Anyone got any idea how a regular Joe can get hold of a Hospitality Camping ticket? I know they're like £420 odd - But are they available to regular people?
  10. 17 Working Days, 5 College Days and 1 exam on the Monday of Glasto Week. My holiday kicks off the Friday before Glasto with Foos @ Wembley. Should break me in nicely!
  11. Yayyyy webcam watch. Just upping my excitement levels more so.
  12. Because they're gash. I have a sneaky about Muse being there somewhere over the weekend. Maybe Libs. NGHFB wouldn't surprise me as he seems to be missing when his mates Roger and Paul are closing the festy. *EDIT* Again.... It WILL probably not be any of the aforementioned, and indeed be someone super pants
  13. Sorry Jenny but I've gotta go the other way here. Your little poo and puke factory won't miss you for 5 days. Its 5 days out of the next whole 18 months or so you have of baby time!! See it as a little 'you' time. I honestly would go this year, leave him with the 'rents, and enjoy yourself. I can't see it being any easier to go and leave a real young toddler in a year or two's time, when they can't wander around, pull things, fall over and draw on walls!!! Don't do it. Five days is nothing in the grand scheme of things.
  14. I met the Whale of Noah & The Whale fame back in '13 Oh and got fairly wasted with The Midnight Beast boys ('11?), including Nick (Hadouken! drummer), as my mates their Keyboard player
  15. Thiggy Mc2Posts is making me dis-credit their theorem