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  1. Brexit Schmexit

    Well shit. This has thrown a spanner in the works. I'm now an ardent Brexiteer, sorry.... http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/12/12/michael-gove-says-brexit-means-higher-animal-welfare-standards/
  2. Brexit Schmexit

    I saw this earlier in some comments which summarises the position nicely: "There are only three ways this can end, each involving deep national humiliation and exposure of much of the political class. 1) Total surrender to the EU in order to protect the economy, even if we think the EU is pushing its luck slightly. This means the worst of all worlds, we keep paying but have no say, but it avoids economic catastrophe. 2) No deal crash out. This means the lot, closed factories, high inflation following a collapsed pound, Kent turned into a car park etc and a recession lasting for a decade 3) Back off – explain that Brexit is not possible at any acceptable price. Which means going back on everything they have been saying for the past year The squirming of the Tories are because they want a best of all worlds option which just doesn’t exist. And the great thing is that these three options do not change if you change the political leadership – Boris Johnson or Corbyn will have to play the exact same, weak, hand." Obviously option 3 is the only sane option. Is there any sanity left in westminster?
  3. Brexit Schmexit

    Gotcha. I should probably read more about it, but it is tedious as hell!
  4. Brexit Schmexit

    I just feel financial services are just now too vital, if it shrinks I don't know what is there to replace it. Income from financial services is not something that can be replaced by manufacturing. Though perhaps some kind of drastic hi-tech advance might come along I suppose. I'm not entirely sure what the rules are on nationalisation, but I presume existing state-owned enterprises will not be forced to privatise will they? EDF and E.on are not wholly-owned by the state - France owns about 85% of EDF I think, and I think E.on is fully privatised now isnt it - so maybe that is part of it. Wasnt the new EU law specifically directed at railways? I have never really researched it much to be honest.
  5. Brexit Schmexit

    I agree. But no-brexit is now absolutely certainly not going to happen. I (along with a lot of people) had been clinging on to a shred of hope that the whole thing will be called off. It's gutting to see that last bit of hope dashed. Today is a dark day. There's a lot more to financial services than just gangster bankers to be fair. I agree that it's loathesome that our country is now built on the back of financial services. But that's how it is. Do you really think a complete rebalancing of our economy is possible? What else can this country do? I've no confidence that any of our leaders are capable of such a thing. Our country is a load of shit, but without the financial sector it would be even worse. I guess we'll see. I havent studied the documents that deeply yet. I hope your optimism proves right.
  6. Brexit Schmexit

    Maybe it is better than that, but it's still massively shit compared to not leaving. Passporting is part of the SM. I am pretty sure the City has accepted there is no chance of retaining it (unless brexit is reversed). There has to be some kind of equivalence agreement negotiated. But that will also be at the mercy of the EU rules, and presumably we'll have no say on them. We are about to become a passive rule taker, with no say over anything.
  7. Brexit Schmexit

    so everything stays the same apart from we have no say whatsoever in any decisions. Yay!
  8. Brexit Schmexit

    Yep, and then sticking two fingers up at the lot of us as he went on holiday in the crucial final month, his work complete. And STILL people think he's a remainer!!
  9. Brexit Schmexit

    Yep I just cant see how another referendum can work now. This paragraph I read earlier sums it up: It’s no wonder Brexit won. David Cameron drew up a textbook example of a referendum done wrong: asking an ill-informed electorate to choose between a costly and constraining EU marriage full of unsavoury compromises and a fantasized Brexit-with-benefits. The utter vagueness of the Leave option allowed their campaign to cast the widest net of all, encouraging each voter to keep their most favourable version of Brexit in mind, however far that may be from the Leave politicians’ intentions. This was an act of political genius. It allowed hard and soft Brexiteers, free-market fundamentalists and protectionists, open-door internationalist and xenophobes to all joyously add their votes together and stick it to the EU.
  10. Brexit Schmexit

    so we stay in the SM/CMU, will pay for the privilege, but will have no say whatsoever about anything. Everything stays the same apart from we give up our preeminent position. What a tragic outcome.
  11. The Walking Dead

    I didnt watch this weeks episode til last night. I used to look forward to it, now it's an effort just to watch. I just have no idea why anyone does what they do anymore. Though I do spend half the time playing with my phone while it's on these days.
  12. Brexit Schmexit

    I know nothing about this, care to explain?
  13. General News Discussion

    Good to see Khan highlighting Johnson's gross incompetence over the london stadium debacle. How is that cretin in one of the great offices of state? Mindboggling. http://www.cityam.com/276757/mayor-takes-control-london-stadium-due-financial Even the right wing press cant deny it.
  14. Brexit Schmexit

    Most british people couldnt give a shit about ireland, have no idea what the troubles were, have no idea why northern ireland is part of the uk and couldnt give a shit if it was unified with ireland or not. sad but true.
  15. Nick Cave

    I've just noticed there are 3 stages. Does this mean nick and patti are gonna clash..................................?