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  1. Nick Cave

    $99 a ticket.
  2. The Walking Dead

    I cant even concentrate on an entire episode these days. Complete and utter tripe.
  3. Nick Cave

    Well I'd probably go to a Q&A I guess, but these things tend to be a huge disappointment.
  4. Brexit Schmexit

    Good speech from Major today. Worth checking out. The tories are in disarray. Thank god we have some of the finest politicians in a generation on the opposition bench to slam home the advantage. Oh wait.....
  5. Brexit Schmexit

    Most people dont have a clue about the differences between the single market, customs union, the EU, the EFTA, EEA etc. If his speech isnt met by howls of outrage from across the rabid leave voting regions, then maybe he can push things a bit further. Maybe this is just baby steps towards a commitment to stay in the SM, or some version of it under a different name. Or even to joining the EFTA (if they'd have us!). I'm just glad he's doing anything at all. Of course you are probably right and there is no strategy at all apart from to stir up the tories. But at least he's given me a drip of hope.
  6. Brexit Schmexit

    well I do hope you're wrong there! Just need to sit tight tight and see the eu's treaty on wednesday. Things might come to a head after that.
  7. Brexit Schmexit

    Yeah, we have to hope it's all part of jezzas plan to divide the tories though. He cant seriously believe the eu would agree to his scheme, because if he does then all the leaders are as clueless as each other, and we really are doomed.
  8. Brexit Schmexit

    Very positive move by Corbyn I reckon, should widen the split in the tory party nicely. The specific idea is complete nonsense and displays a fundamental lack of understanding of the EU of course, but it ratchets up the pressure on the tories and perhaps that cretin may will realise that pandering to the lunatic ultras will see the tories lose what little control they currently have. As for wee niccy krankie's idiotic ramblings, they are completely and utterly irrelevant.
  9. Glastonbury evolves

    Less c**ts Less shit music Less queuing More drugs
  10. Kanye west confirmed

    Happy Valentines Day buddy.
  11. Nick Cave

    £17.50 at my nearest cinema. Nick sure does love money.
  12. General News Discussion

    You're spot on. I've read about it. People who go out there with good intentions get psychologically affected by the "master/slave" type relationships that evolve through no fault of their own and exploitation can occur. It's quite easy to imagine how someone who has everything can be viewed as a god by someone who has nothing. I'm not condoning anyone, these people should be vetted, well trained and prepared for the circumstances, but it's more subtle than "evil people go out there to exploit the desperate" (though obviously there are also nefarious people going out there to take advantage). I guess it's kind of similar to the stanford prison experiment
  13. General News Discussion

    I already processed the story when it first came to my attention......in 2011. Why would I need to revisit it now? The relevant part of current story is why it's been dredged up again. But you're too much of a thick c**t to understand any of that.
  14. General News Discussion

    I hope you're right, but the same was said about trump! I think you're right, though I was reading the other month about how he's hugely popular among the yoof (though whether or not they'd actually vote for him is another matter). You're a thick c**t though so it doesn't really matter what you type.
  15. General News Discussion

    So a years-old story about Oxfam has surfaced just as rees-mogg hands over his petition against the provision against foreign aid. What a coincidence. How have we got to a point where this wretched c**t is gaining popularity at an alarming rate? He's a dangerous, dangerous snake.

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