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  1. Boomtown Fair 2017

    Just the wristband to get Boomtique entry and perks? About £25-30 from memory.
  2. Boomtown?

    Tends to be November from memory. They also do a deposit scheme similar to Glastonbury
  3. Boomtown?

    It was a wet year, which is always challenging for any festival. When you consider that they haven't really had a bad year weather wise, i didn't think they really did that bad a job. Yes, Thursdays queues were a fuck up, but as i mentioned, they'll address that. I know you had issues with the campervan field last year, but from friends that stayed in the campervan field this year, they had no gripes at all, so they are working on things. Can't comment on the "too many mates involved" comment. I haven't looked at the organisation structure and links to each other to forge an opinion on that!
  4. Boomtown?

    I know some of the people that are involved and i know the organisers are absolutely mortified by the delays on the Thursday. I'm pretty sure they'll get that sorted before next year.
  5. Boomtown Fair 2017

    I had a great time. Granted I didn't get there till Friday so avoided the queuing, but I didn't think the site was in that bad order when we arrived when you consider the weather before the gates opened. To put it into perspective, I pushed a 3 month old in a buggy all weekend. My only minor gripe was not having a big act up against Cypress Hill which caused a bit of a bottle beck getting away from Lions Den on Friday night, but it was raining so suppose conditions were a bit slippy. I also left yesterday, and they went to scan me out but a simple "I'm not coming back in" ensured they didn't do the unnecessary scan. No way will they scan everyone out again this morning.
  6. Boomtown Fair 2017

    You also got mail
  7. Boomtown Fair 2017

    You can always take a bottle of spirit in the middle of a sleeping bag/tent. Whilst they'll search people, i don't think they'll take your sleeping bag or tent out of it's bag, so you should be ok with that.
  8. Boomtown Fair 2017

    If you PM me who you'd like to know times for, i can help you out with clashes
  9. I'm with 3 and can always get signal although during peak festival usage time it can be slow
  10. Boomtown Fair 2017

    See above. I can't answer all but have answered all i can Enjoy your first Boomtown though, it's a really good festival!
  11. Boomtown Fair 2017

    You also have mail!
  12. Boomtown Fair 2017

    You got mail
  13. Boomtown Fair 2017

  14. Boomtown Fair 2017

    PM if it's a lot
  15. Boomtown Fair 2017

    Anyone you particularly want to know? I might be able to help