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  1. Boomtown 2018

    Yeah Earache are doing a stage in the new district, Disorder Alley. So you're both right!
  2. Boomtown 2018

    All of the above
  3. Boomtown 2018

    Disorder Alley line up released tomorrow. So we are back on the Tues and Friday announcements
  4. Boomtown 2018

    Haha that happens to me all the time too! Amazing how the smallest thing can mess with your thought chain so easily!
  5. Boomtown 2018

    They announced the Forest Parties yesterday, so we might get another announcement on Friday, which would keep us back on the Tuesday-Friday schedule.
  6. Boomtown 2018

    I should have probably phrased that more as "not a great deal of new stuff that I've actually heard of that's been announced"
  7. Boomtown 2018

    Whistlers Green announced, although not much we didn't already know
  8. Coach Traveller Entry

    Not sure. I might be wrong, as i've never got the coach before!
  9. Boomtown 2018

    They do a 50/50 ticket split: 50/50 Adult Residency Pass (18+) - Deposit £236 Adult weekend ticket. Pay the first half of your ticket and all the booking fee now, then full payment must be received by 4th June 2018. Non refundable deposit. Refundable Eco Bond to be added, then collect your £10 refund on site.
  10. Coach Traveller Entry

    I think they will be giving out tickets on the coach, so not sure this is an option. I also don't think you'll be waiting for 7 hours in a queue this year either. I would expect the issues of last year to be resolved!
  11. Boomtown 2018

    They tend to announce each district in full, week by week, or at least that's whats happened previously.
  12. Boomtown 2018

    Boomtown have just posted on Facebook to say that Tier 3 has nearly sold out, which will only leave a limited amount of full price tickets and coach packages left. I don't think it'll be too much longer before this is fully sold out.
  13. Boomtown 2018

    I'm pretty sure that it's not going to be there as there will be a whole new list of micro venues in the new districts. I'll see if I can find out for definite though.
  14. Boomtown 2018

    Thanks for the glowing endorsement Yeah if people have any questions, i can usually do some digging and get a pretty accurate answer.
  15. Boomtown 2018

    NOFX definitely aren't playing. I would expect a few semi well known names to be added, but most of the better known names will be DJ's added, rather than live acts